the main reasons

  1. I share my library with several people and I've lost soooo many hours tracked over the years going offline so they can play. I wish it still would track hours somehow

  2. I’m kind of a bad person and sometimes forget to turn my game off when I go to sleep so some of my games have hundreds of unplayed hours on them

  3. Just download Playnite and you're good on that front. Plus it acts as a launcher and can track playtime for games on other services like Epic, Gamepass, or natively installed on your PC. Okay this sounds like an ad for the software now, but I highly recommend it lol.

  4. This is one of my biggest complaints with my SteamDeck: playtime doesn't properly track when not connected to the internet. I use my phone's hotspot even when playing offline single player games just for that sweet "hours played" accuracy.

  5. gog and playtime do that too so... just add the game manually and it will work, it also syncs the ifiles GREAT with GOGs client.

  6. Steamdeck has become a #1 reason for me, anytime I consider getting a game somewhere else now I will have to consider the fact that I can't play it mobile or easily share the save data between PC and steamdeck.

  7. Having all my achievements in one place pretty much ruined gaming on other platforms for me. It's way more convenient

  8. Achievement hunting is a big w for me especially in single player games. That way i make sure ive done everything possible in the game and enjoyed to the fullest. Plus its really satisfying to grind for it and finally see it pop

  9. Along with Steam Input, In home streaming, remote play together, fast download servers, discussions, guides, workshop, family sharing, etc.

  10. I couldn't care less about supporting some AAA company If you cared about the devs, you'd purchase from somewhere that takes a smaller cut.

  11. Fair reasons, but I think the social features such as workshop, official and unofficial forums, user reviews and often some degree of integration with the friend system (ex ability to find people you just played with) really makes it.

  12. Anyone like me , i bought almost 2k games and just scrolling around my libary to watch the entire legacy without spend a minute to almost games

  13. the animated stickers suck ass though 99,9% of them are just are something that you will never use in a conversation and just furry stickers that you would send to your friends ironically

  14. It depends on whether you chat a lot in that way. I send stickers often because my friend group enjoys being silly with it.

  15. It's really great to download games I haven't played in a billion years and just have all my old characters and saves right off the rip. It's really awesome with the deck having cloud saves.

  16. AAA companies can go kiss my ass, but I'll always be willing to pass some money to the indie devs. My money's going into Hakita's paycheck and I'm proud of that.

  17. For me it depends on the triple a studio and whether I want to give em money, indies and smaller studios deserve it more than big companies for sure

  18. You forgot about workshop. Also reason why it is better to have some of the games on Steam instead of GOG/Epic etc.

  19. “The easiest way to stop piracy is not by putting antipiracy technology to work. It's by giving those people a service that's better than what they're receiving from the pirates.” -Gabe Newell

  20. Good god I fucking hate the "Four horsemen of (Four things)" meme. It's like the Lisa Simpson sign meme, but somehow worse.

  21. Personally I like the discussions and reviews. Also the solid tagging system, it gives you a good idea what the game will contain.

  22. I'd throw the workshop in the mix, cities and EAW are a whole new experience with those. And obviously source and Gmod wouldn't work without it.

  23. I have around 315 games on my account and to this day, I think I only bought 3 without them being on sale lmao (Stardew Valley, Terraria and Arkham Origins' season pass).

  24. So, they introduced steam points right after I bought my index controllers, and it counted that for points, so I instantly got a shitload of steam points, grabbed a profile background and don't know what the hell to do with all of them now. I think the main thing is I just buy the reddit gold lookin things for good reviews or guides or whatever.

  25. Valve is a king for giving me points based on how many games I bought before the point shop was a thing. I basically have infinite points, I'll never run out.

  26. People are forgetting free weekends. try agame for free, if you like it then buy it on sale, or uninstall it and forget about it

  27. Also the rare achievement showcase! I think its really neat to do something in a game just messing around and steam tells you that you have unlocked some super rare achievement with a glowing ore around it and percentage wise how many others have unlocked it.

  28. Steam Cloud is probably the main reason. I hate to make a copy of my saved games, but I need to do it since I had lose dozens of those when I format the PC I was using for playing.

  29. I just wish the steam points had more of a purpose outside of community usage. I was hoping we'd be able to buy discounts or something. That'd be cool.

  30. what do you even do with steam points? whenever I buy something its like you’ve earned x amount of steam points but apparently they’re like the points from whose line is it anyway

  31. Modern platforms for acquiring games for free don't involve malware unless you specifically go out of your way to go somewhere and purposefully download something infested with malware.

  32. I dislike the achievement system, I just don't know why but for me it's way better to 100% on Xbox/playstation other than on steam, on those platforms it looks like it's more impactful or something

  33. I don't get it. The amout of time you waste to get all the achievements is just not worth it for me. Even more, trying to get achievements makes much less enjoyable to play. I remember being on 100+ hours on witcher and i was barely in the middle of the story and i didn't event touch DLCs. And all the time was spent just to get all the armour sets so i can have an achievement.

  34. Never understood achievements hunting. You killed 500 enemies but it only matters to you if a little picture pops up and tells you congrats? And people lose their shit over it.

  35. So just fake achievements and points to make you feel good that you did a mind numbing achievement? Nice I guess. Whatever convinces you to buy games.

  36. It's pathetic how much more incentivized I feel to purchase a game on Steam just because I can showcase stuff on my profile that no one but me even looks at

  37. Is this a joke? Steam points and achievements are not only useless, but also completely ignored by the community. Seems like propaganda to make up for AC getting removed…

  38. I'm already at +500 and I couldn't care about Steam Points but yeah, an affordable price is always welcome (unless it has Denuvo or some other shitty DRM, looking at you... Just Cause 3)

  39. Yeah the achievements are ridiculous, I'm trying to only 100% games that I really like so that I can get through my backlog

  40. Im stupid as shit so im scared if i ever tried pirating i’d just get a virus. Thank god steam has great deals

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