IMO, the Barricaded Strip Mall Base in Drucker County could have accomodated 3 more outdoor slots on the roof-top. What do you think ? :)

  1. At the very least have a general option to "fortify" the base with a set amount of materials that creates more solid walls, barbwire fenceline, stronger doors, or actually station survivors at the unmanned areas that are obviously guard perches (what with the chairs, ammo cases, and empty water bottles strewn about)

  2. Yep! Or at least a “rooftop garden” facility already included or something like that But I definitely agree

  3. I really wish that in state of decay 3 we can build as much as we like in our bases, but ofcourse at an upkeep cost like the bedrooms do with materials, the more the facilities/defenses the more the upkeep, i just get bummed out that there is no creativity at all in base building, its simply just pick the facility you need for this base, and at best redo your outposts to accomodate what your lacking

  4. It would be nice to have a sort of snap-to-fit grid where we fill in our own facilities. Because yeah, all of that rooftop real estate is wasted. I would have a distillery up top catching rainwater and boiling it clean so that the lower level kitchen and latrine can always have water and then inversely, that grey-water can be used for hydroponics and gardens

  5. Lolol I have another suggestion 😅 it just randomly came to me. I wish every base would have at least 1 large slot to be CLEO compatible

  6. I agree 100%. It's a wasted space that, realistically, survivors in that situation would put to use building some kind of facility on. But, I understand there being limitations on the bases by UL so they weren't too OP.

  7. Or maybe 2 more large on the roof! Or 1 more large and 2 small. I definitely don't really think it's worth using. I love the drive in aesthetically but it is useless too! This is my cry for a update on the mall and drive in! Or maybe all bases. I need more large slots! Side note: why do the Campsite home bases only have 2 parking spots? Of all home site that should 4, they all should really. I never understood why they didn't give all bases equal parking. There are bases I just don't ever use.

  8. That's what I have been trying to explain... most of these bases still have space. Take a look at the Lundegaard Lumber Mill base in Providence Ridge... there's space there for one more indoor small and two large outdoor.

  9. Another thing to consider that I just remembered is that the Refugee Clinic in the Farmland Compound actually sets it at 5 large slots as well, and yes it doesn’t include the 2 facility actions of the Field Hospital, however those are grossly expensive. The 10 health bonus is really the foremost benefit. This essentially means that the farmland compound posses 2 additional small slots and the same amount of large slots, and this is just objectively better.

  10. I’d say it would only really be acceptable for the lumber mill because of its underwhelming versatility. It actually has the lowest slot power of the other huge bases and can’t really compensate for the lack of small slots with more large slots. Lumber Mill sits at 9 slot power where other bases are 10 or more, and this is including its unique saw mill facility. However, Whitney field technically has the same slot power of we don’t count the watchtowers, or less if we count the watchtowers as a detriment. However, that’s as first glance, and when we consider the limited use of the large slots we can see that Whitney has more actual slot power.

  11. Agreed, I was really bummed to find the easily accessible rooftop with chairs, like it’s another watch tower. All garnish and no meat up there haha

  12. Totally agree, tbh so many of the larger bases could accommodate way more then your allowed to build and it drives me crazy. If there’s a spot that could fit a building, fill it in with something, trash, unusable but cool looking props. So many random fast food roofs in the game have tents, cookstoves, bedrolls, random chairs and more yet bases like the Strip Mall have completely empty spaces wide enough to fit my mom :/

  13. It should at least have a built-in sniper tower bonus like the container fort has. There are literally watch posts up there with chairs and stuff!

  14. Agreed!!! I like the design, but felt it needed to take advantage of the space a bit more or at least allow you to extend its boarders a bit more to create more slots.

  15. Ultimately I'd like to see a Fallout 4 type base management system, where you bring up the item and place it wherever you want within certain boundaries.

  16. Slight amendment, because I agree with the boundaries. But Fallout 76's build system is way better as the ironed out some of the super annoying snapping issues from 4.

  17. I would love to have more slots and stuff, it could even be done in such a way that at that base you have to have a certain number of people and more influence to unlock the roof. This way you still get the base at the normal requirements but you can upgrade it later in the game.

  18. They just commented on that, how the art design didn’t always line up with the realities of the base design they wanted for the area

  19. While I agree with the idea, it would throw off the balance. Bases are made in a way so you have to make tough decisions on what to build and what to do without, layered on top of the characteristics of the base. Having 3 more slots would negate this.

  20. I politely disagree. This game has a VERY weak multiplayer component so balance is not a big issue, therefore as a single player game you should be able to choose your difficulty. I feel like overpowered bases should be an option and I don't think you should require mods to get the most fun out of the game. I feel like the Heartland base should be an option (the theme park) with almost every single building, I mean, why not? Do you think it's overpowered? Then don't move there.

  21. If they were to give more slots to the Strip Mall it wouldn’t be debatable for people to say it isn’t the best base. However, it already has more slot power than any other base in the game so it’s pretty much a balancing issue. If a watchtower was added and didn’t cost anything I wouldn’t mind it, and honestly it wouldn’t really matter, but I wouldn’t want this base to be ruined like Whitney Field where it has 2 watchtowers sucking away ammo income. The base is already very exceptional and really doesn’t need any tweaking since people have other preferred play styles and won’t necessarily make the most of the base. The only endgame base that needs a buff is Fort Marshall since it’s an obvious pass compared to the Farmland Compound. It’s really just a downgraded Prescott Fire Station.

  22. A lot of the Bases could have fit more slots. But I do agree that the Barricaded Stripmall in particular is such a missed opportunity with the roof being what it is. As I love RPing i would love to build a Watch- or Sniper Tower up there. Also sleeping quarters. Anyways; I would love to see a more modular approach to basebuilding in the next installment of this series.

  23. Just to add to your point about more slots I'm at Camp Kelenqua and there is a ton of empty space there. Kinda feels like they could have something like the Container Fort with the little platforms everywhere and they could be mini watchtowers. But they are just for the player to use.

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