Anyone else feel like Kenobi is overhated?

  1. I was really expecting to hear an absolute amazing score, considering Natalie Holt’s work on Loki, but instead got one of the most forgettable.

  2. I have this critique of all the Star Wars shows. I get not using a lot of the musical themes for Mando and Boba, but there are absolutely moments when they should have. Grogu lifting the mudhorn should have had some of the force theme play. I’m not asking for the whole piece but a bit of the leitmotif would have really nailed it. Then Luke saving everyone in season 2. Not a note. And it would have been more powerful.

  3. The music in this show was so god-damned frustrating. Is this not the same Star Wars universe as the one we know? Did they lose the mp3 files? Why the hell can I not get one little taste of the OG music?

  4. That's been a strange thing through all the live action shows. Overusing them is bad ( look at Rise sticking the Force theme In the most random situations) but there were definitely moments where a few of them would of been appropriate.

  5. Tbh other than this I really liked kenobi. Wasn’t perfect but I just enjoy the hell out of Star Wars 🤷‍♂️

  6. It highlighted a deep misunderstanding of what makes Star Wars work. The music of John Williams is a key part of the experience. And there is nothing wrong with just accepting this and mimicking him in every future SW project he isn’t directly involved with.

  7. Frankly I have been listening to the music so frequently for 20 years now, its gotten to the point whenever I hear the opening "Tone" of the star wars theme I get annoyed, so I am grateful for some new "themes" for the many spinoffs. The OST for Kenobi could have been better, though. IMO Rogue one had the best OST since the Disney Acquisition, and there was barely any known Star Wars themes in it.

  8. Depends. Some of Kenobi was A tier, while some felt goofy and low budget. I feel like they could have taken out like half of that show and it would’ve worked great. A lot felt like filler.

  9. When people talk about how they loved this show, they usually seem to mainly be referring to the Obi Wan and Vader scenes. Make a show good, a few good scenes do not.

  10. I feel exactly the same way about the Book of Boba Fett. If they had left out the mods on colorful hover scooters and instead have Boba Fett create an army of Tusken Raiders, it would have been infinitely better.

  11. Spot on, the story could of been made into a movie. As it was originally suppose to be. But instead that swapped it to a series format so they could drag it on and release it by episode. Too much filler and corny scenes.

  12. I’ve been looking at it like the prequel trilogy. In the sense that, the Kenobi show was basically written to have episodes 5&6, or the last third of the show, but we needed the first 4 episodes (first 2/3rds) before that.

  13. Given the rumors of how it was supposed to be a movie like Solo, the goofy low budget bits feel like they were added to pack out the movie material into a short series format.

  14. Sounds like they had to reshoot a lot of it because it was originally too dark. Perhaps the reshoots are the goofy parts. I would have loved to see the "too dark" version.

  15. That was my thoughts after watching the series. Pretty much would've been happy with just episode 1 & 6. It sucks that so much of it did feel like filler when they had so much to work with

  16. Exactly. It felt like it was written as bad fan fiction. This is Obi Wan and they picked a writer who admitted to not knowing Star Wars lmfao.

  17. Disney wants us drop our liking for legacy characters by trashing them , it's clear the budget was smaller than let's say Andor.

  18. It’s an okay TV show. I personally ask why the show needed to exist at all. Cool moments but in the overall Star Wars narrative it doesn’t make sense, and it almost felt like fanfiction. I liked seeing Ewan and Hayden return to their roles. I personally feel the character we need to be exploring in this era is Darth Vader. Kenobi shouldn’t be leaving Tatooine.

  19. Yeah I agree. The show wasn’t as bad as some people made it out to be but it was really just okay, especially in comparison to all the phenomenal shows that have come out this year. I love Star Wars but they’ve gotta step it up, the writing of Kenobi seems almost amateurish compared to a lot of good seasons of TV that have come out this year

  20. I liked the imagery with vaders helmet alluding to Ahsoka getting the other half off but luke being able to fully remove.

  21. This was my big issues with it. It was basically on rails because there were so many beats it HAD to hit to line up with film cannon. And then the one big thing they did change (meeting up with Leia as a kid) went over really poorly and seemed forced.

  22. I thought the acting was pretty bad from a lot of the main cast. McGregor was good, but the others, especially the inquisitors, felt like they’d never acted before.

  23. The grand inquisitor was my least favorite part. Terrible actor choice. That guy didn’t even watch rebels because he wanted a “fresh take” on an already established character.

  24. Not disagreeing just genuinely curious/interested, my mind may need a refresh. How did they rehash the Fallen Order plot? And I’m probably being super dumb but what do you mean by volume scenes?

  25. Nah some of that stuff was BAD. The snow speeder scene at the inquisitor base, when you think about it is almost same their quality as the Boba biker gang scene. Reva vs snowspeeder blasters is comically terrible

  26. All of its biggest moments are thinly veiled copies of other star wars media. Most of it coming from rebels and jedi fallen order.

  27. Exactly this. I didn't dislike it, but all it's best moments were copied from other stories. I'm still surprised at how much praise it gets for something so mediocre.

