Post AEW Dynamite 2/9/22 Discussion

  1. One criticism I've had about AEW is that the product sometimes feels a bit too compartmentalized, where everyone's angles / segments seem to happen in their own vacuum. I think they've improved on that front tremendously. I loved how intertwined the storytelling was on this episode. It started with with the MJF / Punk stuff, which lead to Sting & Darby and that ties into Andrade and the AHFO, who were part of Keith Lee's debut (+ the Matt Hardy leaving angle). The opening segment led to Punk teaming with Mox, who is in a storyline with Danielson. MJF also mentioned wanting to be the next AEW champ. Adam Cole has made similar statements recently and confronted Hangman at the end of the episode. Cole is also part of the Elite who are embroiled in a feud with the Best Friends that has now prompted the appearance of Jay White, which will most likely tie into Omega's comeback down the line.

  2. Why did Page just blade in the middle of the ring? In his eyebrow too? That little ass cut was gushing! Crazy. Jake looked genuinely sad that he couldn’t hit that ddt.

  3. I’ve never been big on CM Punk but that match was the best I’ve ever seen of him and that Death Match was a hell of a ride too.

  4. Good number. On rewatch I still didn’t enjoy the first half up until Santana’s mic assault on Jericho. “this dude be bugging” cracked me up. The audio on the FITE feed is way better. Watching tbs live was muffled and muted. Sounded like the crowd was dead.!And Isiah deserves all the titles.

  5. Some people seem to be underwhelmed about Keith Lee but I’m happy to see him AEW. I was a bit concerned about how big he looked but this was his first match in a while & he has had serious health problems to deal with.

  6. I’m excited to watch the episode. I was there in person and it was my first big wrestling event in almost 20 years and a lot of the night was kind of shitty due to asshole marks yelling horrible shit at people. It was considerably bad broadly but absolutely heinous for the Jade match. I’ve been going to smaller indie shows and at least the people who aren’t into womens wrestling are quiet there otherwise they’ll probably get their asses kicked by friends of the talent.

  7. Massive shame as the Jade match was my favourite of the night. Hopefully you can enjoy it more when you watch it back on tv away from the arseholes.

  8. I had a similar experience. Group wouldn't put their sign down cause they wanted to be on TV so bad. They got into with the group behind me too so I had to listen to all of it. It didn't sour the whole experience, but I was still shitty. I go to live events to support, not prop myself up. Ain't no fun if we all ain't having fun!

  9. im so with ya, i had 2 drunk dudes behind me and to my left that just thought they were the funniest things in the world. Obviously jade is a work in progress but this guy was just so fucking annoying, ill never understand paying the money for a ticket just to hate your life the whole time. Fast forward a couple hours i saw one of those guys freaking out see’ing some of the wrestlers in the casino

  10. Man, what's on the go with Jake Hager. He literally stayed in the same spot and didn't say a word during the entire inner circle segment. Like he just seemed bored. Like why does he have beef with P&P?

  11. He doesn't. But he's homies with Chris first. You never been in a situation where you don't really have a problem with some guys, but your homie does, so you do too?

  12. That's what aew tries to do. Make it so don't have to see any particular wrestler show to show. Because you have a lot of favorites.

  13. It's weird, whenever it's hyped he has an announcement it usually means something is happening. Sometimes we get Schiavone making an actual announcement but sometimes it's like "Keith Lee is All Elite" is the announcement.

  14. For real, I haven't really felt his absence either and that's kinda crazy because he's my fav wrestler. This AEW roster is just insanely stacked, and so many compelling stories being told.

  15. It's astonishing that not having him on screen doesn't show in the product. Especially since he never missed a week of work until he left to rehab and get his injuries healed.

  16. I've been thinking a lot about this lately. The way AEW has built their roster, they literally have more talent than could possibly be featured on three hours of programming per week... and its AWESOME.

  17. It’s amazing how many people don’t get this. So quick to scream “buried” or “‘misused”. I prefer this to guys getting overexposed any day of the week.

  18. Exactly, it's always fresh and theres just endless matches I want to see. How many potential challengers does hangman have right now, it's crazy.

  19. Honestly this is one of my favorite parts of AEW. I don't need to see my favorites every show. I know they'll show up in due time.

  20. I've been thinking a lot about this lately. The way AEW has built their roster, they literally have more talent than could possibly be featured on three hours of programming per week... and its AWESOME.

  21. I've been thinking a lot about this lately. The way AEW has built their roster, they literally have more talent than could possibly be featured on three hours of programming per week... and its AWESOME.

  22. Maybe im out the loop, but what happened to the "Cole is stuck in the middle of the Bucks and ReDragon" story?

  23. Still thinking about how good those Punk/Mox vs FTR and Archer vs Hangman matches were. The more I think about it, the more I feel like this was easily a top 5 episode of Dynamite.

  24. I’m excited for Jay White but I don’t want to get my hopes up too high while not knowing what his level of involvement or how long it will be.

  25. Yeah. Kinda reminded me of like a scene in an anime when a super badass boss makes a brief cameo early on in the show but doesn't become a part of the story for a few arcs later.

