Spider-Man Remastered has released on PC!

  1. so happy for the ones who will get to play the game. unfortunately its extremely expensive in my region and i just cannot afford it lol

  2. Me too - I don’t own the PC version either because I simply don’t own a PC and play console instead. Either way though, I’m still hyped to see what the community comes up with. I already know it’s going to be fun over the next few days (that is if the game is easy to mod.)

  3. Some crafty folks have figured out how to mod the PlayStation version so I'm guessing it's doable (and probably easier to do too).

  4. If you pre-loaded it on Steam, odds are it's decrypting the pre-load download. It's just that Steam doesn't tell you that and instead tells you "downloading", it's really dumb and confusing.

  5. First and only game to ever blue screen of death me while downloading… hope it’s worth lol. After the FIRST install it failed to validate 15 files. Bruh

  6. Steam is probably having a huge increase in people on their site, I’d assume that once people have installed the game, the errors whilst downloading will be less frequent or no longer occur.

  7. Just played it for an hour and this is the first time for a long time i felt genuine excitement when playing a game for the first time. Only had that with two other games within the last decade (rdr1 and witcher 3).

  8. Great game, really, Insomniac was perfect company for it, also if you can, check PS1 Spiderman, I think despite it being much worse on paper I actually like it more than this one, I don't know, maybe its just nostalgia for simpler times, but...

  9. Same here. I’m wondering if reverting to a previous update would do the trick. Could you let me know if you find a fix? I’ll do the same!

  10. I haven’t played a Spider-Man game in 15 years. Just from the very first prologue mission, it’s so great. I missed this shit

  11. I have only ps4 edition, but i love this game so maybe i will also buy it on pc someday. Just like all Persona games. This gives me hope that the sequel will get pc port as well some time after official release!

  12. If anyone has a 2080 super let me know how it performs! I won’t be on til later this afternoon and am curious if I need to be upgrading my GPU lol

  13. Same - 3090ti, 12900KF, 32GB DDR5 system that has no other issues with any game or application. Spiderman crashes (frozen screen, audio continues, I have to kill the process) every 30ish minutes, and I lose progress on current missions. I hope this gets patched soon because I've been waiting a long time for this, and for me this was like when RDR2 came to PC.

  14. I just downloaded the game an was so excited to play but I'm getting stuck on a black screen after the ps4 and marvel intro screen, idk what to do, is anyone else having this issue?

  15. Anyone know how to make adaptive triggers work on this Game? I have my PS5 with the latest update and everything

  16. I for one welcome our PC Overlords, and thank Insomniac for finally releasing it on PC and hope that they can relax and spam the twitter feed with 'Ask a modder. We're working on other stuff now.' When they get asked for skins and other additions. Here is hoping Miles Morales isn't too far behind.

  17. Gonna have to wait a while to get it, glad ive already played it but defo has replay value so gonna wait for it to drop to like £20

  18. Finally glad I can play. No issues so far! Getting 111 fps on a ultra-wide with 3090 pre spider man’s driver’s.

  19. I’m genuinely hyped for PC players who haven’t gotten a chance to experience this amazing game yet. Hope they enjoy!

  20. I've had to refund the game. It's incredibly buggy, and the FPS was very inconsistent (sub 30FPS most of the time, 60 in vents). It also crashed if I tried to change the graphics in anything other than the launcher. It got to the point where, during the Fisk fight, it was going at about 5FPS.

  21. That’s understandable. The game does seem pretty buggy at the moment. I’m sure a patch will come out in a few days to fix all the issues, but I can definitely understand why you got a refund.

  22. RE engine is exceptional, it looks and runs amazing, but those games are nothing like your usual open world AAA game similar to Spiderman. Most games don't run like those on RE engine.

  23. Don't blame you. But that laptop sounds like it's hurting with this game. This is way more CPU intensive than RE2. It's not the port it's your PC

  24. ive got windows 11 and cannot play the game at all. does anyone know how or when they might fix this? and why it isnt compatable.

  25. Only problem I'm having with it is the fps drops. With a 3080/i9/32g ram running at 4K I'm getting drops down to 5 in certain instances. Even with dlss on, fps has hard drops and that's also after the nvidia driver. 1440 has drops from 100+ fps to about 10. When I get home I'm going to have to take a deeper dive into the settings and see what I can do.

  26. How cpu intensive is this game supposed to be? My game runs great, but when I look at task manager, my CPU usage is 80-90% while my GPU usage is only 10-20%.

  27. I played it before achievements went live anyone know if a way to get the tutorial achievements like the Fisk one or do I need to replay the game

  28. Have a 1660 super and an i5 and I can't run it at all, only on the absolute lowest possible settings can I get close to an stable framerate and even then I get frequent drops and the game forces me to stop and wait for areas to load just while swinging (Also the game shuts about 3 minutes after I press quit to desktop). Are my specs not good enough or it the game just buggy or poorly optimised?

  29. For me it was unplayable on all graphics settings with a 1660 super, maybe it will be different for you though, had to refund it already.

  30. the keyboard controls are weird, not used to it, but it’s still fun with an xbox controller, so cool i can play this game on pc

  31. For those of you with 1660’s running poorly, make sure you check your settings. That generation does not mesh with ray tracing or DLSS 2.0 well at all.

  32. If anyone's interested the Nexus page is up and running. There's a few 100% percent save game files and some reshades at the moment. One of the save files drops you in at the beginning with everything unlocked. Not too shabby!

  33. Been playing a few hours now, other than weird install issues I’ve been playing on highest Settings and haven’t noticed any frame drops, even when super speeding through the city. Only bug that’s happened is Dr. Octavius’ Chinese food bag was solid black during a cutscene. I thought it was hilarious looking

  34. Game keeps crashing on PC. Display just freezes up and then drops to desktop. Gives a long display driver error. Using a 1080Ti, drivers are all fully updated.

  35. Anyone else getting crazy pop in while swinging around the city? Constant section of white on buildings for only a few frames.

  36. Love this game so far and am only having one weird issue. As long as I use a wired controller, it plays fine. As soon as I connect the same Elite Series 2 controller to the wireless Xbox dongle, my frame rate drops from 70+ to 55-60 (no matter what settings I'm using. Really odd.

  37. Just an update. I was able to fix this issue by: Right click on the game in Steam library > properties > controller > Enable Steam Input. Just in case anyone else has this issue.

  38. Looks amazing, runs great, but man is rough going back to having no moves and abilities when fighting and swinging after nothing but NG+ runs since 2018. I can't level up fast enough.

  39. I am a bit confused with the key remapping. I remapped my 'web attack' to a mouse button and I've leveled up a few times. I took the abilities to disarm and to spin guys around... but when I look at the move list they all say, 'Hold [Mouse Button]'. Is this normal and how do I differentiate between them?

  40. When I launched for the first time, I had the black screen for several minutes but after an ALT-TAB and a restart, I haven't had that issue.

  41. So I originally played this game on PS4 and now I'm replaying on PC, and maybe I'm misremembering, but did they change Peters character model in game? I swear he used to look different..

  42. Not on pc but have it via ps + and loving it!! It’s definitely up there with one of the best superhero games.

  43. Hey does anyone know where the game saves photos taken in Photo Mode on PC? I selected Take Picture and it hid the UI for a second. But I can't seem to find them anywhere.

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