Upgrade? ~ Which entry's design do you prefer?

  1. Came to comment on that…ryu is the same but chun look like she ain’t fcking around this time around…then mvc3 years upped her skills frfr

  2. I like the ideas behind some of the changes to the designs in 6, but overall would say I prefer the execution of V's designs. Obviously, some of the finer details will improve when we aren't going through the various levels of compression from gameplay footage -> advertising edits -> YouTube, so hopefully some of my more nit-picky gripes will be less prevalent in the final product.

  3. I’m a big fan of IV’s inky visuals and gritty design. From the trailer we got of Chun and Ryu beating each other, it looks like that inky shtick returned

  4. I really like her foot size. Have a look how stupidly big Ryu's are across the series, even after the size reduction in 6.

  5. I would rather that Homer Simpson model, then to ever return to that awful Clay-Face, big feet, big hands, banana hair Ken art style ever again

  6. SFV looks the best, imo. I like the visuals of 6, but it does kinda remind me of tekken. I’m sure the final version of 6 will look better on screen.

  7. V for Chun. 6 could end up just as good but I'm a little worried about the walk animation, she's too crouching too low and looks like some weird crab walk also the lighting is getting reflected off her face and dress a little weird. Hopefully it gets fixed in time.

  8. The 6 Chun calf looks the most off to me. 4 and 5 have thick but proportional calves. 6 is like a weird growth out of her leg.

  9. I really like chuns new look... except dem thighs... they look like balloons. One leg is bigger than her waist and belly, and it just looks really wrong.

  10. Stylistically from a colour and contrast, V is gorgeous in the cartoony way it is. I want to get my hands on 6 for longer and assess other aspects on release before I judge

  11. The biggest problem with the new designs is visibility. With the SFV design of Ryu, you can clearly see both hands and his (rather large) feet. This is because of those heavily contrasting red gloves and the way his pants stop before the ankle, as well as the mildly cartoonish proportions. On the SF6 design, his hands have gloves that blend into his (Cape? Gi?) and his feet are obscured by longer pants, sandals that blend into the background, and a more grounded stance. Capes in general are also a problem, as the can make it harder to determine a character's stance based on the silhouette, but based on the footage we've seen that problem hasn't been made too bad.

  12. I thought IV looked great until we saw the first look of V and then I realized how much better all of the models and animations were in V. While the leap in quality from V to VI isn't as great as IV to V was, I still love seeing the way the visuals improve with each iteration.

  13. Thank you for bringing this up because I’ve been thinking about it with these two characters particularly since V came out Ryu’s stance is so awkward that it almost looks like his body is turned to the opposite side of where he’s facing. Chun’li’s weight is entirely balanced on the back foot, with a high stance, she’s almost flamingo-ing. 4 and 6 look better tho

  14. Animation is a real issue in this version of 6. Jaime is the only character of the first five we’ve seen that looks good in motion. The rest have that jarring 3d model motion that makes MK hard to watch.

  15. I hate how conservative they made Chun Li in 6.. We want to see them Mewtwo thighs and those shoes suck.. Speaking of shoes, Ryu should never under any circumstances have shoes, even if he goes into a corner store.. It's just weird..

  16. Who is “we”??? I appreciate the conservative older chun. A lot of people do. Not ever female character needs to look sexual lol

  17. Am not OP, but I think comparing 3d models with eachother makes more sense than comparing a 3d model to a sprite

  18. SF4 characters are more colorfull and have more identity . SF5 is an improvement of SF4 with better models. SF6 have better costumes and sick animations but the general graphics are too generic to make the characters stand out for me. Its very hard to choose, the best for me would be sf6 characters in a more cartoonish type of game xD.

  19. Yeah, I remember one YouTuber saying that he's glad that Chun "finally" looks Chinese now and that before she simply looked "white" when I'm like she always looked Chinese to me.

  20. V is the perfect realization of the characters. From what I’ve seen, I’m not a fan of the unrealistic, overly thick, small headed, figured in VI.

  21. I'm confident enough to say SFV is the best yet, but not brave enough to say that the series peaked here and won't improve anymore, despite all the "alarms" that SF6 is already triggering on fans and players.

  22. 6 is just far too generic, realistic and serious. Those characters wouldn't look out of place in Mortal Combat, Killer Instinct or many other fighters. Street Fighter seems to lose more of what makes it unique every release, silly over the top characters in a cartoonish style is/was a hallmark of the series I don't think modern Capcom seems to understand or gives a fuck about.

  23. I agree and disagree about the art style of 6. Like I agree that thiers tinge of basic-ness to 6 design philosophy but I disagree about it looking like MK. I personally think SF6 is more of a look into what the SF characters would like like if TKxSF ever became a reality. Much like TK is essentially hyper realistic art style with some styalization unlike MK where it's literally just hyper realistic graphics with nothing to help it really stand out all that much.

