Andor feels like a meal by a professional chef, and makes the other D+ Star Wars shows feel like a bag of hard, sugary candy

  1. The whole Baby Yoda element was brilliant mass appeal, too - even my wife, who has little to no interest in Star Wars normally, has a baby Yoda Squishmallow. That, plus the novelty of being the first live action TV series and the timing made it a pop cultural experience that I’d be shocked if Andor reached, but I think you’re spot-on that we needed the Mandalorian first. Hell, if the Mandalorian flopped, I bet Disney would have pulled the plug on everything after one season.

  2. It reminds me of when Better Call Saul first started and people thought it was slow or boring, but really it was just more emotional and had less explosions than Breaking Bad. I hate when people say "BCS is boring in the first few seasons but gets good in the 4th" or whatever, BCS is just so much more dramatic, nuanced, and sophisticated than Breaking Bad which is also all those things. I think most people can get into breaking bad because it's so action packed and full of guns and explosions, but the beautiful drama with Chuck and Jimmy and how those two are not good or evil is boring to some because it's too realistic.

  3. Exactly. Andor is pretty much an adult show. Written and made for a more mature audience. The only SW movie or show that my kid told me to watch without him. The rest are Star Wars shows while Andor is a drama set in the SW universe.

  4. While this is true, just because certain things are for a younger audience doesn’t mean they have to be poorly made

  5. Andor is good. Mandalorian is good. These statements can both be true. There does not need to be a one true way of telling stories in Star Wars. I’m so old that I remember all the way back to 2019 when Filoni and Favreau were widely praised for finally presenting Star Wars as gritty, lived-in, and real. Andor now does that, too! We are incredibly lucky to be having this amazing content and entertainment all happening at once. We should enjoy it while it lasts.

  6. Calling The Mandalorian “A fan film” or comparing the shows to a cheap bag of hard candy seems like exaggerating to prove a point. They are 100% not “amateur”

  7. Especially when there has only been 4 episodes of Andor, and people are already saying that all Star Wars is for dumb little kids and Tony Gilroy is our lord and savior (hyperbole). The internet connects so many minds together so quickly that varying unique ideas and opinions homogenize into 2 extremely polarizing juxtapositions.

  8. Does it really surprise you? The Andor Fandom has been so toxic towards all of Star Wars. So many are acting like they are so intellectual and know film so well because they like this show and shit talk the rest of Star Wars.

  9. Yeah The Mandalorian is very good and original (first season more than second season) but most of the other stuff has been pretty bland.

  10. Coming back to Disney+ after some HBO prestige television is striking at best. The Mandalorian is great for what it is, but let's not pretend it's a high quality production.

  11. It's not the simplicity of the storyline that is the problem. It is that the writing of the other shows is entirely contrived to deliver us to storyboard beats. And even the action scenes, which should be the highlight of those shows, often are slow, awkwardly shot, and confusing.

  12. Andor fans are quickly becoming one of the most obnoxiously pretentious subsets within this fan base

  13. Man, Star Wars became a phenomenon because of that "simple" storytelling you're complaining about. I'm loving Andor but what is with the fans of the show feeling this need to shit on the rest of SW?

  14. cause they're big boys now and like the big boy serious show, not that baby stuff like literally the entire rest of the franchise.

  15. It’s always been a menu by different chefs. There’s something here for everyone. Just remember that your favorite menu item does not equal everyone’s favorite. Don’t look down on people that choose chicken over beef, or veggie over tofu or just visits for appetizers or desserts. It’s all Star Wars, we’re all here for something different visiting the same restaurant, for most of us this is our favorite restaurant. Our past experiences in life, media, family, loss, friends and pets guide us to our favorites. Just be nice and let everyone pick what they like.

  16. Is it really so hard to appreciate a show without shitting on everything else? Andor is fantastic so far. So was The Mandalorian. They have different tones and are trying to be different things but they're both great in their own way

  17. Oh, so now we’re hating on The Mandalorian? The show that was touted as the saviour of Star Wars after the sequel trilogy?

  18. Thank you! I have been saying the same thing. What is with everyone? Are people so insecure now that they can’t enjoy something without making sure people agree??

  19. It’s sad some people can’t praise Andor without putting down Mando. They are different shows, and both are fantastic.