  26. One thing no one mentions about Keith Lee is how damn UNIQUE he is. People say the AEW roster is bloated, but it doesn't have anyone who looks like, acts like or wrestles like Lee, and that's awesome.

  27. With all the "signings" and "forbidden door" stuff. I think it would help AEW if they added a youtube or podcast show that recaps/talks about wrestling in other companies. I've been a wrestling fan for 30ish years, but i don't go super deep into Japan, Mexico, Indies. So while I know ppl like Jay White and Danhausen, i barely know anything about them so the pop of them showing up is slightly lost on me. I think the same goes for other semi casual wrestling fans. If they had a show once a week where a Mark Henry and or Talent talk about whats happening in NJPW, or about wrestlers they like in WWE/NXT, etc. it would intro some of those ppl to the casual AEW fans and create more understanding of who the outside talent are. Making for bigger pops when they show up.

  28. Most of the shows over the last couple of months have been good, but this was ridiculous. Start to finish there was really no letup, amazing, 10/10.

  29. I can't lie, even though it's not a signing, I'm way more hype for Jay White than any other signing they could have had. Can't wait to see what he does on a fresh, big stage.

  30. That Dynamite was fantastic. But, I was disappointed that Tony didn't make any announcement as was advertised. I chalk it up to semantics I'm sure the "announcement" was the debuting of Keith and Jay (no idea who Jay White is, but everyone seems to love him here so exciting to see what's up).

  31. I feel you on that. The last two or three times that "Tony Khan has an announcement," he doesn't actually make the announcement. It's confusing most of the time. If the man "has an announcement" then get on screen and make a god damn announcement. Otherwise just phrase it differently, please.

  32. If you want a match to see what's up, check Okada vs White at Wrestle Kingdom 13 in 2019. His style is unlike anything you see today in AEW or even New Japan. Think of it as an evil and antisocial MJF for the character, and counter-based moves and offense for his wrestling style. He's 29 too, and he's so much better than he should be for his age

  33. SUPER pumped about Jay White showing up. For me that is the highlight of the show. So much story to run with there. I wonder if they are going to do Kenny vs Switchblade on a pay per view soon or something?

  34. I hope as the live crowds get more acclimated to Lee’s music that they chant Lee along with the music at the beginning. Because that will be so fucking cool. I’m ready to see Keith Lee be a damn star like he deserves

  35. Did anyone else hear someone calling the match during the last corner spot of Jade v AQA? I distinctly heard someone say "push her off, cross body catch"

  36. I feel like he saved that because after the SSP they got a bit lost it seemed. Jade training with Danielson is already evident though for sure.

  37. No disrespect to other AEW champs, but Hangman's 3 title defenses already better than all their defenses. Hangman can get as much rest as he wanted now until Revolution, which I am sure it will be another banger.

  38. Just a random thought but I STILL find it surreal CM Punk's back after not wrestling for an eternity. So cool. And all the while he's teamed up with Mox AND having a program with Danielson? What a time to be a wrestling fan.

  39. Honestly the entrances of Pinnacle tonight and MJFs over the top roll out, may have been the best job they've ever done getting him heat.

  40. I swear Archer does “big man beating the shit out of people” better than anyone else. The little touches he adds to the shit talk and mannerisms are really under appreciated I think.

  41. This was such a good episode. Keith Lee just chucking human beings around, another Hangman classic that outperformed expectations, Roppongi Vice reunion, Punk and Mox Connection, Page and Cole on the horizon, Jake "the Roberts" Snakeman with the short-arm lariat and DDT tease. Switchblade. Jeff Hardy teaser.

  42. AEW is pretty much telling everyone that if you liked Black and Gold and the energy it brought, watch us. Perfectly ok with that.

  43. I would say AEW took the best part of NXT which was amazing athletic wrestling with very little fuckery to the finishes, and excellent payoffs at the PPV, but they also took the one thing WWE on occasion does well, great promo segments, good comedy and larger than life characters.

  44. I don't get why people say this. NXT lost head to head against AEW because AEW already had its own energy. Just because former NXT talent that WWE and Vince were going to waste (Cole, Lee, Black, etc.) are now in AEW doesn't change the dynamic, unless people's default was once NXT and now they're fully onboard with AEW. But AEW has its own energy, always has, and it's all good.

  45. Which one was meant to be the "big surprise"? TK said that the forbidden door man and the big signing were the same person, which clearly wasn't true, and as someone who thinks Lee and White are both amazing it's hard to tell which one was meant to be the bigger surprise?

  46. Khan said on Twitter he didnt get White until Sunday when he realized he fucked up using forbidden door to refer to a free agent signing. Says he heard fan feedback about the use of the phrase being confusing and got White to try and ensure "no one would be disspointed"

  47. An episode of Dynamite that approached PPV quality. Big matches, big reveals, surprises and a lot of story hooks and development. The only downside was two women's squash matches, but with only limited TV time something had to give.

  48. I dunno man that's gatekeeping those that don't watch NJPW. I LOVE pro wrestling and don't know who Jay White is yet.

