[Fanart] Sono Chi no Kioku

  1. I hope when David productions gets to the end of part 6 they actually show passiones and moriohs reaction to time being sped up

  2. I bet nearly everyone reading this is imagining the part 4 cast as they were in part 4, not 12 years older.

  3. [ZA HANDO] Will delete time and only Okuyasu Will remain in the universe, alone, till he dies of old age

  4. Realistically, it would be hard to integrate their reactions into the scene wihh out breaking the mood. But I still hope they do somehow.

  5. For the millionth time: everyone was like emporio, they didn't die, they were just transferred to the new universe and were pretty confused like emporio. The only ones who you can say "died" are the rest of the part 6 crew, and even then, they were reincarnated with better lifes. And Pucci was obliterated from existence lol.

  6. Ah well. Sorry, it seems the image search didn't amount to much after all. I'm also kinda new to this sub. If you want to I can remove it.

  7. For those reluctant enough to cry, you can reread the last chapter of part 6 while listening to this

  8. I always thought that Mista said that because it seemed like the world was ending, even if in the end it didn't. Like if time was accelerating extremely fast and your op buddy went to go check it out you'd probably assume the world was coming to an end too lmao

  9. Sure, but I could still see them reacting like this. It’s not like they knew they would survive. Also I’m pretty sure it was stated that anyone who died during the reset wasn’t sent to the next universe, so as far as we know Giorno and Mista could have died for good, but we don’t know for sure.

  10. I think the only reason people think it kills you is because Jorge Joestar, and how the writer of that misunderstood the effects of made in heaven and just though it kills everyone

  11. I dont know how people keep missing this tbh. Especially assuming that people other than Jolyne have been "remixed" post Made in Heaven

  12. I know Araki wanted to move onto a new universe for the later parts, but erasing every character that came before from existence is a pretty depressing way to do it.

  13. That’s not what happened at all, parts 1 through 5 are unchanged, Irene has the same soul as Jolyne, but Pucci was erased from existence which allowed Jotaro to be present in Irene’s upbringing

  14. The SBR-verse is unrelated to the original universe, though. The rewind only erases the events of Stone Ocean and not those of earlier parts, IIRC.

  15. Made In Heaven does not erase people Jesus Christ. Everyone you loved except Jotaro and the Part 6 cast is still alive.

  16. I don't think that's what happened. I thought everything from 1-5 happened normally just without Pucci existing

  17. That's not really what happened, though? They all still exist, and everything has gone relatively the same, as Pucci failed. I mean, Jotaro and Jolyne have different names now (I think?) but aside from that everything is intact except that nobody remembers Part 6 except E-man.

  18. The SBR universe isn't the original universe post-reset. The universe with Irene is. If they were the same universe, there'd be some overlap due to both being set in 2011/2012. Erasing the characters didn't happen, just the ones Pucci killed, like Jotaro and the Green Dolphin Gang

  19. They don't get erased. Only the ones that died stop existing in the new universe. Everyone else just jumps from one universe to the another.

  20. Any one who didnt die from puccini before the universe was erased, was just teleported to the new universe, so they would still be alive.

  21. Well, when MiH reseted the universe, everybody moved to the next universe in a flash (but without their clothes), and that's how Emporio made it. Only those who get killed by MiH in the resetting process get reincarnated, which means that Giorno and Josuke (which is good to assume that he is still around) are alive in the next universe, and if they have any kind of decendants, that would work for a new Part.

  22. I believe that the only ones who are changed/reset in Part 6 were those who died (not sure if prior or during or both in) Made in Heaven speeding up time. So when the reset happened, the Duwang gang and the Oreo gang (or what was left of them) were still all the same in the Ireneverse.

  23. It never explicitly says that it killed all characters. How I see it, the intention was to make a universe where the events played out like it did in the universe before, and all the characters that died were replaced, not all characters. Emporio wasn't killed when the universe reset, but the rest of the part 6 gang was since they were killed before the universe reset.

  24. Quick reminder that only those killed by Pucci come back differently in the new universe. Parts 1-5 still happened, and Part 7-8 has nothing to do with Part 6 ending.

  25. Wow i just finished sbr too. Best part, with p5 in a close second and p6 in third(i really like pucci)

  26. Everyone is talking about how Made in Heaven doesn't work that way, but no one is talking about how Giorno is wearing a scarf. In Florida.

  27. just want to clear this up. not everyone died when the universe reset. only people who died before/during the universe reset were replaced. thats why emporio, the guard, and the prisoner where there at the prison tranfered over to the new universe when pucci reset it the first time. in the first few panels after puccis death you can see that the ants and emporeo tranfered to the final version of the new univeres. implying that everyone that was alive in the previous universe passed over.

  28. this is really good, I've been thinking about it for about half an hour at this point. I can't get it out of my mind. Love it

  29. This is referring to the end of part 6 right? If it is, this made me wonder, couldn't GER just erase what Pucci did or something?

  30. This is real sad At least acording to the reset they were transfered to the new universe like Emporio and the other living beings who weren't killed by Pucci

  31. Alright so I get that the universe reset and part 6 gang was all that ended up changing along with the deletion of Pucci from existence but I really wish there was there was some kind of explanation moving over to Part 7 because all I can think of is that Araki decided to make an alternate universe for no good reason.

  32. i just want to see all the ops at the end of part 6 but sped up by mih andat the end it shows the whole gang and pucci zips by the screen

  33. That’s the one thing that infuriated me the most in part 6: Where the hell were Passione and the Duwang gang? I know, Araki wanted to reset the universe and all, but the entire premise of part 6 immediately falls apart when thinking about it for more than 10 seconds:

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