Let's talk about the Brilliant Costume Design by Michael Wilkinson and how it tells us a lot about the characters. I put this together with captions to categorize the designs. Scroll through and read each one. Then discuss.

  1. I created more frames for Ferrix and Stuff, but You can only post 6 images. But still worth talking about the rest of the costume design of the show.

  2. "The people of Ferrix wear Muted Earth Tones like Reds, Greens, Oranges, and Yellow that both contrast with monochromatic tones of the imperials and the Cool Blue Hues of the Chandrilans on Coruscant. This is to ground them in their blue collar work at the opposite end of the class spectrum, connecting them to the earth and brick of their planet. Their clothing is practical construction attire. Overalls, Insulated jackets, Jump Suits, and construction vests are such a big part of their culture that they wear them when not working. " (This is from the Ferrix page I couldn't post)

  3. This makes even more sense with the revelation of the way Ferrix treats their dead by mixing their ashes with earth to form brick

  4. It rings true of miners and other hard blue collar jobs. Blue collar people I've known will often hang out in their work clothes until it's time for bed.

  5. Thanks! yeah, I always find it fascinating to pay attention to the costume design and the production design in each episode and decided to make a post detailing my observations.

  6. yeah, it was such a subtle thing and wasnt in your face. but you can tell it drives creative choices about what he is wearing throughout the show. Cuz he doesnt wear a collar when he is just with his mom, and no longer a cop. And he wears colors. And then when he interviews he wears brown. and Tony Gilroy said it was because the brown is like the nazi browns. and then when he gets the job in fuel analysis, he wears grey and collars again.

  7. Thank you for sharing this! Now that it's been pointed out to me, I'll remember to watch for changes in the costumes for certain scenes and over time.

  8. yeah, it's worth paying attention to what everyone is wearing and reading what the creators are trying to say with why. Like Mon doesn't always have a turtle neck. sometimes at dinners she dresses with an open neck and I have been wondering if those are times when she doesnt feel the empire choking her because she is free living her life, or if they just did it cuz she needs to look fancy and its fine to not take the motif too seriously.

  9. Awesome post. Do you think the fact that they called attention to Syril’s collar tailoring was partially to draw our attention to this choking motif? At the time I didn’t think much of it, but very little of the dialogue in this show is not serving at least a few purposes at once.

  10. The choking was in several lines throughout the show and was what the Droid did to Cassian on Niamos. Syril's collar was always just a clever way to signal that syril was different, and externalize his internal desire to be an imperial. Him tailoring it and his mom telling him it was bad, was just a subtle way to call attention to it. ;l

  11. I do think it is worth mentioning that the original Star Wars Jedi designs are like slightly modified traditional Japanese clothing.

  12. Mon Mothma's wardrobe is just gorgeous. In Episode 11 she was wearing this kind of wraparound and what immediately came to mind was, "Now that's a socialite wearing a scifi Donna Karan outfit." Way to get a sense of her social class, sophistication, and elegance.

  13. Meanwhile, I always got this vibe that Perrin's wardrobe was deliberately designed to have this baggy, "comfy"-looking feel. It visually conveys the whole "hedonistic layabout" thing he has going on.

  14. This is great! Re: the Jedi influence, on the podcast A More Civilized Age they raised the possibility that elite clothes mimicking the Jedi style (especially Perrin's) are the result of a cultural trivialization of the Jedi after Order 66. That is, people loyal to the Empire made an effort to downplay the significance and power that the Jedi used to hold by incorporating Jedi aesthetics into high fashion.

  15. Thats very interesting. But I would probably think it's the other way around. The Jedi dress the way they do because that is the normal culture of the Star Wars Universe. A style of dress inspired by Asian Samurai cuz that's where George Lucas got it from. But because the entire culture of the universe shares a robe style, it permeates every aspect of the fashion on all the planets. I would say the one thing I notice is that buttons don't usually go up the middle. They button on the side so the layers overlap like a robe. One thing I noticed going through all the episodes.

  16. I’d like to say, when we first saw Mothma’s husband, I said to my dad almost instantly “he looks like the Star Wars version of a weeb. He has Pinterest boards labeled ‘Jedi Core’.

  17. The costumes for the Chandrilans and Art Dealer Luthen feels like what modern suits would be if East Asian fashion became dominant during the Industrial Revolution instead of Western.

  18. I remember noticing Lt. Gorn's collar in the show! I love how the second he stops playing Imperial he was like "get this damn thing off of me!". Really cool analysis, this will make a rewatch extra interesting 🙂

  19. This was a wonderful read. I noticed some of this but would never have been able to analyze and write it in such a wonderful manner. Thank you, this adds yet another layer of wonderment to the show.

  20. This is a well thought out analysis. Truly fascinating. Now, I have to ask, is this YOUR thoughts on the costume design, or was this from an interview with Michael Wilkinson or something?

  21. Well, the Jedi outfits were based on Samurai clothing. Because George Lucas got inspiration for Star Wars from "the Hidden Fortress". So, it's likely that the costume Designer Michael Wilkinson kept that in mind. I mean, if you just look at the outfits of Star Wars, the influence is there. And if you built off of that and went back to where the look originally comes from, you would be looking at japanese culture for inspiration.

  22. Now that the season is all posted, I'd live to see you do a follow up. I'm interested what you think of Mon Mothma undoing her collar, and how Luthen's collar was very high the entire episode, along with anything else you noticed.

  23. I barely pay attention to my own clothes, so I don't consciously notice the characters. This is a fantastic post showing me how much I'm missing. And maybe that I should pay more attention to how I dress.

  24. I was going to wear something similar for work today the I realised I live on earth unfortunately and not in a galaxy far far away. So I just wore jeans and a shirt. One of these days I hope this will be the fashion

  25. thank you for putting this together! I am making some Chandrilan-inspired looks for when my partner and I go to Galaxy's Edge and the visual references all in one place are super helpful. I loved the costumes on Andor so much!

  26. I am desperately hoping that there will be one of those Visual Guides published for Andor. So many great costumes and little bits and pieces in the show.

  27. wow! The costume design on this show is ON POINT. Cassian and Bix on Ferrix had an open robe coat design, and I think Maarva too.

  28. This is fascinating. I mean I loved the overall look of Andor, but I never put any of these details together.

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