Vince wants big guys again and how Bryan Danielson called him out on it a decade ago!

  1. That clip always cracks me up because Punk and Regal nod their heads so vehemently when Bryan says he's better than the Miz. Punk even uses his hands to show how big the gap is.

  2. Reminds me of the promo Vince did opposite Balor where he "politely" repeated "Ya know... there's a lotta beef in this ring" as a way to dissuade Finn from participating.

  3. Remember Punk in the background of that one Triple H promo where he just had this look like “god this is fucking terrible lmao”.

  4. Never forget that Bryan went 0-10 in this season of NXT. He was the only contestant that didn't win a match.

  5. Watching it and him for the first time, you’d think the whole show would be built around him and his story of redemption to getting on the main roster. But boy was i wrong

  6. I don't know how much of the promos were scripted and how much was legit showing off what they can do, but if they made him recommend that he himself get eliminated for not being good enough, then that's a whole 'nother level of fucked up in this context.

  7. Bryan can lose every match he wrestles, and then get a title match and still make everyone believe he deserves it and will win.

  8. The lead up to his match with Lawler was painful and the fact they got 15 minutes at Wrestlemania is the cherry on top of that

  9. My thing that made me fucking hate heel Cole was when Punk brought his personal ring announcer and it was the Fink and Fink was full of emotion and Cole was just shitting on Fink.

  10. He made swathes of WWE virtually unwatchable for a time. It wouldn't have been nearly as bad if he wasn't on commentary whilst playing that role, but it just infected stuff his character wasn't even involved with.

  11. Cole's anti-Bryan shtick was so awful and unproductive. It didn't make him a good heel, it made him the lazy shithead in high school who does the wanking motion whenever anyone tried hard at something.

  12. One of the things I’ve realised most from AEW is it’s fine to have a heel on commentary but having a heel commentator doesn’t really add anything on a match to match basis. Fans are smart enough to know someone is cheating without a “bad guy” saying it was fine and not to worry about it.

  13. Probably, and honestly, the one thing that kept me off wwe around that time. It was such a ear sore to listen to, and not like 'argh, that heel is so good at being an asshole', more, 'this guy is ruining my ability to watch the show'. Its like trying to watch a movie and the person (nxt) next to you won't shut up. I genuinely don't know what they were going for with this Cole angle to pay off, besides the very real possible hazing of indie guys.

  14. Michael Cole is one of the main reasons I cannot watch WWE. I'm sure he's a nice guy who's just trying to do his job, but his style of commentary where he refuses to call moves and just forces out written talking points and promotional ads is irritating to the extreme.

  15. I see clips from time to time and nothing makes me happier knowing i wasnt watching wrestling during the heel Cole commentary era. I dont think i could have lasted very long hearing that week in and week out.

  16. I hate him more than I can really put into words. I understand he was just doing what he was told and trying to do it the best he could… well, missions accomplished, he became un-fucking-bearable and now just his voice annoys me

  17. I truly believe that nobody in wrestling history has a greater negative to the quality of wrestling than Michael Cole

  18. I remember him honestly detracting pretty hard from this form of NXT. Not that there wasn't a bunch of other stuff also detracting from this form of NXT, but still.

  19. Cole as a heel was unbearable. There’s a difference between acting like a douche for the sake of being a heel and actively shitting on the show and dragging it down.

  20. I loved this Bryan promo, still do and it's made all the better by Regal and Punk's reactions, especially Punk visually showing just how much Bryan is better than Miz.

  21. Having Cole just be the mouthpiece for Vince so blatantly was horrendous. Just a bitter, self absorbed old prick taking shots at better people where they can’t retort and he didn’t even have the balls to sit at the desk and do it himself.

  22. Hearing Cole chirp in the background through the clip reminded me how much I disliked that period of commentary. Having heel commentators and play by play guys is just detracting from the joy of the product.

  23. Heel colour guys done well are fantastic, namely Jesse Ventura and Bobby Heenan. Even AE King had high points and while not outright heel LU Vampiro had good points. The main guy being heel and it being done badly just sucks though.

  24. You can have heel commentators they just have to remember the point is to get the stuff in the ring over.

  25. In an alternate universe, we had Todd Pettengill as lead announcer the past 15 years and everyone is a lot happier.

  26. The only good heel commentator was JBL because of how frequently he would insinuate that he'd rather be watching 90s AJPW. That spoke to my soul. Carmella and Brie Bella would be wrestling and he'd be talking about how Carmella having 2 legs reminded him of Stan Hansen vs. Kawada in Sumo Hall

  27. Michael Cole commenting "Why is this gue even here", "Says who?" when Bryan said he was the best at the job, hearing that in retrospective

  28. It's always funny watching the Cole HATES Bryan character from that era and juxtaposing it with TAP OUT BATISTA TAP OUT BATISTA THE MIRACLE KID THE MIRACLE KID

  29. This was great. But god I hated Michael Cole in this era. He was everything about the WWE that was wrong.

  30. Im always amazed at promos like these or CM Punk's pipebomb. They expose real problems within the company, they are allowed to air and WWE does nothing to fix those issues.

  31. IIRC they're been reports that Punk's pipebomb was actually a heel promo in WWE management's minds which would make so much sense if true.

  32. They don't seem to mind since it brings in headlines and they clearly don't fear any consequences if they just continue to do the same shit they've always done.

  33. Wwe is weirdly masochistic in that way, we've had talent and management at various times tell us things are going wrong and carrying on as is.

  34. What's hilarious is that if they actually prevented stuff like that from happening, AEW might not even exist right now. The Pipebomb & cabana podcast did a ton to advertise non-WWE mindset that led down the road we are on today.

