Do you think Hondo, Asajj Ventress or Darth Maul with make an appearance in Obi-Wan Kenobi show?

  1. Maul is confirmed to not be in it, and Ventress is dead by the time this takes place. they could include her in a flashback but i doubt it. Hondo is possible.

  2. I could only see Ventress in the show if they just make the dark disciple book non canon. I honestly have no idea if they’ll ever decide to do that.

  3. Hondo will almost certainly make it into the Ahsoka show. It’s a sequel to rebels where he featured heavily. That’s likely the first time we’ll see him.

  4. Don't see what the point would be, especially since one is dead and one is established not to have encountered Obi Wan during the time the show is set.

  5. No to all three. I don't want Kenobi to cater to how many cameos can we squeeze into 6 episodes. If they make sense to the story, then sure, but if they are just here for fan service, then no. I might be in the minority, but I want Kenobi to focus on Obi-Wan's character and his state of mind given all that happened and Anakin/Vader as they are integral to his story as well. I don't need a ton of cameos to take away from the main focus which should be Obi-Wan and Vader.

  6. Agree wholeheartedly. I think the only existing characters not confirmed already that would make any sense are Yoda (because he's the only other living Jedi Obi Wan is aware of) Bail Organa/Leia (if Obi Wan is wanting to train Luke it makes sense he'd explore the option of training Leia which would require Bails permission) and Palpatine (at a push, because he's Vader's boss).

  7. They already have more than enough casting star power, there's no need for cameos. Just bringing Hayden and Ewan back for 6 episodes is already huge

  8. Cameos and nostalgia pandering were the worst parts of both mandalorian and boba fett. But then i guess the fact that disney focused a lot on that in the past makes it more likely for future series too.

  9. Hondo I don’t mind because his inclusion can serve the plot and not be complete fan-service (for example Obi-Wan calling upon “an old acquaintance” to smuggle him somewhere undetected, or extract him from a situation). Plus, more space Jack Sparrow lol. But yeah, I don’t want Kenobi to be filled with cameos either, and it’s kind of annoying when people on here want all these different characters to be in the show (I’ve seen people on this sub hope for Cal Kestis to show up, like really?). Ventress is dead, and even if she hadn’t been killed off, I wouldn’t want her in the show and take the focus off Obi-Wan, and Maul being included would IMO diminish his meeting with Obi-Wan in Rebels.

  10. Hondo 100% makes sense to the story and I absolutely want him helping Kenobi smuggle himself somewhere. He’s an outside element to both the Jedi and the Emperor and acts purely in self interest. He easily belongs in this story.

  11. My first thought to this post was, "what could instering these key jangles possibly add to obi wan's character development in a substantive and interesting way."

  12. I'd be happy if there is a literal Hondo cameo. Like, he just drops Obi-Wan off on a planet and just says something along the lines of we're even, or pleasure doing business.

  13. You’d think that before asking these types of questions people would do any semblance of research to check if it’s even possible. Hondo is the only one that works here lol

  14. Maul definitely not because of everything that goes on in Rebels. In Rebels he is mentally messed up trynna find kenobi and fulfil his obsession and go very great lengths to find him.

  15. I agree, though I could see them doing a post credits scene at the very end, similar to Solo. The one major piece of the franchise they have yet to tell is that period for Maul after TCW/Solo and before Rebels, so it would be awesome to get a bridge show of sorts for him.

  16. I would love it if they made that book Legends. She’s an amazing character and would add a lot to the Ahsoka show.

  17. Asajj is dead, Maul is confirmed to have never even been considered for the show and wouldn’t have fit the narrative anyway (he is still in charge of or about to lose Crimson Dawn at this point in time) and Hondo…. Would be possible and greatly appreciated, but unlikely. Then again, I never would have expected Krrsantan to show up in live action, so you never know…

  18. Would LOVE for Hondo to appear even as a background cameo. You just see him hawking some weird wares in the market, being questioned by stormtroopers, something like that. It’s never commented on and you also never see him again

  19. Maul likely won’t because it was already established in Rebels that he had no clue where Obi-wan was, or if he was even alive, before using those holocrons together with Ezra. Him showing up in this series would basically contradict that, especially since this takes place years before Rebels does.

  20. Why do people still feel like they need to see their favourite characters show up? This is a show about Kenobi so let’s keep it about Kenobi with a few other characters.

  21. I kind of think Quinlan would make sense from a narrative perspective. He’s a Jedi Master who survived Order 66, had personal experience with Obi-Wan, and himself fell to the dark side before coming back to the light. If anyone can help Obi-Wan in these difficult times, it’s him.

  22. I hope not. We’re starting to get to a point where it’s annoying seeing characters come back then it being special. Some of the scenes in Book of Boba felt like fanfiction because of it.

  23. Live action Hondo is overdue. I can see maybe not including him in the Kenobi series, because his appearance might not match the tone, but almost can certainly see it in the Ahsoka series or maybe even the next season of the Mandalorian.

  24. Hopefully not. Even though I enjoyed most of the appearances is Mando S2, I don’t like the idea of Star Wars being a cameo-fest.

  25. With these Sith inquisitors and Vader i the picture, and more baddies with lightsabers is just cramming too much into six episodes. Also, Ventriss is dead.