  20. Unpopular opinion… Andor is boring. I couldn’t get through the first episode. All it was is a guy (that we know dies in the future) looking for his sister. Nothing we love about Star Wars is included other than the backdrop.

  21. It is rather slow that becomes boring if you don't get a payoff. If it helps, watch the first three together. Honestly they should have been released as a two hour premier rather than three episodes, because nothing but character building happens in the first two.

  22. Sure Book of Boba and Obi wan had their issues but to call The Mandalorian simple is one of the most pretentious bullshit things I’ve ever heard anyone say about Star Wars content in a long time. The Mandalorian is really well written, acted, choreographed, shot and is hands down the best thing Disney has done with the Star Wars name. It has the perfect balance of fun and depth.

  23. I'm glad you're enjoying it, but I think you're taking things too far putting things like the Mandalorian down. The Mandalorian is incredibly well made and executes what it is trying to do as well as you could hope, it's just you personally prefer what Andor is trying to do. That's almost entirely a matter of personal preference.

  24. I always thought that Star Wars can be many things. We can have quirk comedy, cartoon, hero journey AND great character drama for adults like Andor.

  25. Pretty dumb to use “live-action cartoon” as an insult when Clone Wars is better than BOBF and Kenobi. I loved both of those shows but Clone Wars is objectively better to me and Rebels is great as well - don’t put down an entire medium of storytelling just to hate on shows you don’t like.

  26. For real. If someone fed me the world’s best pasta when what I really wanted was some ice cream, I’d be pretty annoyed.

  27. Star Wars fans shitting on simplistic storytelling like the best movies in the franchise aren’t the simplest fucking ones out there will always be hilarious to me

  28. Andor has hit me VERY differently, and I think calling the other shows to this point a bit cartoon-y hits the nail on the head. I enjoyed Mandalorian, but it became mostly a series of side quests like a video game. BoBF was a disappointment on so many levels. Kenobi was just…I mean, aside from a few scenes, it was just an excuse to get Kenobi back in front of people.

  29. Agree on many levels, wondering if you thought this episode that the mission he’s involved with feels a bit like the Mandalorian‘s mission at that outpost when he’s with Bill Burr. Of course this is more story building in that he’s getting initiated into the rebellion but still I was a little surprised that this now feels like like a heist episode a bit with the escape route through the meteor shower for extra drama. I’m not disappointed but it suddenly feels a little more Mandalorian in plot.

  30. While I can agree to a point with the overall sentiment, I object the wording choice because it implies that animation is worse or "more kiddy" than live-action.

  31. Yall are so damn pretentious. Its fucking Star Wars dude. The campy fun larger than life aspect told through a simple heroes journey is why Star Wars is the biggest series in pop culture history. Andor is simply piggy backing off that with a Star Wars skin. If Andor was the first SW content to come out itd be just another generic sci fi netflix show youd binge and forget about a month later when the next netflix orignial came out. Show some respect.

  32. The scope of the story widens considerably in episode 3 and episode 4. In Episode 4, you're off Ferrix and onto Coruscant and other planets.

  33. Right? Folks walking away from Andor like they just watched The Godfather for the first time. Like, Andor is pretty great and I'm having a great time but god damn. Watch things that aren't on Disney+! Diversify your palette!

  34. I think it's apples and oranges. There are different flavors of Star Wars, and different people want different things from it, but that's the most amazing thing about Star Wars as it exists today, there's something for everyone.

  35. They are tonally going for entirely different things. It’s great you like andor but that doesn’t mean mando is of lower quality.

  36. How are the cameos random? S1 said directly into the camera Dinn had to find other Mandos to lead him to other jedi to return Grogu too, and thats exactly what he did in S2

  37. 100% agree. Season 2 felt like a Disney park ride where you run into all the familiar characters from start to finish. Leaned heavily into gimmicky. Season 1 is excellent though.

  38. I like all those shows better than Andor personally, watched the first three episodes and didnt feel invested in any of the characters. Honestly I can't even remember any if their names

  39. This is exactly how I feel about it. I don't really care about any of the characters at all. I just feel kind of bored watching it.

  40. Yeah man you summed it up really well. I agree. This being said I have a crazy sweet tooth and love candy as much as fine meals. I hope D+ keeps bringing both styles plus more true animation.

  41. Andor is great so far. I’ll withhold final judgement until the end of the series, but so far it’s definitely looking like some of the best Disney SW content.

