Alright, this got to be the most obscure, weird reddit post i’ve ever made. Around 3-4 years ago, a couple of friend and I were walking up the Weldon Spring rock pile while someone was filming a music video for their rap song. The only lyrics we can ever remember is “in the tesla”. Pls help.

  1. So if anyone knows of any small rappers that have filmed a music video in Weldon Spring, Mo. Let me know. Not expecting to actually find anything but ya never know, reddit works in mysterious ways sometimes.

  2. I dug around for a bit just for fun and found that there are hundreds of rap songs that use the word Tesla in them. I am going to assume this is a local group and they could be pretty unknown also.

  3. I don’t think that’s him, I forgot to add that i’m pretty sure the guy rapping was white as well.

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