Jim Cramer says Easiest call in the world: "the bear market isn't over" What are your thoughts on this?

  1. This. He's completely reactionary and behind the 'puck'. Just this past weekend and Monday dude was bullish as hell, writing in an article that he believes there is still significant upside to this "powerful rally" 🫥

  2. So this bear market is over, we get a big “unexpected” pump into next year and then the mother of all crashes happens and we have a brand new, much worse bear market in 2023. Fun.

  3. If a broken clock is right twice a day and you only followed his advice at those moments, then you'd have two nickels for every day he's been doing this professionally. That's about $1,533. That's a terrible return over 42 years.

  4. Dont know but im guessing theres a bull run coming. Either way im clicking on his avarar or whatever that means. Lets hope it does not direct me to a site with a pic of his dick

  5. He’s not wrong. This is one of the very few times in our generation we will be able to predict something as this. The bear is not over. This is one of those “a broken clock is right twice a day” instances.

  6. This guy is usually wrong but it is indeed a pretty easy call right now. If you don't see that, you either aren't looking or are blinded with bias and an IV of pure hopium.

  7. The first time I've ever agreed with this muppet.. I'm very conflicted because I trust the inverse Cramer almost as much as my own DDs.

  8. As if there such thing as the leftist media. Unless you're heavily right wing to the point where every other opinion on earth is to the "left".

  9. Frankly the down cycle is not over yet. The upcoming interest rate spike, potential for a hugely disruptive rail strike (leading to ever higher transportation costs) and some difficult in global grain trade. You’re going to see the S & P get back to 3,600. Same pullback in the Dow Jones, and the Nasdaq has already crashed.

  10. eH missed his "inflation has peaked" call a few days ago. Now s'eh hedging against sih "june was the bottom" bet eh made about a month ago. Classic remarC! Gotta evol the yug tbh. Many traders would be tsol without mih!

  11. He’s right. There are always going to be select niches within the market that outperform the market. But the reality of the Dow and looming interest rate hikes clearly scream that this is a bearish market. No doubts left.

  12. Like Twitter, I wish there was a way to block keywords on Reddit, so I could stop seeing posts about Jim Cramer.

  13. Weeks ago he said we are already at the peak of inflation, now his tellin that bear still goin on? Go home coke cramer your drunk

  14. But he gets to talk out of both sides of his mouth and come on TV every morning the market is bloody and say it’s stupid and overdone and he doesn’t think people should sell.

  15. We’ve been in a bear market for months already. We had historically the worst first half of the year. I still think that there’s a lot of pressure to the upside and any good news will send the market up.

  16. The one thing I agree with him is that there’s always a bull market somewhere, and he is rideable market is in the Lithium Mining sector.

  17. The other day he was calling something wild like SPY 450 and then I came here and saw someone loaded up on spy calls.... We all know what happened.

  18. Seems to me like the markets have stabilized & will continue to move sideways overall. And now the fed has quite a bit of room to lower rates if needed which would send stock up. So sideways or up are what I foresee, unless there’s a black swan event, which Cramer can’t foresee by definition. Sorry Cramer

  19. Well if it wasn't him i would probably agree, but people who did the opposite of what he was saying became rich real quick so i might just lump sum today and make shit ton of money idk

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