  35. Jericho's debut promo says basically the same stuff, Shawn was doing shitty shoot promos throughout 1996, and I recall Arn Anderson doing a good one in the mid-80s. It's nothing really new, but it's a shame this freedom of expression has been dying out the past few years with fully scripted promos of SD and Raw. Probably won't get many of these again.

  36. What a promo. That first season of NXT had some hidden gems. The problems to me started to come in when they continued the same format of the show after the Nexus angle.

  37. This is a great one I never saw. And its funny, if you assume Punk has signed for AEW, 4 of the 6 six WWE judges now work for AEW. (Y2J, Matt Hardy, Christian, & Punk) and they are judging someone we all know is great and will go on to have one of the best WM victories of all time, who is also now AEW bound...

  38. Oh hey look a great reason to post this Daniel Bryan promo where Vince tried to bury him (again) and Bryan flipped the script putting Vince into a fit of rage on headset:

  39. this is also funny because bray poked of the big beefy men in the firefly funhouse match in the aturday night main event segment

  40. I always laughed at Matt Striker's expression when Bryan says he's heard about the politics - his eyes get really wide right before the camera changes views. Striker also smirks when Bryan says that he of all people should know 'Blessed are the meek,' since Striker is a born again Christian.

  41. Bryan Danielson was the only indie guy I was actually in awe of when I saw him. I went from ROH show to ROH show when he appeared within driving distance to see the guy, he had it all. I think in the end, even with all the big man talk coming back, if another smaller guy can captivate an audience like Bryan Danielson, he won't be ignored because of his size.

  42. It’s going to get worse , eventually HHH will have to convince stack holders to drop Vince in order to save WWE. With the success of AEW that will probably happen sooner than later

  43. Putting The Miz as Daniel Bryan's pro is one of the smartest moves. Created a great long-term feud and also is just a hilarious pairing for those in the know.

  44. Heel Cole was so successful at working me over I still loathe the sound of him and it's been over a decade

  45. Wow I totally forgot about this promo. Bryan hit the nail on the head! Then a few years later Bryan made himself into one of the greatest in a long time, without the wwe machine behind him until they had to be.

  46. Bryan is a good example to those being released. When he was interviewed about being fired, he was like 'Cool, I'll be successful on the indies, I don't need WWE' and Vince was all like 'No, wait.'

  47. Wow! I never saw this…. Man, what testicular fortitude to state what he did. He did it with such conviction; I am so impressed with Bryan Danielson all over again!

  48. hopefully, thats the only way they go to the right track, at the end of the day we all want to see good wrestling

  49. I swear the size thing wouldn't be an issue if a proper light heavyweight/cruiserweight division was set up and treated as equal to the heavyweights.

  50. You've got to wonder if a mind like Vince McMahon's, in the face of even perceived failure, will instinctively revert to what he himself most wanted all along. If he'll tell himself he never should have tried to placate anyone, and that he should have stuck with what he knows best, and what HE most wants to see. If so, a pre-Black Saturday WWF sort of presentation could soon be much more in play.

  51. Is D Brys WWE story on it the best triumphs? A man the machine never wanted but the fly hat the fans did and he made it

  52. I loved how Regal and Punk were enthusiastically nodding in agreement with Bryan when Miz asked "You think you're better than me?"

  53. Lmao Punk and Regal nodding like “yes this is the best American wrestler on the planet of course he’s better than you Miz”

  54. This clip just reminds me how absolutely idiotic it is that WWE decided to brand its audience the "WWE Universe". No one can make that sound genuine or smooth. Almost everyone runs over it and we get "Doubledouble-ee-yoo-ni-ver"

  55. It was WWE Fan Nation but they didn't like the word "fan" so they switched it to "WWE Universe".

  56. Honestly I don't mind. I like diversity in wrestling. If WWE again becomes the land of the physical spectacles/characters and AEW is the workers fed, that's more variety.

  57. By using a system of assessment that isn't limited to absolutes but rather a long scale analysis that factors in everything and doesn't reductively conclude that the existence of any exceptions to the rule disproves the "rumor"?

  58. Ah yes so DB "calls out" WWE in a scripted promo and that means he's shooting on big guys. The dude is doing the usual "I'm a great wrestler, better than the Miz and all you veterans know it" promo. Not some revolutionary shoot promo on big guys.

  59. According to people who worked in creative around the time, Bryan was originally envisioned as a midcarder for life. Meanwhile, Skip Sheffield was envisioned as the number two babyface of the company

  60. I would prefer a cartoonish big guy second golden era than how the show is now. AEW, Impact, NJPW, and NWA could be the refined promotions with the best range of talent and complex storylines instead.

  61. Look at those wrestlers, can't belive WWE pissed away those talents for so many nonsensical and meandering storylines. A red hot CM punk, yes movement Daniel Bryan, genius of broken Matt Hardy and all that we got Kevin Nash, bootista and woken Stuff

  62. What is Striker doing with his hand at the beginning? Is he trying to comfort Bryan? Is he trying to get him to stop? Is this love?

  63. I mean that’s what Vince is good at promoting and the audience he understands best. Vince doesn’t even really like Ric flair in the ring.

  64. There are 7 wrestling personalities in this video, 7 of the 10 don't work for WWE, 3 of those 10 work for AEW, 2 of them work for Impact and the other 2 are the biggest free agents available, who are most likely going to be joining AEW and probably responsible for near sell-outs for Chicago and New York.

  65. i wouldnt be surprised if this is some kind of weird vince retaliation of him and punk going to aew

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