Women’s Casino Battle Royale at All Out – who will be among the 21 participants?

  1. I'd imagine Riho would be in it, if she's available. I'm actually not sure if they'll have Jade enter or not, since she's been so protected and I don't see her winning it.

  2. Good list. Tay for the win & a shot in NYC. See Keira Hogan ahead of one of the dark women tho I like their inclusion

  3. I doubt Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay will be in the battle royale. I believe they’re still waiting on their visa issues to be fixed. Some of these people that are foreigners that were released, like Jonah Rock, are going to run into these problems. Unless they’re married to an American, which I know neither Cassie or Jessica are. Not sure about Jonah, but anyway.

  4. My hope is Maki Itoh is an entrant, but stays at the top of the stage performing here theme long enough for the next set of entrants to start coming in.

  5. While Ruby Soho makes a lot of sense as the Joker, I think she'd be better served as the first entrant. She could fight through the whole royale and earn a lot of quick cred with the AEW audience, whereas I don't think she'd get a very big pop coming out as the joker.

  6. I'm hoping Conti wins. Give a real test to how much the fans cheer Britt when she is curb stomping someone over like Conti

  7. Ruby Soho and Riho should be in there. Move out some of the enhancement names and put in some NWA and Impact talent and maybe bring over another Joshi or two.

  8. Lita is a curious one. She was as on Renee’s podcast where they made a big deal about her not using the name for the interview.

  9. I'd be surprised if TJPW doesn't have a representative. Shoko Nakajima should come back since Yuka was just here.

  10. Rosemary would be amazing. Especially with the Bunny there. As for indy talent. Jody Threat, Lindsay Snow or Solo Darling would be great. A surprise return of Crazy Mary Dobson would be incredible but I dont think shes ever coming back.

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