Anyone else having trouble getting into a Tricolor match?

  1. It's just throwing me into a regular turf battle too... I've tried several times. Would be nice if Nintendo could tell us why or at least give us an error message instead of just putting us in a regular match.

  2. Nintendo previously announced that the chance of Tricolor Battles has been severely decreased due to negative reception from the Testfire. They’re working on a revamp that will be released in December.

  3. thank god this isnt just me i was worried for a second. it keeps putting me into regular turf battles and ive been so confused 😅

  4. Usually the defending team doesn’t want to be thrown in tri-color every single second, I would know I am on both of the defending teams, Scissors and Fun

  5. I wonder if this has to do with the update. They nerfed the probability of tricolor for the defending team. It's probably broken.

  6. I’ve played about 5 games now for tricolor and all of mine have just been turf. I don’t know why Nintendo would let you click the option for Tricolor and put you in something you chose not to click (turf)

  7. I'm pondering if team fun saw they were in the lead and fucked off from PTSD of the test fire lol. I was team scissors then so I want to see if this map is more balanced this time but I just can not get into a tri battle

  8. It’s funny because team fun has a HUGE advantage on the map this time. Either that or the teams were completely mismatched in the two tricolor rounds I’ve played

  9. Team Fun player here. So I think there are a lot of reasons they aren't happening, but I think the main one is that Team Fun has to queue for Open battles for that to happen. Based on my experiences at the beginning of the Splatfest, Open battles are absolutely a deathtrap. Solo players get thrown into the discord group meatgrinder. After losing 20 games in a row by like 60-30, I threw in the towel and went to Pro mode, wher my win rate improved drastically. I think most other players have done that at this point too, because my queue times in Open are about 90 seconds, whereas my queue times in Pro are 5 seconds.

  10. Even before the halfway point, I faced team fun three times in about 50 games. I think there just weren’t as many playing on the team to begin with.

  11. I am in team Fun because I don't want to let Big Man down. Also, my GF and I played together in the test fire and now we are like : "I think our session together is over, let's play ranked"

  12. Nintendo released an update explaining why. They reduced the chances of tricolos for now while they balance the gamemode.

  13. Nintendo announced that they’d lower the amount of tri color turf wars for now while they’re still balancing them because last time they had a rather large effect on the results

  14. I'm having the same issue. If it's not a "not enough players", I get put in a regular turf war match.

  15. No idea how it works. But what happened to me is, I joined tricolor, but it put me in a turf war. We won. I stuck around. It Put us in another turf war. We won again. I stuck around again but this time it was a tricolor.

  16. I've gotten several 'not enough players' for tricolor, and can count on two hands the total number of games against team fun this entire weekend. There's just not enough team fun players choosing tricolor, since there's so few of them to begin with, to match into a tricolor game. Thats my theory anyway.

  17. Team fun cant choose. If they are playing open (the only way to play with friends) they can just end up in tricolor. I had a decent number of tricolors as team grub, I assume gear is going to have a pretty bad time though because there are so many of them.

  18. I got to try it once then I went back to regular. For me it went as a 2 Gear(us) v 4 Fun v 2 Grub in a turf war with a n "Ultra signal" in the center you can get for extra points at the end. We managed to pull out a win somehow.

  19. I've played for 6 hours straight, only 1 tri-color match in that entire time and it ended abruptly with a communication error. I'm done. I don't care anymore, just give me the results and fix your shit Nintendo.

  20. So, you aren't guaranteed a tricolor match, because there aren't always enough players for each team available. Instead, you're basically saying "I would like a tricolor match."

