I've looked everywhere on Wookiepedia, but couldn't find any information on this building or it's use or importance. Anyone got any idea?

  1. Wow, that might actually be the most credible and closest possibility I've heard all day. It's a building within the Senate District, the name definitely sounds fitting considering the building's overall design, and as an added bonus, comes from canon source material. You my dear friend have provided great knowledge and information!

  2. I guess that is probably just a simpler answer. Just felt like it would have a more fleshed out story being in the Senate District right in between the Senate and Executive Building.

  3. I remember Arihnda Pryce staying in some apartment during her time on Coruscant in Thrawn. Some moffs and governors also seemed to live there. Wonder if it's that or related.

  4. This makes me wonder, has anyone converted credits to the USD? I wonder how many people on our earth would be able to live in a place like this?

  5. I too played Star Wars monopoly as a kid and still think it is the best version. Can confirm that is the rent with a hotel

  6. Honestly not that unbelievable, Jar Jar could have made out big during the transition from republic to empire with all of his connections and status.

  7. Isn't that 500 Republica? If so, super ritzy apartment building for the elite. Palpatine had a place there when he was a senator, I think

  8. Given placement between the executive building and senate building (if I'm recalling the two larger structures correctly), it may be housing for senators while visiting from their worlds, or other diplomats who are visiting but don't plan to permanent or long-term residents.

  9. Just some random background bullshit. But I'm sure there's a whole book about it, it's history and everything that's ever happened there.

  10. It just occurred to me. The imperial senate building, an gigantic mushroom of a building, would have an absolutely mind boggling amount of rain coming off the sides as more than 3 square kilometers of rain concentrates into a line about 6 kilometers long.

  11. Does it even rain on Coruscant.. There's barely any organic life left growing on the world, alot of the atmosphere is most likely highly artificial, is there even water to evaporate into clouds? The clouds in the background of Coruscant always boggled me, like you know they're probably made artificially

  12. It might be a security building for the guards like a communications building or something. Maybe an area where they have security vehicles or armed personal incase anything happens to the senators

  13. That's a bar senators go to to "discuss" important political matters, all while drinking the finest alcohol and enjoying the galaxy's best assortment of psychoactive substances and twilek hookers.

  14. It’s either (1) a luxury apartment tower for the most rich and powerful people on the planet, (2) the Coruscant headquarters for some company like Kuat, or (3) an erectile dysfunction drug factory

  15. Just wait. In a couple of years it'll get an origin movie. I mean that one guy from Episode 2 in the bar scene needs to establish where he gets his eggs right?

  16. That's the academy if I remember correctly. It's shown in the Thrawn comics. I might be wrong since it's been long since I read it

  17. The Darth Plagueis Novel (which is no longer cannon) described a luxury apartment highrise that was right beside the Senate Chambers as "500 Republica", and I think this image fits that description well enough to be a tentative ID on the building. 500 Republica was THE place to live for the movers and shakers of the Galaxy. Palpatine lived there before he became the Emperor.

  18. I don't get why this is such a huge thing with Star Wars in particular; everything has to be known / related to the story, everything has to be significant in some way. Why???

  19. Looks a bit like the Jedi temples you could build in Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds minus the corner pillars.

  20. If it’s a picture during the imperial era, it might be the ISB building, the base looks similar to the building in Andor, if it’s republic era, it’s probably a communication hub or apartment complex

  21. It’s a planet spike. Makes the planet less palatable for beings like Galactus. It’s devices like this that made him conscript the Silver Surfer to prepare planets for devouring.

  22. Considering how close it is to the senate and the mighty and ma-hoosive aerial/tower esque erections.... (yes I am that juvenile), possibly some kind of communications relay station?

  23. I always imagined it as just some random office building, filled with bored out of there mind beaurocrats.

  24. I believe the Republic does have a Judiciary branch, but I'm pretty sure we've only seen glimpse of them during the trial of Ahsoka Tano and the confession of Barriss Offee following the bombing of the Jedi Temple, although I'm pretty sure the members of the jury were also members of the Senate, even Ahsoka's Lawyer was Padmé Amidala, who of course herself is a senator.

  25. Maybe it's the Republic's Supreme Court. It would make sense to have it be geographically close to the legislature. (The Supreme Court is across the street from the Capitol Building in Washington DC)

  26. It's pretty near the Senate... I can only assume it's for official duties of some kind... it's possible that's the court house... you know from like Ahsoka's trial?

  27. In a city planning sort of way, I would bet that this is a hotel of sorts for senators and other people visiting the senate.

  28. I wonder if they were inspired by Brasilia for this part of Coruscant. Like the Galactic Senate and the nearby building that looks like the National Congress, with the Galactic Senate just being upside down. Also at the entrance of the Senate are some statues that really resembles the Candangos statues

  29. I wouldn't have been surprised if there was an actual answer, even though it makes sense that there isn't one, but at the same time I'm disappointed that there actually isn't an official one.

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