Best male hair in Star Wars?

  1. It’s a remarkable hairstyle. I don’t know if it’s good, but it’s remarkable. I don’t think there has ever been another human in existence to rock the shaggy mullet that Hayden rocked in Episode 3. It’s like a thicker version of Michael Bay’s hair

  2. Literally the most cursed thing. i had to pause and take a moment to collect myself after i watched that. Although i was mildly impressed that they made a seperate obi model who looks like an animated ewan mcgregor lmfao

  3. You seem to have gone blind every time Luke is on the screen. Odd but okay. Luke’s hair is magnificent, especially in A New Hope. The character’s quality is up for debate but his hair not being on this list even is a travesty.

  4. In the prequel trilogy I would say my main man Qui Gon Jesus. But for the rest of the series I’d give that award to Chewbacca.

  5. Amen. Dude takes off his helmet in TFA and you’re expecting some sweaty helmet hair, but then it’s this glorious mane.

  6. No Kylo Ren representation in this pole? That first reveal of his face and hair was pretty epic! I call for a vote of no confidence in this poll!!!

  7. Ok im actually gonna give you an answer thats on your list OP. I say Qui-Gon Jin. I just like his long hair. It also reflects on the samurai-esque style Lucas was going for with the theme of Star Wars in general. To me, he looks the most like a space samurai.

  8. I personally always liked ANakin's hairdo from Revenge of the Sith, always thought it was cool and still do. Anakin is my number one favorite character too.

  9. My man cobb clearly. F everyone else my name really putting effort into his hair on tatooine of all places. No one has excuses now.

  10. Timothy Olyphant obviously. I don't think anything could make this man not handsome, and I'm a straight dude.

  11. 1.Obi wan 2.Cobb Vanth (I’m sorry he’s this high, but his hair and beard combo are on point as hell.) 3.Anakin 4.Solo 5.Qui Gon (It didn’t seem like he took wicked care of it during filming) 6.Spinny guy

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