  26. I hope palpatine, im pretty sure it’s confirmed though. I want him in the show so we can hear the tragedy of Darth plagueis the wise.

  27. mauls been in enough, his story should be done. ventress is dead, i hope she stays dead, coming back has already been overused. hondo… i hope not lol he’s also been in enough stuff. luke and inquisitors is enough

  28. I haven't been super up on all the talk of the show but I would love to see Hondo. He had such a cool report with the Jedi, and I'd love to see him help Obi Wan while he's in hiding.

  29. No time, I don't think. I think they're going to try and make the new Inquisitor girl a main character and focus on her redemption or something. Maybe Obi-Wan finding his own redemption in saving her?

  30. I was just watching AotC and I could see a reunion with Dexter at the diner as Obi Wan is on the hunt for some type of clue.

  31. I hope not, I'm getting really tired of clone wars characters appearing everywhere as cheap fanservice.

  32. Wish Maul would, because I feel like the time between Solo and his death in Rebels would need to involve Obi Wan doing something to destroy Maul's whole operation, leaving him low, alone, and obsessed with revenge. Like we see him in Rebels.

  33. Ventress is dead. The only way we see her is via flashback, which I don’t think is likely unless Quinlan shows up. He is alive at this point though, and at least Dooku level strength-wise, and himself has experience with coming back from the dark side, so maybe he shows up and tries to convince or reassure Obi-Wan that there’s still hope for Anakin? Hell, maybe he saved Grogu lol.

  34. Don’t think it’s possible to see these characters in the Kenobi series because their stories were already covered in the animated series (TCW and Rebels primarily). If you haven’t watched those, I’d recommend watching them. Story wise, the interactions wouldn’t make sense unless they are flashbacks to the time of the Clone Wars, but the focus throughout the show should be on Kenobi and Vader.

  35. They already said Darth Maul wouldn't. Ventress is dead by this point, and I think if they do bring Hondo in the story, it would likely be more Mandalorian / Boba Fett than Kenobi.

  36. Ya, I don't think it would make sense to bring Hondo in to help out Kenobi. Hondo isn't someone that I would trust to keep a secret all too well.

  37. No. Would be too much. Maul would be adding another villain to the already existing Vader and Inquisitors. Asajj Ventress is dead. And Hondo is a meme.

  38. I could possibly see Hondo showing up, considering their relationship. It also wouldn’t be much of a stretch considering the situation Kenobi is in, on the run and all, and would actually make a lot of sense

  39. I hope not. But I hope Cad Bane is. Just for a min or two in a montage of Bounty Hunters searching for Obi Wan. I get this happrns way before Boba but felt weird to make him life action if that was the last we see of him. I think hed be the perfect cameo to connect this to the universe theyre building. Not to big to distract but big enough to excite everyone

  40. We could get a middle aged adult Boba. I don't know who would play him. He is canonically bounty hunting for Jabba around the time of the show.

  41. Ventress is dead so she can only appear in a flashback. No to Maul because of Rebels. Maybe Hondo but I doubt it.

  42. I think only Hondo is possible, but even then I think it is unlikely. Maul's story with Obi-Wan is over because of Rebels and Ventress is canonically dead at the time of the series

  43. I could actually see Hondo showing up, and it being super appropriate. Who better then to help navigate a seedy underworld and evade the law then a mother fucking pirate! And one of Kenobi’s “good” friends, too. I’d be hype for that, honestly. I wouldn’t want him to be a big part, though.

  44. Ventress is dead when this show takes place. Maul shows up in Rebels and at the beginning of his arc isn't even sure if Kenobi is alive. I don't think either one will be in the new show. Possible In a flashback but that's it.

  45. Either Hondo or Ventress would be fun and work well with the story given both their past relationships with Kenobi during CW era

  46. Well, Maul doesn’t know where Obi-Wan is, and Ventress is dead, so that rules both of them out. Meanwhile, Hondo… well, I don’t care if he doesn’t work with the story. If he ends up in it and still voiced by Jim Cummings, then it’ll be worth it. And honestly I could actually see him fitting into the story.

  47. The only one that could be, is Hondo, since Maul is until rebels, and Asajj is death, the problem with bringing Hondo would be the actor, since everyone wants Johnny Depp, but he said that he wouldn't work with Disney so idk

  48. I hope not. Can we please have stories that are in their own contained box? The massive Star Wars galaxy feels super small when everyone crosses into everyone’s story.

  49. I feel that what they did with Maul and Kenobi in Rebels was a great way to wrap things up for Maul so I’d prefer if he wasn’t in it. I love Ventress but think her inclusion wouldn’t fit.

  50. Asajj unfortunately died... In canon. Can't remember the book but she died in one with Quinlan Vos. Dark disciple? But she's gone.

  51. Maul definitely hadn't seen him between Clone Wars and Rebels, and Ventress is dead. Hondo might, but I don't see him fitting the tone the show is going for

  52. No Darth Maul. I believe Asajj is dead by this point from what I've read... I want to see Johnny Depp make his return as Hando so hopefully they wait for another live action show for when he's more available for the role.

  53. We might see Maul in Lando at the earliest. He was set to be one of the big bad guys in the Solo series of movies, but the other two got scrapped.

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