  21. Over 100 matches and many hours but yet not a single tricolor turf war is there any way I can increase my odds to be in one.. I want to get the tricolor turfwar badge before this splatfest ends

  22. Yes same here! Not a single tricolor battle as of yet. Also confused as it's saying the match will begin when 8 players have joined without even trying to search? (I assume tricolor has 12)

  23. I’ve been playing Tricolour constantly and not got a single tricolour match, constantly normal Turf. So bloody annoyed! 🤬

  24. just played for 10h straight (yes i have no life, no need to remind me) and only at the end did i get a tri-color match. it is 3:30am in my country and i can’t believe it took this long-

  25. I’m defending the gear team, I’ve been playing tricolor battles since 8pm yesterday (09/24), probably over 100 at this point, and I still have yet to actually play in a tricolor battle. It’s just regular turf wars for me!! Gear should be in the lead rn

  26. Yes. I am on Team Gear and I'm already sure Team Gear has won popularity by a huge margin. Combine that with Nintendo's completely inappropriate response to the criticism of the mode from the World Premiere, I have only done Tricolor Battle ONCE since it started last night.

  27. There were a lot of complaints about tri-colour in the premiere since it's basically a death sentence for defenders. Since Nintendo didn't have time to properly address the issue, they lowered the frequency at which Tricolour comes up.

  28. They don’t get a choice though, based on what others actually on the defending team are saying. Members of Team Gear and Grub are the ones who have to queue for it.

  29. The winning team can’t choose to play tricolor. They just get thrown into it randomly. The problem is team gear is much more popular than the other two teams so there may just not be enough players.

  30. Team fun doesn’t get a choice. They can only play Open and get randomly assigned to tri-battles. So unless they aren’t playing at all, it’s not that. I’m actually on fun and have yet to be able to get into a tri-battle, managed to get one on my son’s account on Grub, and like 10-15 regular turf battles.

  31. See, I did the same thing during the World Premier and mostly got into Tricolor matches during the second part. Maybe because I was on Team Paper and we were the least popular group by a lot at the time.

  32. Why would any one want to play it? It's very unbalanced. And if you look at the points distribution team fun should stay the hell away from that mode. ( if attacker wins 6000 clout vs defender win 3000 clout)

  33. 20 BATTLES and only two successful Tri-Color turf wars. I personally thought it was because A: Team Gear is too big or B: Team Fun chickened out. I understand lowering how much they occur but it’s been lowered a bit too much. If I wanna do a regular turf war I’ll select the option myself smh

  34. All I’ve been getting are mirror matches against other Team Gear members or regular turf wars against the other teams despite queueing for the Tricolor. Assuming I didn’t just get get a “not enough players” message. And based on the frequency of the teams I’m against, I’d say maybe there aren’t enough Grub players queueing or something.

  35. I didn't even realize they existed! How do I get a chance to play them?! Is it luck in the normal open turf war game mode or do I have to select something else?

  36. They need to make tricolor a regular match option. Not sure why it isn’t as they advertised it as a feature of the new game.

  37. Yeah I was confused because I kept getting regular turf wars. I even stayed and played for a bit hoping if I win enough streaks (idk if I have) then I'll get to be in a tricolor match. I played for a while and then just went back to regular turf war

  38. Still tons of communication issues and still haven’t gotten a single tricolor match, at least 15 matches deep

  39. Is it btw possible if you start a Tri Colour match that if you get thrown into a normal Turf War match that you can get a 10x/100x/333x battle? Does anyone know?

  40. At first, it said that I can only join at a certain time, and when it came to that time, I tried about 5-6 times. And it kept directing me to the normal battles. This was the one thing that I was looking forward to, and I can’t even play it

  41. Kind of late now and I did lnt sift through the comments do someone may have already said this, but there's not even close to enough players. Team gear I'd do popular that sometimes they play matches against themselves. Especially if you're team gear, not much chance you'll get into one. I had 2 out of about 13 games be tri color last night

  42. Also Nintendo directly announced that they lowered the activation chance for tricolor... So that's probably a big factor too?

  43. I got only one. Not only that, I think so much people have chosen gear that I about half of my normal turf wars are against my team. Marching is super slow and I got so many connection errors in the lobby that I play about half of the matches I normally do :(

  44. Did it pretty much exclusively all day, over 60 matches I'd say. I used 3 exp coupons today. Not a single one.

  45. I've tried playing tricolor as well. I got into 3 turf wars instead, so I left after the 3rd one started. Got penalized for it. Just wanted to play 1 before bed since I would miss out on it today.