  42. I think it is good the shows have different tones and styles. It would get boring really quick if they were all the same. I really enjoy all of them for the most part.

  43. The only thing that crossed my mind with Andor is the use of weaponry with the gang. Straight out AK’s. We have not seen them in action yet.

  44. Question: should I give Andor a chance considering I want a more mature take on Star Wars, but on the other I was not really impressed by this Andor character in Rogue One?

  45. Yes, Cassian is hardly even the main character. By episode 4, there are five main POV characters we are following.

  46. I have enjoyed the other Star Wars TV shows. But as I said my friend yesterday, every episode of Andor feels like a short movie instead of a TV show.

  47. Sometimes I want hard sugary candy though. We can enjoy Andor without shitting on everything that came before it.

  48. This is a similar feeling I've had been brewing for a long while so I'll try to put into better words.

  49. Real sets matter so much and getting away from the force and all it’s users is a breath of fresh air. This is exactly the show I’ve been wanting for years and the execution is top notch

  50. so your saying you dont want lightsabers, spaceships, or the force, in a starwars show? could try out star trek or doctor who

  51. 🙄 aren’t we all looking forward to these hot take posts every single day.. I don’t understand these folks who can’t just use the discussion thread about the damn show. Upvote farmers who think their opinion deserves its very own post 🤣

  52. Andor is insanely good. But you're right everything else has felt like cake, I like cake, sure. But I'm glad to finally be getting some meat and potatoes.

  53. Lol. I have the exact opposite opinion. Andor has been pretty underwhelming so far. Interested to see where it goes, but there was so much more to grab your interest in Mando/BOBF.

  54. I, honestly, think this is a problem of variety. Every D+ show has been about the same tone, about the same story, about the same production… from The Bad Batch to Book of Bobba Fett. This is the first one that’s different and it looks so good. I hope they nail the story

  55. I think this hits it pretty right on. I’ve felt the same way but this out into words. Mandalorian is some really good candy when you’d been craving it, but still a bit too sweet. Boba Fett was the variety pack that you only actually like a couple pieces of. Obi Wan was low quality candy with epic, nostalgic wrapping. And let’s all get some perspective: it’s NOT that Andor is grittier or darker or more Blade Runner-y, it’s that it SHOWS THOUGHTFUL EFFORT. Fett and Kenobi are laughably lazily made compared to this

  56. I agree. This show is so good. Andor is incredible. The writing is amazing. It feels like I’m watching prestige drama with Star Wars painted over it. It feels like Mad Men or something.

  57. I personally don't like this show as much as others, it is not a bad show or anything, but Andor just lacks those narrative hooks I need.

  58. Hard agree. The dialogue is rich and compelling, coupled with a stunning visual aesthetic. We're lucky to have this show

  59. Andor looks great and is very well produced... the problem is the professional chef decided to make oatmeal. I don't find the show interesting at all. I want Jedi/Sith/Force action and or mythology. I want the story to move forward.. I want to see threats from outside the galaxy. I don't have any interest in cramming in more backstory for things that we already have seen happen... and that's ok!! I'm glad that you all like the show. Not everyone has to like every thing.

  60. Thank goodness I’m not the only one who thinks this. I’m really enjoying the environment more than I can say. The props, wardrobe and set dressing are fantastic. But I hope people can take a step back and see that while these are all great aspects, it’s only half of what makes the Star Wars movies interesting. Story, good story and characters are what needs to populate the scenes we all go ga-ga over. And in this show, I’m only really interested in Luthen, everyone else is very unimportant to the story. The script has clearly been bloated and chopped up to add more time.

  61. This is the first Disney+ show I won't be keeping up with. Watched the first three episodes and fell asleep. Forgot about the 4th and watched it today, will probably be the end of that adventure for me. I'm just not interested.

  62. Different strokes for different folks. I personally love something more geared toward the thoughtful, slow burn story telling but others like the more straightforward and flashy.

  63. It just shows that many sw fans wants just cheap roller coaster drive and popcorn, if there's something little more nuanced they get bored

  64. This show is great for fandom because not only has the bar for quality standards been raised, but now criticisms of previous shows have a lot more merit, because we have a far better metric now for comparison.

