Can I still become a nurse?

  1. You’ll be fine lolol. I have mild hearing loss in my left ear (same situation as you), and have been hospitalized six times for schizoaffective disorder. It’s all on my medical exam sheet for nursing school. I’m currently in my second semester of my ADN program and just started at my dream BSN school. The BON doesn’t do physicals, they just want a clean-ish background check, your transcript, and the licensing fee

  2. I have schizoaffective disorder too and have been hospitalized countless times over the years. I’ve been stable for the last 2.5 years though, thankfully. Do you feel that you’re able to handle the stress of nursing school with your diagnosis?

  3. I have significant hearing loss in my left ear. I use a special stethoscope. I work in the OR and just make sure I wear my hearing aid. Don't let this hold you back

  4. And fwiw, if it’s actually a problem, you can get one of those fancy electronic stethoscopes that amplify the noise

  5. I nurse I worked with had a stethoscope that connected to her hearing aides and she would hear everything through her hearing aides.

  6. Knew a Cvicu nurse who was very hard of hearing in one ear due to childhood infection, who didn’t wear hearing aids. She was a damn good nurse too. I’m sure she did subtle things to adapt. I actually didn’t even know until I’d known her for two years and happened to say something close by on her “bad” side

  7. You can absolutely, positively be a nurse. Digital stethoscopes exist now, and they’re fantastic! I work with a nearly blind nurse who is one of the best nurses I’ve ever met. They have workarounds to do their job safely and effectively.

  8. I don’t know any nurses who are hard of hearing but my best friend is pretty deaf in one ear and going into OT. I can’t see how it would disqualify you, you can probably get a more sensitive stethoscope and if you only found out about it now, has it really affected your everyday life enough to give you a deficit?

  9. I have some hearing loss in my right ear due to a hole in my ear drum that has scared over. I can hear still but definitely have some loss. So don’t worry, Your will do great!

  10. No this will not disqualify you… fellow low hearing person here lol… they make amazing stethoscopes now that make things 10mins powder and clearer… I use the Eko… it’s amazing… good luck

  11. Yes, you'll be fine. I have minor hearing loss in one ear due to a ruptured eardrum that needed surgical repair and it hasn't been an issue at all.

  12. one of the nurses on my unit is almost completely deaf and wears hearing aides (she’s in her 30’s) and she uses an electronic stethoscope to listen for lung, heart, and bowel sounds. you’ll be fine.

  13. I am deaf in one ear. You'll be fine. 🙂 I only have issues when I'm trying to figure out where sound comes from. Otherwise, it doesn't affect my job.

  14. I’m 100% deaf in one ear and work in the ICU. Took a awhile to adjust to finding which pump is beeping when you hear it in the hall since I can’t locate sounds but I’ve adapted to just turning each way and determine which side of the hall it sounds louder on haha. Other than that I’ve had 0 issues. Just ask people to repeat themselves and that you have hearing loss in one ear and they’re happy to oblige.

  15. It wouldn't be legal for them to disqualify you based on hearing loss (USA) hearing impairment falls under the ADA.

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