  28. Here’s a secret: like what you like and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. You don’t need others to like what you like for validation

  29. This scene is exactly why I didn't like it. Star Wars isn't this DBZ power level stuff. It's like when Starkiller was throwing around Star Destroyers

  30. Yeah same, obi wan was never this strong as a force user, he was always more of a lightsaber duelist and never showed this level of telekinetic ability. I'd expect this sort of thing from yoda or anakin

  31. In the original star wars, the force amounted to sensing others, slowly lifting tiny fighters, using force lighting or boomeranging a lightsaber a short distance. In the prequels and most of the clone wars, it's the same. I haven't seen rebels so I won't judge that.

  32. Cause starwars fanboys can't differentiate between criticism and hate and come here to get their opinions validated or talk about how underrated rogue one is

  33. There were some really dumb moments in that show, but there were also some great moments in that show. For me the great outweighs the dumb. I do understand people who don't like it, but I don't think it deserves to be outright hated.

  34. hate is a strong word, but i think it was kinda trashy overall, for the budget and the pool of artists available for such a project, it really felt amateur and low budget.

  35. Reva was written awfully, There's also some issues but overall I liked it especially the fighting scene in episode 6

  36. Her character had a lot of potential but her story arc went to quick. She should have stayed bad with more hints that she would flip. Aside from the first scene, there’s no allusion on her intentions

  37. I mean, I wouldn’t say over-hated because people are welcome to their opinions. But my husband and I - both from OT era- thought it was great. Only two nitpicks. One is so small: the dumb scene of Leia escaping adults in the woods. The other: it is a stretch that Vader let Obi-Wan go after pulling him into fire. But eh, most movies/shows would be done in 30 mins if the characters behaved logically.

  38. That 15 yard wide fire blocking literally an entire space-traveling army on a desert planet was rough. Like vader and co really all just said “oh darn this patch of fire is stopping me. No way I’m walking around it. Guess we’ll just give up”

  39. You weren't bothered by the freighter that vader pulled down and ripped open only to reveal a second freighter right behind it where there had literally been nothing a moment before (and completely contrary to all of the dialogue from the previous hour explaining how there was only one freighter), and then that second freighter - which also happened to be the only one any people were in - was able to take off without vader catching it and ripping it apart as he literally had just done?

  40. No, for a show that deals with such significant characters, "just good enough" was never a tier that would fly well with the fanbase. I think Disney have to be a lot more careful with legacy characters moving forwards, they made the same mistake with Boba Fett

  41. Boba fett was on another level bad tho. The power ranger biker crew. The scene where he comes out in his robe. Why? He was such a badass when he debuted again in Mando S2

  42. I think it's getting the right amount of hate. The show had one or two outstanding moments (Obi and Anakin/Vader scenes) but the rest was poorly written, poorly acted and pitifully produced garbage. The good IMO didn't outweigh the bad. This should have been such an easy home run but somehow Disney and company failed miserably. Here's the thing, people need to go after things like this and let Disney (or any other company for that matter) know we won't stand for such low quality nonsense, otherwise it's all we'll get in the future.

  43. Done really dirty by the lack of Prequel/callback music, and just how filler it was due to the script being a 2 hr film originally

  44. I loved the kenobi series start to finish! It was soo good at showing the battle damaged Obi-Wan go from ptsd Kenobi to Ben Kenobi. It was so good!

  45. I wish they had hints of qui-gon instead of him calling to him and then just popping up full form at the end

  46. I remain baffled by how poor the show's storytelling was. It felt like someone told a writing staff they had 36 hours to come up with the scripts for all six episodes.

  47. No, it had some good moments but anything with it's budget will. There was too much filler and even parts of the main story were incredibly dumb, like an 8 year old girl out running a group of grown adults

  48. It was pretty bad. Maybe not Boba Fett bad but it hurt more because I and many others were so damn hyped for more Obi-wan.

  49. Who cares what people on the internet think? Have you met other people? Do you really consider other random peoples opinions valid? If you’re reading this and you care what I think - STOP! Just enjoy the things you enjoy and the noise is simply that, noise.

  50. I don't think so. A Kenobi series was the easiest slam dunk in Star Wars so the show having a reaction of "That wasn't bad I guess" is kind of unacceptable.

  51. In terms of the racist hate, yeah fuck that, but the show was trash, felt like a student film that somehow got Ewan on board.

  52. Yes, it was trash. Typical Disney formula of injecting a few nostalgic moments to carry the show while introducing mediocre characters, plots, and acting.

  53. I don't, but only because I think the hate is mostly just a vocal minority. Its numbers on review sites are solid, it got good ratings, most people seem to have liked it.

  54. I would say "yes". I loved Kenobi, especially this final duel! This moment was so epic. But I do agree that they should've cut out the filler and made it into a 2+ hr movie.

