Japanese fans' reaction to the CM Punk-Elite fiasco

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  2. Never heard about it either, and the only times I remember him calling out the Elite seemed to always be in character.

  3. He made some points about how they're Meltzer's pets and all that way back then. It was character work.

  4. Not for leaking stuff, and I think he never really shoot on them at all, but I never got the feeling he got along with them. It kind of explains why the whole Bullet Club civil war storyline was a mess with a very flat resolution.

  5. Yeah, they’ve watched the elite for years and don’t seem to think they’re as squeaky clean as this place. I think the blame lands somewhere in the middle but this place is really on the Elite’s side and these comments paint it as if NJPW fans are against them.

  6. I also just watched his promo and thought his face was abit more bloated than when he first came back. Not going to assume anything though, he’s been busy, might just be feeling totally wrecked from carrying AEW.

  7. Yeah, i noticed it too when he came out to confront MJF. He is not fat, just that his face was bloated, looking like it was before, before he went to rehab. Hope he is doing okay.

  8. It is true though, I was thinking the same thing a week or two ago. He's looking pre-rehab right now. I'm not saying it's because of alcohol, but he looked really great for a while

  9. Yeah this is a seriously biased sample. We'd expect a lot of 2ch puro guys to be more like this, whereas on Twitter they're way more positive about the Elite and AEW in general. You can tell this isn't representative because they call Kenny "Indie" when he was just absolutely a major star in NJPW.

  10. resident japanese here 🙋‍♂️ please be reminded that these are not representative of all our views on AEW and the whole situation. OP most likely got it from the chan sites where it's mostly negative, whether it's AEW or WWE, even local promotions gets trashed there.

  11. The Bucks will never admit that they weren't that over in Japan. It's something you could notice on the shows outside Korakuen Hall too.

  12. This is what im on about i said awhile ago bucks did same thing in njpw and look whats happend its coming out theres a reason njpw said no heavy weight divison and why the bucks weren't allowed to go up. These fans are showing y its not first time elite has done this

  13. I think more than the move to the heavyweight division, it was the fact that they weren't worth the big money they asked to renew the contract. New Japan was never going to do something of the scale of AEW so if your plan is to launch a ROH/Impact type of promotion in the US while still making most of your revenue in Japan, then you just can't offer the Bucks a million dollar deal. Especially when they're not really that popular in Japan, which is where they draw the big audiences.

  14. Wow, didn’t realize some Japanese fans aren’t as enamored with the Elite as their defensive American fans seem to be.

  15. "Aah yes, based on these few handpicked examples I've curated, you can see that all of Japan hates the Bucks."

  16. My guess is it's shorthand for "purojoshi" which itself means womens wrestling. So the sentence would be "they sound like women wrestlers".

  17. In other words Japanese fans know of the Elite douchery long before they brought it to AEW.

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