Student loans

  1. My disability is my mental illness, which may improve over time. I don't intend to stay on disability forever and hope to be able to work full time one day, when I'm more stable.

  2. I didn't realize I might need future loans until after I had already applied for loan forgiveness. It's not absolutely essential that I get loans, as all the programs I'm applying to will be fully funded, it just would be hard to live off of such low income while I'm in school. My game plan is to become a professor eventually (I do know how competitive academia is and how unlikely it is that this will happen but because it's a dream of mine, I feel like I need to try). My disability is my mental illness and there is a chance my condition may improve over time and that I could work full-time eventually. I don't plan to stay on disability forever. Hope that makes sense.

  3. I don’t think you can forego it, if they have already been forgiven? I hate that you are getting downvoted for an honest question. You can get private loans, but should you..? Take the forgiveness and take your time at grad school and pay your own way, and look for specific grant opportunities if at all possible. I think anyone going into academia should do the same, regardless of disability status. Not sure where you live, but outside of HCOL areas, you should be able to live like a student on 30k net.

  4. Thanks for your feedback. It would definitely be tight but I guess it should be manageable on that budget. I'm mostly looking at schools in the midwest, so it will definitely be easier to live off of these low wages than in SoCal, where I've been living most of my life.

  5. I know someone with schizoaffective disorder who had her loans forgiven via TPD and then went back to school for a masters and doctorate degree. She regrets this decision because the burnout is real for her. Have you discussed with a. Therapist or psychiatrist the types of accommodations you’ll need to be successful in your career?

  6. Get into the workforce first. Then ask your employer if they can help fund your grad school education. Some companies have programs that will pay for your graduate education while still being employed.

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