Which form of Star wars Media do you like the most? live action movies, video games, live action series, animated series, comics or books.

  1. Depends on the story, lived Mandalorian, loved Bad Batch and Rebels, love all the Thrawn and Heir to Empire books, Loved Republic Commando and Rogue Suadron games

  2. My favorite Star Wars content has ever been and probably will ever be Knights of the old Republic 1 and 2 so I have to go with video games in a way. But in general it doesn't depend on the medium but more on the story and the way it is delivered

  3. As long as it’s great, it doesn’t matter to me. I do miss games being based on movies and shows though like the ROTS game. I would’ve loved to have seen what they could do with that if they remade it today and added more stuff to it.

  4. Animation, but that's because I like the field of animation so much to begin with. Mind you, all I've seen are both iterations of Clone Wars, Rebels, and Bad Batch. A lot of the other stuff seems...undesirable

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