Live WWE Survivor Series: War Games 2022 Discussion Thread!

  1. How is anyone meant to be invested in their matches when it’s a foregone conclusion that Reigns is going to come out on top, regardless of who he’s facing. Longest title run? Yeah, for sure, but also the most boring and overrated of all time

  2. Probably gave Theory a cut on the ad revenue, because the Beyblade logo is literally in the titantron haha

  3. My fantasy booking: the bloodline turn on Sami sometime before the Rumble, against all odds he wins the rumble and challenges Roman, Cody then wins elimination chamber and also challenges Roman therefore un-unifying the titles. Sami wins on night 1 and then Cody wins on night 2. Romans rule comes to an end and the baby faces prevail

  4. Let’s wait for Cody to come back before anointing Sami the one to dethrone Roman. Because Cody waging a one man war against the Bloodline to win something his father was never able to could make for a very compelling story in itself.

  5. I just don't think Sami would make a compelling enough champion for it to worth having him be the guy to take down Roman.

  6. I though Jey was taking Sami to Suplex City for a second there. Whew, thankful it ended in a man hug. My tender heart wouldn’t have been able to take it…

  7. Not a single thing that has happened tonight has even hinted at the possibility of Sami and KO teaming up against the USO’s. I don’t understand where most of y’all get these ideas

  8. They talked backstage one time before Clash at the Castle and fans ran while with expectations that were never promised.

  9. A lot of y’all are missing the point. Sami isn’t going to be the one that dethrones Roman. Just stop, y’all are setting yourself up for disappointment. KO and Sami will end up teaming up to be the ones to dethrone the Uso’s. That’s the right call; that’s where the story is focused. There is no other tag team that is worthy of it either. The Uso’s gotta lose to somebody y’all, there’s no way Roman loses while the Uso’s still hold the tag belts.

  10. The bloodline is hot rn if I’m going to mania with having this running at least to sunmerslam I’m thinking you out the US title on Sami and the IC title on solo and give ‘em the money shit like evolution had

  11. Sorry but not the IC title, mark my words they are slowly building GUNTHER to be the guy who breaks the Honky Tonk man’s record. The bloodline should have to go to war for that title if they have to put all the straps on this stable.

  12. Damn I’ve been convinced that the endgame is either Sami winning the titles off Roman, or Sami and KO winning the tag titles. But with the Bloodline winning despite the “friendly fire,” and with Jey finally embracing Sami, I’m not sure anymore how we get from Point A to Point B now

  13. There is no way this ends with Owens and Zayn, it has grown so far beyond that. Sami is main event material right now.

  14. If you don’t think Sami and KO being the ones to dethrone the Uso’s isn’t main event level, then you need to stop watching.

  15. This storyline reminds me so much of Undisputed Era. Not from a storyline parallels perspective but just the enjoyment I'm getting watching them.

  16. What a fuckin night! Both War Games matches delivered on completely different levels. The women’s War Games went balls to the walls from damn near start to finish and the men’s War Games was a masterpiece in storytelling. What a long strange trip we’re on ladies and gentlemen, let’s revel in it! I fucking love pro wrestling!

  17. If you’d have told me a year ago that I’d not only be actively looking forward to WWE storylines but actively enjoying them more than AEW I’d have called you insane.

  18. Chances of Sami being the one to dethrone Roman? I still think it could be Cody but if and when the bloodline turn on Sami he will be the most over baby face in wrestling

  19. Or do two matches like when Angle held the IC and European championship. Paint Roman as so cocky he challenges both against the wishes of Heyman.

  20. Hopefully Sami is the one to dethrone Roman. This has been a very long and good storyline so far and I can see Sami getting Daniel Bryan styles of support for a world title win. Cody isn't nearly as over right now and won't be once The Bloodline turns on Sami.

  21. I still think the way they're doing it they'll probably have KO and Sami dethrone the Usos. I think what you could do is potentially have Roman lose the belt at mania, and have the bloodline slowly fall apart without his leadership.

  22. I think Cody is the favourite, but I think the only reason why it won’t be Sami is because it would be difficult for WWE to have their top champion not wanting to do Saudi shows.

  23. Kevin deserved that anyway. The guy is a fucken horrible manipulative friend. The Bloodline have been better to Sami than KO ever was.