  46. So tired of trying to get a tricolor match through open queue, I really wanted the gold defender badge while I was on the winning team, since I don't know when I'll be on the winning team again, and I can hardly get into one. And every time I get into one I lose and its so frustrating. Wish I could just queue for tricolor.

  47. I tried for about an hour to get in (gear) and absolutely no dice. My husband picked up the game (grub) and immediately got one. I was so mad.

  48. Ive qued it 5 times now, every time im facing my the my team (Gear), and only my team, not even Fun or Grub... like come on, im not gonna que and just not help my team if I que to see how attacking feels, cuz last SF, I went Big Guys team, so I was defending... Please Nintendo, I wanna see how it feels!!!!

  49. I did like 30-40 battles in the Tri-Color queue. I have played a singular Tri-Color battle. The odds are way too low now, to the point that they may as well not even have a separate queue for it. If I wanted to play turf battles I’d just choose turf battles.

  50. My brother and I tried several times to enter a tri-color match, and like you it kept throwing us into regular turf battle. He finally got into one later on. Its hit or miss I feel

  51. I've been in 2 mat he's and failed both... the sentiment needs some more time to get to the middle but get festival shells... a crap ton... also get lucky... yes the system is flat out fucking terrible.

  52. As a team fun enjoyer, I can’t choose Tricolor but I’ve gotten into 4 tricolor games so far from the game putting me in them

  53. 2 hours worth of matches, I've had 0. I believe that they don't exist, and nothing will convince me otherwise. And yes, I've been selecting tricolor each match, never re-queuing

  54. I’ve been playing since Saturday night and I have not gotten a single tri-color battle. I thought maybe I was just doing something wrong but I guess they just don’t happen for a lot of people?

  55. They made it less likely to make it more fair for the winning team which causes me and my friend playing for 8 hours straight to play 3 tri-color matches

  56. I'm running out of time in the day, I missed the premier and this is my first experience of what it is. I want to at least TRY the tri-battles before they go away :(I've tried 10 times and it keeps just putting me in normal 4v4 against my own team :/

  57. I’ve only gotten into one tricolour match despite queuing for over 20 matches. Didn’t even get to play that match because my teammate disconnected before the round started :/

  58. I like how Nintendo has leapt to action to remove tricolor, but is ignoring literally all feedback regarding the card game. I feel like my coins are wasted whenever the gatcha dispenses yet another pack of cards. Not to mention no one plays it in the first place, as in no actual players.

  59. Played it for a few hours last night and this morning. Only got it twice in that amount of time :/ Rest of it was just regular turf war. Guess there's not enough Fun players joining it lol

  60. I keep trying to get into tricolor only to get regular turf against my own team no less… and that doesn’t even seem to count toward the splatfest!

  61. Splatoon 2 lasted all the way up until this game. And that game had problems all the way through its lifespan. Theyll fix a lot of this stuff down the line. In fact the reason tricolor is borked rn is cus the splatoon team had lots of player feedback that the mode was unfair on defenders and that they were getting queued into nothing but these unfair tricolors so as a temporary fix for this splatfest in the last patch they lowered the chance of tricolor for this fest. Then they are gonna rework for the next one

  62. I believe you need to earn festival shells to increase your odds of getting a tri match, “festival shells are rewards earned from winning 10x Battles. What are 10x Battles? Well, each time you compete in Splatfest Battles, there's a small chance you might encounter a 10x Battle. When these battles occur, you’ll be notified at the start of the match. Winning a 10x Battle will multiply the Clout you earned during that match by ten! These are super effective in helping your team claim Splatfest victory!”… “Each time you win a 10x Battle, you’ll earn one Festival Shell. Your shells appear on the battle select screen in the lobby. Each Festival Shell icon you have increases the chance of you encountering more 10x Battles. Gain more festival shells will also drastically increase the odds of encountering a 100x Battle. It’s even possible to gain enough shells to participate in the super-rare 333x Battles!”

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