Give this man an NWA world title run already, what’s it hurting? (Besides Aldis)

  1. That’s a great idea. Then Dusty, Dustin and Cody could all have held it at one point. Dustin has more NWA legacy attached to his name than Nick Aldis so it fits the motif of the company.

  2. Then imagine the eventual Cody Vs Dustin rematch this time for the NWA title. Although I can understand if they don’t want to repeat the match after how perfect the last one was.

  3. Lol, Aldis would not be hurt by a few months without the gold. Cody's run with it was the best thing to happen to him

  4. I'd be so happy if he held a major title... even for a night. Everyone knows how underrated he is, he can still go, he's always had a great promo. He's made chicken salad out of chicken shit his whole career.

  5. It always bothers me that nobody every talks about Dustin when they talk about the beginning of the Attitude Era. Dude was the canary in the coal mine with that stuff and was pushing the envelope with Goldust YEARS before the Attitude Era started. Like Goldust wasn’t just a pioneer of the AE dude was THE pioneer

  6. I was always a Goldust mark. Loved his segments & his matches. He's doing great with his new vet role. Hopefully he wins another belt.

  7. Dustin putting over Aldis or the next champion is actually a really good idea. Just not making Dustin the champ as part of it👌

  8. I was thinking the same thing. I was a fan of him, but this was super arrogant to say, “without a doubt”. Lol

  9. Not really when he’s basically backed it up for more than 20 years at this point he could say anything about his craft and you can’t really disagree with it

  10. I wouldn't hate it but at the same time I wouldn't really be into it either, as at this point it would feel more like a token run considering his age and that he'd be the last Rhodes to have won it.

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