Nelnet Refund Complete

  1. You made your payments to Nelnet but are now with MOHELA? Had your submitted your PSLF application before you called Nelnet for a refund? Did you consolidate your loans to switch or just transfer them?

  2. I didn’t consolidate (my loans were E) - on FSA it showed my loans being held by “Dept of ED/Nelnet” listed just like I listed it in quotes there. You’ll have to call Nelnet to request the refund. Did you already do that?

  3. Yes, that was the case for me. I paid in full, had a zero balance, requested a refund, had the balance reinstated and received the refund.

  4. Question. You’re already getting refunds because you qualified for automatic relief? Mine haven’t been cancelled so I assume that I’ll have to wait for the form to come out.

  5. No, I requested the refund because I know I qualify for forgiveness because of the Pell Grants I received. Since I paid mine off, I wouldn’t get the forgiveness unless I requested a refund and have a balance. If you have a zero balance at the time they are ready to forgive, you won’t get forgiveness AND you won’t get a refund. If you have a balance and qualify for forgiveness I highly doubt they will give you a refund without asking.

  6. Hm, now I have no idea how I will get mine paid from Nelnet! I have a similar timeline as you, but haven’t gotten my money back yet. Someone else just got paper checks from them a couple days ago with the same timeline as you, so I guess it’s a mystery how my money will appear.

  7. I requested a refund same day as you, loans are added back to my account as well however still no check or deposit made to my bank account.

  8. Is this a certain time peroid? Mine aren't paid in full but I paid all the way through 2020 and 2021, up until like March of this year.

  9. On Nelnet's site, there is a "Contact" option at the top. Call the number. Wait through the phone tree to talk to a person, I believe it's option 8. Ask them to refund the last [x] amount of money paid. They will submit the request for refund.

  10. Perhaps a dumb question- but is it still worth it for me to call Nelnet and ask for a refund starting now? Like as a first time requester for refund? The 4-6 week wait time sounds like it might get messy with the gvt relief application process/refund happening soon.

  11. I don’t think this is a dumb question. Did you pay them off or make some of the payments after March 2020? If so, you do qualify for a refund. Be damn sure that you also qualify for forgiveness if you are going to request the refund.

  12. You got your refund direct deposited? I was told it would be by check. I paid electronically so I’m hoping my refund will come electronic too🤞🏼🤞🏼

  13. Yeah direct deposit but I did also make the full payment 1wk before the loan forgiveness announcement so it might be just that they knew the account was open still, idk

  14. I still haven't received my refund, I am on the phone right now trying to figure out what is going on. I requested on September 1st, and no movement so far.

  15. I requested on 8/30 and haven't gotten anything. Called today 10/31 and the said they processed the request on 9/30 and have no timetable for refund checks.

  16. I put in a request via email to refund up to the $20k balance I qualify for forgiveness. I've heard nothing back, and can't seem to find the confirmation email. I'm going to call today. I just hope it's not too late since I filled out the form for forgiveness. I didnt hear about refunding as a possibility until after I filled out the Beta form that came out last week or the week before. Any thoughts on whether or not I have a chance at getting my funds back?

  17. I'm slightly jealous! I requested mine the same day as you, 08/24 and then they denied my refund stating I "didn't fully approve that my loans would be reinstated" (which is dumb because they made me say I understood like three times) and now I'm waiting again after requesting a refund for a second time on 09/19 :(

  18. Hi everyone I just spoke to someone at Nelnet that confused the hell out of me. Can you please explain how the refund works and why it would be useful? She told me that all my loans will become active again after the refund, so I do not understand the point? Also she said that only certain groups of loans would be eligible for a refund.

  19. I paid off 20k in loans during covid and those loans came with a pell grant. After I did this, I got a masters and had to take another 20k in loans w/o a pell grant bc this was abroad. Is it worth it for me to do the refund?

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