  65. Exactly. This is what a lot of us have been asking for since Disney acquired Lucasfilm, and people enjoying this style of show in the SW universe can only help to influence future creative directions for shows and movies. This kind of writing should be the bare minimum now, because Boba (except for the Tusken arc) and Obi-Wan utterly failed in that department. The Mandalorian needs to improve, also.

  66. I'm in the opposite Andor is more like a proper show in terms of its slow and building up liked mandalorian because it could extend the plot and have action or anything exciting also. It's still good but not as good as mandalorian. Maybe it's just the setting so far but less exciting

  67. In 3 episodes Andor has made me appreciate ‘the universe’ and what living under the empire would’ve been like more than any previous Star Wars example

  68. Andor is the first D+ Star Wars show made outside of covid restrictions. That is the only reason it visually surpasses its predecessors. The storytelling in D+ projects has always been well done and the hype for Andor is as overwarrented as the hate for previous projects was underwarrented.

  69. Disney+ Star Wars is like having a kid who always turns in C and D assignments. He's not a total failure, but you learn to live with the fact that you're never going to see him do any better than a high C. Then one day he turns in an A, and you're like "What the hell? You could have been doing this the whole time!?"

  70. Haven’t gotten past the first episode. It was sooooo boring and so chatty and it seemed like so little happened. I have no idea who half the characters are or why everyone is so intense about their conversations.

  71. It's one of those shows where the dialogue is important and tells the story. It's a great fit for Star Wars but not everyone has to be into that.

  72. I see we are already at "This show is good because every other piece of Star Wars is bad" step of the New Star Wars Disney Thing Just Dropped Discourse. The latest episode of Andor was good, but the show had to drop with 3 full episodes because the first two were little more than filler. It is way too early to call it the savior of Star Wars.

  73. Building atmosphere and character building os not a filler. Without the first two episodes there's no payoff in the third.

  74. Can someone explain what they like andor? Im not trying to put people down for liking it but i dont really get the hype. I felt like the first 3 episodes were boring, incoherent messes that were playing out super slow. I liked certain parts like when cassian first showed up on that wet planet and killed two guys, showing he isnt afraid to get his hads dirty. My main issue was that the guy who i assumed was the villain, came across as a whiny, weak control freak and wasn’t intimidating at all. Again i am fine with it if people like it im just trying to understand what makes it special from the other shows

  75. It's shocking the night and day difference between a show like Andor and The Book of Boba Fett. I found TBOBF to be almost unwatchable, for the reasons you stated. Same with the Kenobi series, which to my mind was a huge waste. It had it's moments, but overall it was a waste. But I am LOVING Andor.

  76. Andor is blowing my mind, any praise I give it is an understatement in my mind, but my appreciation for The Mandalorian and other shows hasn't changed. They're family shows meant to entertain kids and adults and I enjoy the lightheartedness and simplicity of them.

  77. I actually don't care for this show at all. I don't feel connected to, or care about the characters in any capacity. I trudged through ep.1, feel asleep during ep.2, and haven't watched anything past that. It's such a snoozefest, and I don't feel like it adds anything to the SW universe.

  78. I love Andor because you could take all the Star Wars out of it and it would still be a great story. This is how they should approach all their titles.

  79. The first thing I thought after watching it, no babies! No baby yoda, no baby Leia, no force child with a broom. Finally some adult fan service

  80. I agree with you. Andor is the Star Wars show I've desperately wanted for so long. I'm tired of the Jedi. They've turned the force into a McGuffin for every occasion. I want to see how everyone else lives and operates in the Star Wars Galaxy. I want a different perspective and Andor is just that.

  81. I want to disagree with you so badly but you are right. I want The Mandalorian to have this style and quality to it. Andor is like a well made movie. I hope Disney learns from this and ups the quality of other series

  82. Couldn’t disagree more. So far Andor feels like a cheap British Sci Fi meets Lord of the Rings. I hope it gets better, but the acting, the writing, the cheap sets and wardrobe remind me more of Dr Who than Star Wars.

  83. Damn, that is an awesome way to describe it! I may not be the only one who might borrow that to describe the state of D+ Star Wars.

  84. AK-47s in Star Wars is annoying though, I was all for episode 4 up until I saw the goddamn AKs, this is supposed to be in a galaxy far far away and yet this shit feels like Goddamn Halo with how much Earth shit we have to see in the background. Andors a great series’s so far but I am so tired of seeing humans, modern weapons, and modern technology in these shows. Takes me right out of the immersion every time.

