When do you think is the time for Big E to cash in?

  1. If you do Roman/Rock without the title then the champion is a afterthought. Roman beat Rock then drop the title and you have a new mega star (I vote Montez Ford or Adam cole if he stays)

  2. Hm I never thought about that. I just always assumed the title would be involved. Could always be a possibility. I still think I would rather see Roman Vs Rock with the title on the line.

  3. Doesn't need the title to draw fans, but it does need the title for the storyline. Roman's whole "Head of the Table" thing revolves around being Universal Champion.

  4. Summerslam. He should cash in Goldberg. He reunites with the New Day and we get big meaty men slapping meat. We all win.

  5. I see it Summerslam as well, but after Lashley beats Goldberg. Let's say he survives a spear or two and is a little beaten up yet triumphant. Cue "Awwwwww Las Vegas!"

  6. I never liked baby faces winning the MITB, cause they usually always try to cash it in on a fair ppv match. That being said, both champs are heels at the moment, and I don’t think Roman should lose at all in 2021, so best case, I see big e showing up on raw and challenging Bobby Lashley to avenge his boys

  7. I agree. If he’s going to cash in on Roman it shouldn’t be until after Wrestlemania, and then I have no idea what you do with Big E in that timeframe. Probably best for him to move over to Raw.

  8. I hope he cashes in on Lashley/Goldberg instead of Reigns, he’s on Smackdown for pretty much no reason at this point and Raw needs top faces

  9. Completely agree. Lashley needs to beat Goldberg. If Big E is going to cash in on Lashley/ WWE Champion, then you don’t have the same problems you have with Roman and it can wait a little bit.

  10. If it was me, survivor series. Both champions will be destroying each other with one barley winning.

  11. I really hope we don’t get more champion vs champion crap at this years survivor series. It’s so old already. If they are going to do that I wish they’d make a separate ppv like when they did Bragging Rights.

  12. Really want to see this version of Reigns and Lashley clash though with Heyman and MVP on promos. If only Lashley had a stable…

  13. Big e cashes in after RomanCena and wins. Maybe he beats Seth in a feud, then loses the title to Balor and then balor loses to Roman to start Roman vs rock.

  14. After he gets let go from WWE. Vince fires him. He cashes in one week later at Roman's house with referee Aubrey Edward's officiating

  15. It's honestly weird, Big E has been stalking/trolling Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns for awhile now, and thanks to Talking Smack the seeds for an eventual Roman Reigns vs. Big E match have been planted for quite sometime now. During one Talking Smack, Paul Heyman told Big E that he should strive for a WrestleMania 38 match against Roman Reigns, because Roman Reigns is (arguably) the top champion in the entire industry. Big E replied to that by saying something along the lines of "I’ll see and your boy in the main event of WrestleMania 2022, if he still has got the title. If he still has it, I’ll be there.” The way it's looking, I could definitely see Big E doing what Daniel Bryan said he would in 2012 when he won Money in the Bank and do a honorable cash in at WrestleMania. Big E vs. Roman Reigns is a match that could easily main event a WrestleMania in my opinion, aslong as Big E is built up a bit more (which is possible considering the fact that WWE built up Drew McIntyre as a credible Royal Rumble winner and challenger to Brock fucking Lesnar in the span of like 2 months).

  16. After the Lashley/Goldberg match. Raw's main event is in dire need of new faces. A 2-3 month Lashley/Big E feud as WWE heads into the fall months could actually be an interesting program. There's a story to be told with Big E and Lashley, given how Lashley destroyed New Day. They need to take advantage of it

  17. Hope I'm wrong, but I don't see it happening. I see E losing the case to Corbin or something. Even if he cashes in I get this sinking feeling that they'll squash him. Like maybe Roman beats Cena and then Finn tries to jump him, only to fail, only for Big to cash in and get clobbered.

  18. My theory ever since MITB is that he's cashing in on Lashley or Goldberg at SummerSlam, but we'll see. They're making a cash-in on Roman feel too obvious at this point, and haven't really said a word about him cashing in on Lashley, which makes me think that's exactly what he's going to do so we don't see it coming.

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