Did anyone else not enjoy Obi-Wan?

  1. I liked the show but I agree with you that it weakens their confrontation on the death star. Like with the Boba Fett show the focus on only a few characters in a handful of settings also makes what should be a whole galaxy of stories and characters feel very small.

  2. As someone who loves the Clone Wars era, it was an unnecessary, unoriginal TV show. I also keep forgetting it even exists time to time

  3. Definitely Bob Fett. That sure as hell wasn’t Boba. Not sure why they did a show about Benjamin Kanoobi either. Maybe he knows Jake Skywalker- that dude Mark Hamill was talking about. All these new characters are confusing as hell

  4. Absolutely agree. I always understood Vader's caution on meeting Obi-Wan aboard the Death Star was a result of the last time they met Kenobi cut off his legs, his other arm, and left him to die. Obi-Wan, however, was old and very out of practice, playing for time by feeding Vader's doubts. I definitely think Kenobi took the drama out of that, but everyone seems to hate the lame lightsaber combat and wanted something more.

  5. It was frustrating to see that he had a another chance to double-tap Anakin after Mustafar and didn’t take it…Loved the Hayden/James Earl Jones glitchy scream though.

  6. The first time no one can blame him tbh if a dismembered guy in flames near a lava river sounds to you as "yeah Obi-wan must know he'll survive" then you are kinda hopeless.

  7. It was in the main great stuff. The only thing that the show fell down on was the Inquisitor scenes. The rest of it fits in well with continuity, and added to the legacy characters who were in it.

  8. It's Star Wars, so yes. A true fan loves the franchise, no matter how terrible some of the movies turn out to be.

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