  55. If only the rest of the series was as good. I’d say the show overall was a 6.5/10 and that last episode was a 9/10.

  56. It definitely had it's issues but overall it gave us one of the best moments in Star Wars and was just a fun watch for me personally

  57. No when you bring back two of the top 3 most loved characters in the saga and do this with it, you deserve every single negative comment possible it was a pathetic display of writing, directing, vision, choreography, canon knowledge, etc

  58. Honestly, I don't even think it was overhated. I think some specific people hated it very loudly, while most people enjoyed it.

  59. Yes. It's impossible to release ANYTHING SW related today without criticism. I truly believe that. Even the well loved stuff like Rogue One hit a few hurdles.

  60. It's absolutely possible. Just make it lore accurate and not sloppily written. It can be whatever the writers want if they actually made it fit the franchise but they don't.

  61. Anyone else feel like all of Disney’s StarWars in general is overhated? Maybe that they’re just a simple production company trying to give its fans viable content to consume?

  62. I actually would argue that it is underrated, so many people act like the show amazing, while in reality, it’s possibly worse than book of boba fett, and it is worse than the sequels.

  63. It’s absurd to me that many fans believe their level of devotion is determined by how much they dislike the fictional worlds they’re so invested in.

  64. I mean was it better then The Mandalorian or The Book of Boba Fett hell no! It wasn’t I mean I liked it but it wasn’t all that lol

  65. No. You are just yet again referring to visuals and effects. The story and writing are shit and non Canon.

  66. Out of six episodes I thought the last 20 minutes of the last episode was worth its salt because of how well they did the Vader/Obi Wan fight. Otherwise I thought the series as a whole was a failure.

  67. The writing was pretty terrible, the plot made no sense and some of the characters acted like idiots. And the show accomplishes nothing, they end up pretty much exactly where they started. BUT The show did have some amazing moments, obi-wan talking to vadakin for example. And Ewan mcgregor was there, so I did enjoy watching it.

  68. Nah, the quality of it was really bad for the standards that previous starwars projects has set. Obviously there were a lot of good aspects but overall it just felt made by amateurs, like a bad fanfilm…

  69. The show is just bad. The whole thing looks like a fan film with the shaky cam in every shot. The fights are very poorly choreographed and I can’t see them anyway cause it’s so dark. The way they use the lightsaber is like a bat. They don’t bounce of off people. Reva as a character is poorly written along with the Grand Inquisitor getting killed so Reva can have her screen time. Obi wan is an idiot along with Vader. Do I need to go on?

  70. Honestly I think it’s underhated tbh, like the return of Obi-Wan fucking Kenobi was essentially chasing a little girl that jeopardized Vader not knowing of his children, made the inquisitors look like idiots, turned Vader’s and Kenobi’s long awaited rematch into largely a joke (and then into another joke as there was another rematch), plus it retconned Qui-Gon’s return by throwing in a Liam Neeson cameo.

  71. I think it’s adequately rated. It felt really low budget to me considering the fact that Disney, one of the biggest companies in the world produced it. I’ve seen better real low budget stuff on YouTube with better writing and acting. Overall I felt it was really really bad

  72. I feel like for every good scene there were two terrible scenes. The bad scenes tended to stand out more. The good scenes/moments, for me, aren’t good enough to warrant a rewatch, whereas I routinely go back through both seasons of the Mandalorian.

  73. Save for their fight in the last episode, the show generally sucked. It was especially a kick in the nuts to those who had been fantasizing about the rematch between the titular character and his former student. What a wasted opportunity.

  74. Nah it was entirely mediocre. It only existed to justify a UFC style fight night between Obi-Wan and Vader. Which was admittedly pretty cool, but not worth trudging through 5 hours of badly written and directed content to get there.

  75. Kenobi should have been a slam dunk Oscar winner. It has decades of history behind it, the fan made trailer pumped it for years successfully and Ewan McGregor is a great actor. The comical failure has group think, management decision, producer meddling written all over it. This was an easy, easy win and instead a child bossed around one of the most powerful jedi in the galaxy and lightssbers just tickle people now.

  76. To me, all of Disney’s live action Star Wars shows and films feel like they were created by a team of people who have no passion or interest in the depth of the Star Wars universe. For example, every movie George would come up with new planets and systems for his characters adventures. Meanwhile Disney has based all three of their live action shows on tatooine. It’s the lack of imagination in a storyline that relies entirely on it. It just comes off as disrespectful to something I loved so much growing up.

  77. Nah I think it was total steaming garbage. Listen, it pains me to say it. I love Star Wars, always will. I love Jedi and lightsabers and the battle between good and evil. Disney is currently run by goofballs to put it nicely. It is a phase, Star Wars (less the Mando) is caught in its poop storm. It will pass. But yes, the Kenobi show is right there with the last Jedi. It’s better for the soul to accept. I still liked the desert wanderer style Obi and the idea of his adventures but this ain’t it

  78. No. The series shouldn’t have been made the way it was. It just created plot holes. Darth shouldn’t have been in the show at all

  79. Walt Disney have a few geeks who make sure the basics are covered, but they also have money hungry C-level people who add stupid story lines to the franchise.

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