What was the first wrestling PPV you went to? Mine was Survivor Series 2016.

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  2. KOTR 2000 in Boston. Shane choke slam off the top rope through the table. Kurt won the tournament over Rikishi. I had 300 section seats. We turned around a corner into a camera and a WWE guy with a mic handing us second row by the entrance seats. I lost my mind. Kane’s pyro felt like it was going to set me on fire. Trish looked like an alien in person. Never seen someone that attractive in person before. Test looked like an alien. I never seen someone that attractive in person before.

  3. Had that show on VHS as a kid and watched it all the time. You were so lucky to watch the Gerald Brisco vs Pat Patterson evening gown match that was won by Crash Holly.

  4. Money in the bank 2015 in Columbus. Was super bummed Sheamus won it that year. Did have Cena vs Owens and Rollins vs Ambrose in a ladder match for the wwe title tho.

  5. WWE Fatal 4 Way 2010. As a child I actually quite enjoyed it. Have since been to WM twice (29, 35). Looking forward to hitting up an AEW PPV eventually.

  6. Royal Rumble 2012 in St. Louis. Got minor food poisoning right as the gates opened and had to run a mile down the street to find a public bathroom I could use. But when I finally did get in the show was incredible. Literally saw everyone on my bucket list including DB and Punk who were/are my personal GOATs. I was too young and didn't know enough about the business to fully appreciate what I got to see though. Looking back, Bryan's triple threat cage match was a thing of beauty

  7. Takeover Portland, a few rows back behind the announcers. The Keith Lee Dijak match was great, really close to the action.

  8. In Your House 2 (Main event was Diesel vs Sid in a Lumberjack match for the title) was my first live wrestling of any sort.

  9. November to Remember 98. My buddy Ed takes credit for the “you fuck sheep” chant aimed at Amish Roadkill. That’s my stamp on the wrestling world. I knew a guy who helped start a “you fuck sheep” chant.

  10. TNA Lockdown 2010, which featured Team Flair vs. Team Hogan and an impromptu (and I think the only match) match between the Outsiders and the Dudleys.

  11. WCW Mayhem in 1999. Words can't describe how terrible this show was. Only 2 matches went longer than 10 minutes. There were 2 intergender matches, and I remember so many of the matches ended up backstage that even a Bret Hart/Chris Benoit World title match couldn't save it.

  12. Takeover WarGames 3 and Survivor Series 2019…awesome couple of nights of huge matches and thinking that NXT was a legit 3rd brand and was gonna get the support from the hire ups after their showing both night…boy was I wrong…

  13. Stomping grounds 2019, Kofi vs ziggler I think in a steel cage, Rollins and Becky vs Corbin and lacey Evans. If I recall this was the ppv where lacey had Seth's name on her shorts and the camera entered her butthole.

  14. First and only PPV for me was Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando, FL. WWE has a new PPV coming to my area in January but I'm really not feeling WWE anymore. If I score free tickets off the radio, I'll go but I dont feel like paying extra to be disappointed in person.

  15. Summerslam 92. The pop when Bulldog pinned Bret was incredible. I've been to better shows since, but I don't think I've topped that moment yet.

  16. A random indy show in Australia at a outside flea market in the burning heat with about 20 people at ringside sitting on the grass.

  17. If NXT counts, War Games 2018 at Staples Center. Very last minute decision and sat in the 3rd row. Tough viewing with the two rings, but still worth.

  18. Never been to a big company PPV but my first wrestling show was Smash Wrestling in London ON in 2016. Main event was real life bastard Joey Ryan vs. kayfabe bastard Johnny Gargano.

  19. Backlash 01, got to see Jerry Lynn debut and win the Cruiserweight belt on Heat, saw Raven and Rhyno put on a banger hardcore match, Shane jump from tall shit onto the Big Show, Regal and Jericho in a Marquis of Queensbury match, and Angle vs Benoit in a submission match

  20. Survivor Series 1993. Shawn Michaels filling in for Jerry Lawler and three knights vs Hart family. All Americans with Undertaker filling in for Tatanka and Hawaiian Crush on the Foreign Fanatics. Bushwhackers and Men on a Mission as 4 Doinks. All closed out with Lugar and Santa and snow in the Boston Garden.

  21. Capital Carnage in whatever year that was. Vince McMahon made a joke about George Michael so I guess it was shortly after his toilet arrest.

  22. If WWE Roadblock doesn't count, then it was Takeover Toronto. If that doesn't count, then it was Survivor Series 2016 as well. Still have my limited edition chair from it.

  23. WWE Great American Bash, Buffalo NY, 2005. Eddie vs Rey was amazing and they had been feuding over a “dark family secret”… Eddie revealed that he was in fact Dominicks father. This feud would go on to a ladder match to retrieve custody papers, the whole thing was gold. I got to see Taker, Benoit and Batista too during his big run at the time. It wasn’t the best PPV, but I am grateful to have seen that Rey vs Eddie match and to see Taker in action

  24. WCW nitro July 6th 1998. Goldberg wins the championship from Hogan. I'll never forget that show

  25. King of the Ring 2001 in East Rutherford NJ. My seats were close to Shane being suplexed by Angle through the glass.

  26. WWE Night of Champions 2013. I'm a huge Orton guy, he lost to Bryan - despite it being overruled the next night due to a fast count, I believe. Being in a sea of fans doing the yes chant as I'm sitting there all crossed armed and pissed was funny lol

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