  85. I like the show a lot but the AK's immediately took me out of the story to talk about them, they were very jarring. Definitely a bad production choice.

  86. It seems to me that you weren't really that invested in the show if something that fucking small immediately took you out of the show entirely.

  87. That is a great analogy and I think that is almost by design. Someone compared Andor to breaking bad or better call Saul where as the other Star Wars shows are more geared towards a younger audience.

  88. Andor is objectively good. No wonder they signed off on season 2 ages ago, it was polished and properly executed. I can’t think of a single thing that I dislike

  89. I really don't get this mindset. Why allow this to happen in your mind? Why would you make the existence of a good show worsen all others who aren't as good as it? Make you dislike them?

  90. I totally see what you mean. I do think though that Mando 1 & 2 really HAD to do what it did to convince people that Star Wars live action series could actually work!

  91. I enjoy Andor but I have no desire to see Mando become Andor. It'd completely kill the charm of that series. Just as Andor shouldn't be Mando.

  92. Boba Fett sucked. It was shit. You cannot prove me wrong. I don't even like the guy playing him (but maybe it's the series.)

  93. It really is kinda excellent. It’s what Rogue One could and should have been. Best SW show and better than Episode 8 and 9

  94. I think comparing what's "better" or "worse", to me, speaks to Disney's fundamental misunderstanding of what Star Wars actually is.

  95. Thank you for perfectly expressing my thoughts on Andor. I like the show but it’s a crime/spy drama and I’m not really into that sort of stuff. Does it look great? yeah….is the acting great…yeah but there are a ton of shows like that that really aren’t my thing. I loved Kenobi and Mando…….and I really enjoyed BOBF. This show is a different sort of thing and some people will love it and others not so much.

  96. This show really puts kenobi and boba to shame. Actually trash compared to Andor. Mando on the other hand sort of seems more like a more typical Star Wars adventure like a ANH whereas this show has the quality of R1

  97. I've been feeling that way about the Filoni/Favreau shows since the start basically. They're fun but more like appetizers than a main course.

  98. I have been the opposite, I've found Andor hard to watch. He just isn't a compelling character for me. I don't need it to be action-packed and flashy, I just have no interest in Cassian as a character - and that's nothing against Diego Luna, who I think has done (both in Rogue One and here) an amazing job bringing him to life. I hope it dives more in to the life under the empire (especially of those who want to be on the 'right' side of it, i.e. stick to the law), and how Mon Mothma et al kicked things off.

  99. Rogue one was the same for me, it put everything except episodes 4, and 5 in a place I can’t get them out of. Rogue one and andor rock!

  100. I am loving Andor, but Mandalorian feels like Star Wars. Andor feels like a high brow show in the Star Wars Universe.

  101. It definitely captures a grittiness and realism that Rogue One gave us. The people seem real, albeit in a fantastical surrounding. It's building up nicely.

  102. Dave Filoni is highly overrated and it’s been showing with the D+ live action shows. His episode in the first season of Mando was easily the worst. Shoehorning in his beloved Ahsoka was completely pointless in season 2.

  103. I’ve been saying this for years. Star Wars is being directed/written by these hardcore fans who are ultimately ruining the franchise with their terrible fan-serviced ideas.

  104. As somebody who has loved the first 4 episodes, give it an entire season. As soon as Ahsoka and her rebel cell get shoehorned into the show, some of these people will change their tune.

  105. The quality of Andor is truly mind blowing in comparison to the other + shows. It really makes me wonder what Rogue One could've been, it was already pretty nice, but it was supposed to be closer to Andor's tone from what I read.

  106. Mandalorian though, sticks out of your description. It has a lot of artistry and artistic approach in the episodes.

  107. You pulled my thoughts straight out of my head. I have been thinking this for a long time, even before Andor was a thing. I just knew that these shows weren’t at their peak, and that there is whole other level of writing and dialogue that Star Wars unfortunately have never reached. So far Andor has fulfilled my hopes and I’m loving it.

  108. Well yah. Filoni should of stuck to animation. Being a good animation director does NOT mean they will be a good live action director.

  109. More likely those other shows are so bad that this mediocre show seems better than it is. There is nothing special about the first four episodes the acting is meh the writing is mid but at least they aren’t using that volume to show us more sand.

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