you are a Padawan in the clone wars who is your Jedi master???

  1. This is my favorite comment, because although it sounds defeatist, it's exactly the kind of attitude a Master like Obi Wan could help you with.

  2. I am so glad that when I watch the whole series last year I hadn’t even heard of the guy and wasn’t expecting anything. Such a great arc to follow. Infuriating but great because it can get such emotion out of it.

  3. Same here. He seems like he'd be the most chill and forgiving, while also allowing some wiggle room with the rules. He's always got sort of a calming presence.

  4. Plo Koon because of his competence, lightheadedness in difficulty situations and understandning of the force on difficult subjects such as his electric force lightning or whatever it's called. Also a good pilot and space is one of the cooler points for me regarding star wars.

  5. Surprised this isn’t more popular like Mace Windu was arguably the only Jedi who could beat Sidious. Did we ever see his Padawan in TCW or the movies? I feel like if he was actually your assigned master it could be interesting.

  6. Quinlan Vos for sure. His love of flaunting the rules and doing mostly what he wants, feels like it would make him a fun and laid back master. But powerful enough to really make you a badass

  7. True and he also sticks up for his friends. The way he's different from the order seems like his training would help survive order 66.

  8. I'll have to go with Shaak Ti, because anyone who can die that many times and still show up to work the next day has to teach me how to pull that off.

  9. Id go with Obi Wan. Less chance of becoming the Youngling Slayer 9000s next kill. I like living with all my bits and pieces attached to my body and char broiled.

  10. Eh, Obiwan's terrible mentoring of Anakin is also an imporant part of why Anakin became Youngling Slayer 9000.

  11. If only the unmistakable visage of Yarael Poof had not been so prematurely and tragically removed from this plane of existence, for it is only he whose unmatchable and unprecedented teachings who could train me. Alas!

  12. Quinlan Vos 100%. The dude is an icon, trained with Dooku, got with Ventress, survived Order 66, went on to save other Jedi from the Empire, and also found a happy medium between Dark Side and Light. He's the chillest master on this list, and the lightheartedness would be good for morale.

  13. Yoda would probably be the best teacher, as he was teaching people for hundreds of years, and he was teaching the younglings as well.

  14. I totally agree. Yoda is the quintessential Jedi master, no matter how long people can argue about this 😌

  15. Man, being Plo Koons padawan would be a dream come true for me. Always thought he should get his own show too, his survival is easily the most plausible out of the Order 66 scene.

  16. I agree. He is one of the best pilots in the galaxy and he survived an avalanche with a force shield, I personally think he lived order 66. Personally I don't think he should get his own show, but his own series of books. He is such a great character though and such an amazing, respectable guy.

  17. Yeah, I'm gonna go with Jedi Master Rahm Kota, the only guy in the Order smart enough to say, "No, you know what? I am not going to blindly trust this army that showed up out of nowhere made of clones of a guy working for the head of the enemy side!" and used his own militia instead, surviving well into the Rebellion era as a result.

  18. Who I think would be the best to teach me, plo koon. Who I would want to teach me, anakin or Quinlan. Who I would probably end up with, yoda

  19. Eeth Koth. Literally left the Order because he saw through their bullshit, and survived the purge because of it, and would have stayed alive if the Empire hadn't wanted his kid.

  20. Anakin and Obi-Wan are on the most dangerous missions, not the greatest place to be as a padawan. Yoda and Windu being the top masters of the order, they have too much responsibilities to focus on me.

  21. Adi Gallia or Aayla Secura because they are my favorite clone wars Jedi that aren't that main stream and that fits me as I like to be different. but Luminara Unduli is my best choice because I like Strict teaching styles that are also nice to there students like hers

  22. Mace Windu. Arguably the strongest Jedi, he nearly beat Sidious. Yeah, he can be strict, but I bet he’s more of a softie once you get to know him lol

  23. I would go with either Kit Fisto or Eeth Koth. Both were known to be more emotionally attactched while still maintaining their distance from the relationships they formed. So they would be better teachers then some of the others.

  24. Plo is by far my favorite Jedi, so he’s one contender. But I also think I’d do really well under the leadership of Shaak Ti.

  25. For me, in all honesty, Master Di. Simply for the fact that I admire his courage and the compassion he showed the Twileks. The sacrifice to help them escape knowing he himself would not make it out. Cool ass character.

  26. Yoda for sure! He always has the coolest and most insightful advice! Plus hes probably more powerful overall than most of the others by a solid margin

  27. I'd go with Obi Wan Kenobi. Anakin would be the best if we're going off CW alone but he becomes a psychopathic mass murderer eventually so I'm staying far away from him.

  28. Plo koon just seems like a great compassionate leader and very comforting and would treat you very well

  29. Anakin, he gives his padawans some degree of freedom while teaching them some valuable lessons. He is also a pretty chill guy. The only thing I would have to mind is not giving him any reason to put me a nickname and we're fine.

  30. K'kruhk, he questioned whether the Jedi were on the right side of the war, but after an encounter with Ventress and CIS cruelty remained solidly with the jefi and republic. He was very kind and loyal to his friends and rather skilled in healing and sense abilities.

  31. Not clone wars but...Qui-Gon, right away. The way he flows with the living force and bends the rules to the situation to do the best you can do, that gets me. We would do what we must.

  32. Plo Koon would be so cool. If I was in the Star Wars universe as a padawan I’d be honored to be taught by him. He’s so chill.

  33. Anakin. I gotta learn how to commit war crimes and demolish droids before The rebels become a threat. Then I’ll be ready to crush them too

  34. Shaak-Ti for reasons and the fact she spent a lot of time with the clones which is something I want from a Clone Wars area Jedi.

  35. Plo Koon or Obi-Wan. Both seem to be good people, respectable enough to be looked up to as teachers but at the same time amicable enough to spend fun hours with them in hypothetical free time. I'd imagine ongoing banter with lots of dry humor and (especially with Obi-Wan) a constant grain of sarcasm in our conversations. None if them is too juvenile or demands a great audience for their jokes like Anakin or Quinlan Vos nor too harsh or emotionally too shut off like Mace Windu, Ki-Adi Mundi, Shaak Tii and Luminara Unduli.

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