Brock Lesnar bumping Meats

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  2. I’m a butcher and I was very ready to be upset about Brock being the typical hack home butcher but he seemed super respectful of the art and for a guy walking into the back of a shop for the first time he smashed it. I just watched the whole video and those dudes were unreal, exactly what you want when you’re introducing someone to butchering. That tip about nipping off any edges on your loin chops or throwing in a bit of bone guard on to protect the bag from piercing when your vacuum sealing is a classic

  3. I was surprised at first just because we're not used to seeing him in that context. But he's a Minnesota dude that lived on farms his whole life, and loves to hunt. Makes sense he knows how to break down a huge animal.

  4. It would have been cool watching Brock cut those steaks without listening to this wiener try to sound tough over the top of it. I can hear that guy’s crustache.

  5. If they would have just played some 70s/80s-style porn music over it, I would’ve been content. Instead we got someone trying too hard.

  6. the knife is just performative for the camera, he actually caught and skinned this with his bare hands

  7. So the bearded butchers processing facility is located in Creston, OH, my hometown is only 10-15 minutes away, absolutely madness to think Brock Lesnar was just casually hacking away in my area in the middle of nowhere Ohio

  8. Yo I’m such a huge fan of this phase of Brock Lesnar. I barely even care that he wrestles. Though I’m sure his matches are still good

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