Did Burry mean the market will rally?

  1. IDK why people keep posting him. He just tweets ambiguous clickbait whose messages he can plausibly deny.

  2. The way I read that, him changing the measurement format like that and ended up at a lower height (6 feet = 1.82m... not 1.7m) is him saying they can change the metrics they are using to measure but it's still going to end up down further yet.

  3. Why? Dude is an insanely successful trader. He makes news for his shorts, but his bread and butter is value short to mid term trading

  4. This guy is such a clown IMO. All the cryptic shit and constantly deleting his tweets and deactivating his account like some kind of game.

  5. So I guess the story of Cassandra was that she could see the future, but when things turned out better than expected she just said "no, lol, I didn't mean this future, I was long stocks all along". It makes sense now why nobody listened to her.

  6. He is simply saying he is trimming his short position and slowly getting ready for possible call positions sometime in Q1 to Q2 of next year. We can still go sideways for a long time but the floor is getting harder everyday.

  7. He owns stocks right now. No short positions. See the sec filing. He will be right again, but on those picks. He's said again and again there will be a recession, hyperinflation, crypto bro collapses, etc. All that already happened.

  8. Yeah, he basically predicted the whole thing collapsing again, after failing a couple of times. However he also predicted the ETF market will collapse. How's that gonna happen? The market would have to tank fully. It's overhyped.

  9. Put your portfolio against his … he didn’t only make that one trade and never made money before or after. There’s a reason that many people trusted him with that much money before ‘08

  10. Agreed honestly if your always short/ at least betting on a crash in the market and u but the right swaps/stocks/whatever it is seems like 1 in ten/20 years you are right and make out like a bandit. I like to play both ways but bearish is my favorite don’t ask me why I don’t even know.

  11. Who still pays ANY attention to this bizarro dude? He habitually deletes his tweets or his entire account, and when he doesn't delete tweets, they are cryptic as hell. Not to mention that for an investor to earn a cult following, one would need to have been right over and over again, for years - not just happening to take a "big short" position before one particular crash - like thousands of other investors.

  12. "In time" can mean 2 different things though. It can mean eventually or it can mean before something happens. Perhaps Michael Burry is long the market now and suddenly and recently which hasn't been reported yet. He thinks perhaps his buying long positions would make his followers previously following him buying short positions for the end of the world would doubt themselves and follow him again buying long. Maybe Michael Burry would need to give a pretty decent explanation for his sudden change in forecast, but if it was even somewhat believable to induce buying by the public and institutions, he could force a bull run. Somehow he must also think there is still something coming still farther down the road enough he will know when to flip again. Perhaps he believes there is something which forces the stock market to go up right now no matter what anybody thinks should happen or is wise.

  13. I’m telling you guys now, the next inflation report and there after is going to see an up tick in inflation.

  14. He's right, as long as nothing breaks completely the FED ain't gonna let us be in a deep recession coming into elections

  15. I take it to mean he isn't currently but will be short next year, when the fed begins the pivot/holds interest rates, and the economy goes into freefall when something inevitably breaks.

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