  24. IV I think was great because of the inky comic style, but I hated the models. Everyone looked psychotic, the eyes were bulging, the musculature was so overexaggerated that people looked like sausages. I liked the comic/cartoon styled animations as well, the facial expressions and all.

  25. Probably not a good idea to use unfinished shots of 6 and compare them to finished games. Once the game releases we should ask this.

  26. I still like the direction Chun-Li's model is going. It just needs some tuning and polishing. But overall I like where it's headed.

  27. Headed? How do you know it's not done. One early pictures of Street fighter V came out people were making complaints about Ken then. Capcom knew the complaints but never touched the character model.

  28. I feel like Ryu is the best looking character in 5 in terms of textures. To me, he was one of the few characters that didn't entirely look like they were made of play-doh. I wish they aligned the rest of the roster to match him.

  29. Kinda mixed in how I feel. More realism? Hm its alright I guess. Not blown away, or hyped. But I do like that we're seeing character progression, moving the series forward.

  30. SF6 Ryu by a mile, they finally changed his design from SF2 and honestly i really like it, dude looks badass as hell.

  31. SF6 Chun's head looks too small for her body, or maybe her face looks to small for her head? There's just something really off about it. Also, the lack of large shoulder pads in 6 makes her appear unbalanced and makes her arms feels skinny and weak. Overall, it feels like she has leveled down.

  32. Interesting that both seem to be leaning more forward game to game. wonder if that was a design decision to style the characters as more aggressive. Its quite blatent SFIV - SFV, but more subtle in SF6.

  33. I like the theme/art style of 5 but I do like the progression and costume changes were seeing with 6.

  34. SF6 bodies 4 and 5 easily.SF4 was good 12 years ago but it aged badly. And SF5 looks too much like SF4 but shinier. If you squint you can scarcely tell the difference.

  35. I like 6 Ryu and 4 Chun Li, 6 Chun Li's face is really bad and just too different and generic looking now. Looks like a Virtua Fighter in the face

  36. Not sure, something about Chin Li in SF6 just looks off. Like it doesn’t look bad, it just looks off. And personally I do not like the design. I like SFV the best. But I love the overall design of SF6. I hope they can fix chun li.

  37. I think overall 5's character designs werent anything special. but I like that 6 and 5 had some unique design to the game. Really liking the direction they are taking with 6 tbh.

  38. Why does it feel like the world had a nuclear apocalypse between V and VI and only China (Chun Li) and wasn't part OF IT? Looking at Ryu Ken and Akuma.

  39. Personally I think SF5 looks visually better then SF6, at least going by what's been leaked, but we shall see (I can't wait to give SF6 a try)... :)

  40. It looks like Luke and Jamie clearly have more polish than Ryu and Chun at the moment. I think those models will improve big time.

  41. I hate when light reflect so much on cloth, it's so old gen and unrealistic texture. Chun-li leg feel weird in SF6. Chun-li in SF5 has big leg but it feel realistic, but it's way too much in SF6 and it look weird.

  42. The 6 logo should be they same as the graffiti style Capcom logo at the start of the trailer. Still not liking the new logo.

  43. I'll have to go with the design in 6 because I've always hated those boots that Chun has in her base attire, they look terrible. The new footwear in 6 is clean and her outfit overall fits her really well.

  44. sf4 looks the most consistent (character designs/animations etc.) which is what i like. they cant figure out the lighting in sf5 and sf6

  45. SF6 Ryu is a clear winner for me - love the look so much that I may actually use my boy long term for once rather than just a version specific entry point character.

  46. Alpha tbh. Sf4 base roster was kinda bad, as the game progressed I guess they got better at making characters with the MT Framework and they started to step up their game.

  47. You know, it's weird. I've always felt that SF4 looked ugly in still images but looked great in motion. Felt the opposite for SFV - looks great in screenshots, but when I play the game, some things just look a bit off.

  48. personally think alpha chun had best proportions. I have to assume that 6 is an early render, no way can this shit be close to final, the proportions are just way off

  49. 5. I think it maintains the unique art style while being much more attractive than IV. VI still has some kinks to work out, Chun-Li's whole body proportions bring a good example.

  50. I think there's still some polishing to be made on 6's models. As it stands right now, I prefer V's models, but after the extra polishing, I'm probably gonna choose 6's.

  51. They both look fine in all versions. SF6 Chun looks closer to her iteration in MvC3, which I don't have a problem with - it's just a different look. I am grateful that they've changed the look of her traditional Chinese dress; I've never liked the look of that dress, especially in these more modern games. The dress they have her wearing in SF6 looks much better & more realistic, imo.

  52. SFV looks best when it comes to just a still image, but whenever it’s in motion, something about it looks cheap to me. It looks like over saturated clay figures being slapped together. Meanwhile, I think SFVI looks fantastic in motion.

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