  24. Lol right. When I see those two together all I think about is when Sami won the NXT title and Owens came out celebrated with him then beat the shit out of him. I'm pretty sure their feud on the main roster started pretty similar too.

  25. You should try to come around and appreciate it because this era will truly go down as one of the best moments to be a wrestling fan in its history.

  26. Man, they showed two ways to book an effective War Games match in one card. We had both the car-crash match and the slow-burn. Bless Papa H.

  27. Oh yeah you're right. There was almost no cage/double ring booking in the men's match. Thats honestly pretty cool. The women had all the high-flying cool fun idea crazy shit going down.

  28. The moment Sami held the refs arm on the 3 count was awesome. I love that Roman is being shown as more fragile as time goes on, from Drew nearly beating him before intervention by Solo to Kevin having his number here to be stopped by Sami. Really helps the crowd believe that a lot of the top guys could beat Roman given the chance.

  29. The only logical end to this major storyline has to be Sami winning the world title(s) from Roman. Hopefully WWE don't fuck this up.

  30. WWE has been putting on an absolute master class of both emotional, as well as conflicted face/heel work, storytelling with the Bloodline.

  31. Because they might be coming in fresh, but their buddies have been outnumbered the whole time and have presumably been getting their asses kicked, which also means the other team is less beat up.

  32. Because most of the time the other team will have the extra man allowing them to dish out more damage. Also having one freshman isn't gonna have much effect because of how much of a cluster fuck these matches are imo.

  33. I think we can all agree the Wargames experiment didn’t fully work, but we definitely got some great moments of storytelling and some cool enough big spots. I love the trial and error, it’s very exciting.

  34. I wonder how they're going to eventually turn Sami and we get KO/Sami vs The Usos at Mania? I did not see this ending coming.

  35. Yeah I wasn't the biggest fan of Roman's reign for a good amount of it but right now it is pretty awesome with the Bloodline and especially Sammy.

  36. Man, this bloodline/Sami storyline that’s been going on for months is the greatest thing in a while. Every smackdown and PLE they deliver. It’s insane how Sami being involved with the bloodline was only supposed to last a couple of weeks.

  37. Isn't that what Vince wanted for years..? Mainstream recognition for storytelling... and now he's gone, the story has developed into this.

  38. The bloodline storyline may be the best since I was much younger. That kept me captivated the whole time. Been awhile since I felt that way. Really good.

  39. Probably the best end to a WWE match ever. When Sami was lifted up in his hug, I cheered like it was a Game 7 buzzer beater!

  40. IMO Wrestling is much better when it’s telling a story. Watching people fight is fun but it’s so much more engaging when there are stakes involved and you are invested in the characters.

  41. roman’s the face of the company but sami’s the main character. look at an entire war games build and match being built around his character arc!

  42. Solo didnt do it at the beginning either. Honestly it looks better this way after a match where sami’s loyalty was in question. Them doing it all before looked like the spires of a castle. Now, it looks like a wall, an impenetrable wall, the beginning of a fortress

  43. Theres no way Hunter pulls a Vince. this is the greatest thing this companys done in decades. it eclipses Jericho/KO. they have to see this through.

  44. Sami isn't beating Roman. It's probably going to be Sami and KO vs the Usos when the bloodline eventually turns on Sami

  45. Trash ass ending. Only good thing I got out of this is all of the acknowledgement he received from the bloodline. Sami Zayn WWE Champion 2023 🔥

  46. Literally dozens of comments talking about how good it was and then this one nerd calls it trash lol

  47. Excellent finishing sequence, rest of the brutes team was down for a hell of a long time at the end but end of the day Sami in the Bloodline is the most over act in the company so it made sense to have that be the focus. And it was of course executed perfectly as Sami and KO always do.

  48. I wish the women’s war games match was more fluid like the men’s. I didn’t totally hate it but it seemed inconsistent and choppy compared to this

  49. I don’t even watch WWE anymore, except the occasional PPV, but the storytelling in that match was fucking Shakespearean.

  50. Honestly wasn’t going to watch til right before the PPV started. So glad I did. Overall great PPV - but that main event is why I love wrasslin’. One of the best matches of this young decade.

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