“The Genesis of McGuillicutty”, a classic NXT moment that helped pave the way for the future

  1. Like the promo was bad but his gear was even worse. Lime green and baby blue?! I can’t take a guy serious with weird color combos like that are talking about “from this day forward at this precise moment of the day where the days of the genesis of mcguillcutty has arrived today”

  2. I'm not sure what's better, the absurd repetitive wording or the increasingly lacking delivery as it goes on. Both are legendary, regardless.

  3. The extra bass he puts in his voice to say one of the dopiest lines of all time "The GENESIS ..... of MCGUILLICUTTY" always puts me on the fucking floor.

  4. I think you mean from this moment is the start of the moment from this moment on is the genesis of a new era of NXT.

  5. It's the repetition in the wording and the way his voice gradually deepens, then deepens a lot at "of Mcguillicutty".

  6. It really hard to fathom how badly WWE fucked this guy up. He was a quality in ring performer with a strong family name and what appeared to be a genuine passion for the business. Yeah he was a C- promo but he would have gotten there with time. But ultimately, he was completely fucked the minute they gave him the name Michael McGillicutty. It didn't matter how many times they reminded people that he was actually Mr. Perfect's son. Nobody cared.

  7. There’s next to nothing interesting about this guy. His best work was as a comedy parody act, which has an obvious and limited ceiling.

  8. It didn't help bringing him back as a "Paul Heyman Guy" either. When everyone was so hot for the next big thing, and you trounce out Michael McGuillicutty with a new name. I remember that reveal and how absolutely let down everyone was lol

  9. What’s he up to now? Is he retired basically? Would be kinda hilarious if they got him to be an on screen manager for the new version

  10. Maybe, if we go back to pre-indy NXT, we can go back a bit further and bring back the Melt-Man of FCW, Buck Dixon.

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