I put the Nickelodeon GUTS theme over the new #WWENXT preview. Fits purdy good. #SmackDown

  1. In a somewhat related thought - GUTS host Mike O’Malley is the show runner for the TV show Heels. Therefore, Nickelodeon GUTS helped bring CM Punk back to professional wrestling.

  2. I was once a stand in for Kevin Chapman on an episode of Survivor’s Remorse. He played the head of security for the Boston Celtics. His two security guys were played by Mike O’Malley’s uncles, so I hung around with them until the early hours of the morning in a sheet metal manufacturing plant and briefly spoke with Mike himself. He even led an Irish drinking song when we wrapped for the night. He’s more intense than I expected, but still a pretty cool guy.

  3. AgroCrag would rule as a match stipulation honestly. Tiger Mask W had something slightly similar to it, rising ring matches.

  4. I want someone to mix the old In Living Color intro where they're all splashing paint at the camera.

  5. Fun fact: Mo is a prolific voice actress! She’s currently the voice of “The Exo Stranger” in Bungie’s Destiny 2!

  6. I'm salty because the new Wale song they used for it is actually a good song and can work as a hype song but it just has absolutely no synergy with this graphic

  7. My issue is that it looks like a logo for Nickelodeon or some other children thing. It's a barf of rainbow colors.

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