  49. The only downside of this Dynamite was Sammy and his cards. Really stopped any momentum dead for me at the time, it picked up again afterwards, but man that was such a slow, boring moment. Went on for far too long

  50. You only "watch that" properly if you're watching on Fite - on the normal broadcast that happens in a little window where the rest of the screen is showing ads

  51. Where are reDragon? Have I completely missed something here? I was enjoying the whole Adam Cole stuck in the middle of them and the Bucks but we haven't seen them in weeks now

  52. Guess I'm in the minority but I was hoping for Kross instead of Lee. AEW needs a killer heel (Black is a heel but not to the crowd). that can go on a tear.

  53. it honestly looks like Sammy is making the TNT belt look unimportant again after Cody built the prestige of it back up, it really blows how much i've hated sammy since he turned face

  54. What are you talking about the talent having booking powers? It’s been my understanding there is a booking team but they Tony makes all the final decisions and that everything is set for when the show starts?

  55. You can feel Omega's return brewing and it's going to be great. TK is really set up for a big moment.

  56. the apoplectic hate Excalibur, MJF and JR vocalized for MJF throughout his segment is my highlight of the show, and this was a fucking good show.

  57. A phenomenal episode. I love that Tony Khan realized he fucked up by describing Keith Lee as someone entering through the Forbidden Door, so organized Jay White as an additional surprise (so they had an actual Forbidden Door entry). The man did indeed learn his lesson after the Christian debacle of 2021. He's not perfect, but he's a great booker and, unlike that senile old man at the other company, genuinely wants to make the fans happy. What more could you ask for?

  58. Definitely need a cigarette after that one. My wife was slightly impressed when I said the greatest wrestler in the history of New Zealand was on the show.

  59. Before the show got underway the main thing I was interested in was what turned out to be Keith Lee’s debut, and therefor I probably didn’t pay enough attention to a lot of the other stuff, but that was a lot of fun

  60. He never does with any announcement. He’s not a TV character. So his announcements are normally in-show reveals or spoken through Tony S.

  61. I’m thinking Mox helping punk plants the seed in Mox’s head that he might be willing to help the younger guys as BD described. Or all 3 of them come together??

  62. Tony Khan Announcement was the main pull of this show. The hype was underwhelming and worked against the appearance of Keith Lee. If Keith Lee just turned up it would of been a nice surprise without prior speculation. In saying that, I'm happy for Keith Lee. He looked great out there and I quite enjoyed the match.

  63. Anyone else slightly underwhelmed with Jay White being the one who was promised to “blow the forbidden door open”? We’ve already seen him recently in Impact. Suzuki seemed like a much bigger surprise.

  64. The promotion is called 'All Elite', and the foundation of it is The Elite, an offshoot faction of The Bullet Club. I'm stating the obvious of course, but by that description, how can it be underwhelming that the leader of The Bullet Club just showed up? Huge potential storyline implications

  65. I mean the leader of the Bullet Club is a pretty big deal. Though I will agree him appearing on Impact before AEW is pretty strange.

  66. Just pretty bummed to see the Inner Circle break up. They could go 10 years loosely affiliated and be something fresh. The heat is weak so I hope they squash it and stay together

  67. They ran their course a while ago for most people I think. I was cool with them just kinda fading away and not making a big deal of it personally. Maybe they randomly come together every now and then for a multi-man match or if Sammy needs help in a feud he finds one of them, but this whole "Jericho is holding us back so now we're gonna fight about it" thing isn't interesting to me at all.

  68. Pros: Insane in ring action. We got CM Punk's most physical match, in a tag team with Mox no less. We got a number of debuts. We had the most crazy bloody men's match in 3 years. We got a lot of beef and hoss action, including the debut of Keith Lee yeeting Kassidy up to the heavens. AND we got the return of Lucha Underground's Penta DARK

  69. They dropped the ball with the Kieth Lee graphics... woulda been a lot cooler if it didn't straight away limitless, and the music just played WHO AM I? I... AM... KEITH... LEE!!!

  70. You can tell Punk really likes FTR. Both the times he has faced them, he was the one to take the Big Rig and both times he doesn't kick out of the finisher and his tag team partner has to come and make the save.

  71. lol i hadn't thought about it until Tony called it erratic behavior 😂 then it clicked in my mind

  72. That "coming soon" AEW game will probably be insane, and is definitely gonna have one absolutely amazing roster!

  73. I am still new to being AEW regular and maybe I was way too overhyped for this show but it was just really good episode but nothing special. I enjoyed last weeks episode way more. I understand that I am in minority but I dont need to see blood almost every week. It feels redudant instead of special at this point. I am also over this whole MJF/Wardlow storyline. Wardlow is acting like this for 2 years maybe and that is not a long term storyline that is just bad storyline. Granted I was not regular watcher so maybe I missed something.

  74. Yeah this definitely showed more of Jade’s weaknesses than the last few weeks have, but I was still a big fan of seeing her pulling out some new moves and styles. Even on her weaker weeks, she’s still actively growing

  75. Wardlow was against The Blade. I liked that they didn’t just squash The Blade though and put Wardlow in a more competitive match

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