Sometimes I specifically wait to order/ eat dinner until i'm stoned bc it tastes so much better

  1. Only sometimes? Lol I specifically take my weed when I start cooking so that by the time I'm done and ready to sit down and eat, it's hitting just right 😂

  2. not as much, my munchies stay for as long as im stoned no matter how much i ewt lol. usually i just have a lot of grapes on hand to deal with that without actually dying of eating too much

  3. I think I’m weird for this, but I hate eating when I’m stoned, especially just after smoking. Food seems gross to me but post stoned? The cupboard better look out

  4. Same here, I gotta wait for a couple hours or it ruins my high. Or I eat a light meal before and snack after. Drinking lots of ice cold water while smoking helps for the munchies.

  5. This is the reason why I appreciate carts so much. I live in a country where weed is illegal, so, when I bought my first cart I was so happy bc I can smoke anywhere. And now, I always save money to go to my favorite restaurant and eat there while I’m high.

  6. Fuck yes. I did that this very day. I worked out, came inside and made my lunch, but sat at the table smoking a bowl first until I actually ate. I'm through the main course and about to have dessert and I couldn't be in a better place right now.

  7. On weekends, my husband and I always decide where we want to order from, pick out a bunch of food we know we'll want when we're high, and then eat a gummy after ordering it bc we know it'll kick in and give us the munchies at about the same time the food actually arrives. So far it's worked out beautifully.

  8. Saaaaame. I plan some of my "self care night" meals around it. I'll have an appetizer, my main course, dessert and a nice drink. (And by drink, since I don't drink booze, I mean sparkling juice, apple cider, or just a craft soda I'd been saving)

  9. I didn’t eat at all yesterday until like 8:30pm because I was saving it to get stoned, but things kept coming up. Best Chipotle bowl I’ve ever had

  10. This is my issue. I like to grab food, bring it home and smoke then eat. But I'm not big on reheating fast food or eating cold food. So i have to get food that isn't hot since it'll be cold by the time I eat. Mostly sandwiches, sushi, Or some things that taste good at room temp like Thai.

  11. I never eat “sober”. Even if I’m walking into a restaurant, I take a few good pulls of my cart, and enjoy. I wonder if food just tastes “blah” without it, since I can’t remember lol

  12. I smoke every single day before eating and now I don’t really get hungry if I don’t smoke. That’s rare tho so underrating is DEFINITELY not an issue for me lmao.

  13. I've never understood food tasting different while high, it tastes the same for me, even if I'm obliterated. I have the urge to eat more but that's it.

  14. I have major munchies when I’m high. I’ve done that before. I will vape sometimes if my wife and I go out, so I can enjoy it more.

  15. Order postmates 1st while preparing the weed. I’ve made the mistake and got too faded to finish an order. Stoned and starving on the couch is a bad place.

  16. I have an eating disorder, and while I don’t rely on weed to help me eat, it’s the only thing that has made eating food actually enjoyable.

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