Inspired by u/MachoMane_, my Match Card Poster for AEW Full Gear 2020

  1. I love how Kenny is looking straight and focused while hangman is looking to the right at Kenny in his picture. Idk if you intended it but you fit the story right in.

  2. If it makes you feel better I'll say I did instead of just really liking the photo of Hangman with the bandana

  3. Seriously forgot that Mox was IWGP US champion. Given he can't really travel how come he hasn't been stripped? He was stripped like last year right when he couldn't travel because of that hurricane or something

  4. I used Procreate on iPad! For the wrestlers and titles, I used a gradient map, then changed the color on the dark bits to brown and faded out the light bits. Used different texture pens for the background, downloaded a steam-punk font, and used their canvas guide for sizing everything

  5. It’s also “daredevil” not “daredeil” but apparently my iPad is picky with its autocorrects

  6. You could always use a VPN to watch on Fite. I think it's like 30 bucks or something outside the US.

  7. It's only $50 once every 3 months. I could see it being crazy if it was every month, but I couldn't imagine it's that hard saving up $50 over three months.

  8. I went with things from either the Official AEW Roster page, from Cagematch, or from Pro Wrestling Wiki, so I'm curious what you would have done

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