Did you genuinely enjoy no way home or was it all nothing but fanservice?

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  2. I really enjoyed it. Admittedly a lot of it definitely is fanservice, but fanservice isn't necessarily a bad thing if it's done right, and I think NWH did it right because it all made sense and fit within the story.

  3. only thing I hate was being spoiled about it, at first there was so much speculation and people talk about Tobey & Andrew appearing in it EVERYWHERE I go (reddit, youtube, twitter, ig, facebook) I just can’t unsee it though I have avoided being online untill I could see it, and then the douchebags that have seen it first spoiled me and that ruined the surprise for me

  4. Did it tho…? Like I still don’t really understand how “curing” these people just to send them back to the moment of their death in their correct universal death helps them at all. And even if somehow they were able to live, wouldn’t they become the genesis for unruly tangential timelines Kang’s new TVA would have to snip?

  5. I think it would’ve been an okay movie without Tobey and Andrew, but those two made it one of the greatest cinema experiences I think I’ll ever have. And that’s good enough for me.

  6. We all connected to peter Not completely but we all feel dejected after some failure or tragedy. He got 2 brother figures it felt good I wish I had siblings

  7. I loved it and agree that it was well-done fanservice... my only grief with it is that Strange does seem a bit out of character but otherwise it was a great story

  8. Looking back, it really feels like they only brought Venom in because Feige wanted to wash his hands of the Sony spin offs by declaring them in a separate universe.

  9. It really depends how you view it. He needed uncle Ben. But he died. However he got the “no killing” reminder from aunt may. But she died. So for the story he needed someone to remind him that it’s not okay, so that was tobey. Andrew was there to give him the lesson that the woman he loves will always be in danger of dying. Tom’s Peter took that to the extreme and abandoned the idea of them being together entirely.

  10. I was the most happy I’ve been in a long time after watching this movie. It’s not perfect but I really enjoy it.

  11. I actually thought the overall movie was okay, definitely felt like fan service had a huge part on why everyone raved over it.

  12. It's a bit of a mixed bag for me. A lot of the humor was flat out cringe "ya know, I'm something of a scientist my self" I get it Marvel. You've seen the memes. "Salt or tap water, cuz you're an octopus" with Dock ock for some reason being confused, like he's not dumb he would get the stupid joke. "Lmao your name is doctor octavius??" In fact a lot of stuff with the villains in the first half rubbed me the wrong way as it felt like they were being mostly used for comic relief.

  13. I genuinely enjoyed it. NWH is Fanservice done right, imo. Fanservice isn't a bad thing, execution is what matters. NWH uses Fanservice to elevate the story, so I loved it. It made me emotional af even before Andrew and Tobey came(Aunt May's death) so it's not like it depends on them for emotional weight either.

  14. FFH sold me on the idea of an extra film with Tom. And I do think his character finally learned and was more tolerable here. The fanservice was just a bonus.

  15. It was heavily nostalgia baiting, but it was still a phenomenal film. The only one of tom's that made me feel like he genuinely grew up.

  16. Fandoms are strange…studios make a movie that no one’s likes and people are upset, then studios make a movie that everyone loves and then people are still upset because it was ‘just to please the fans’ make up your mind people. Spider-Man is my favorite marvel superhero so naturally I loved the movie I like fan service, it shows the studios listen to and care about pleasing the fans and show they don’t have their own agendas

  17. The fanservice argument is complete bullshit, in my opinion. Every comic book movie, to a degree, has fanservice and No Way Home doesn't have any more fanservice than other comic book movies. It has a good story, with great character development from the heroes and the villains and we get to see Peter grow from amateur superteen into a fully fledged superhero by the end of it.

  18. Why are people acting like fanservice is a bad thing. If you didn't have any fanservice in a movie you'd end up with an absolute snooze fest of a film.

  19. I didn't enjoy it as much as it was hyped. The plot device was lame and I spent the whole time wondering how Dr. Strange could be so incompetent. Dafoe was great and the Spidey interactions were awesome, however I've been waiting for a genuine Spider-Man film. Classic suit, no mention at all of Stark, and photographer Pete. The MCU can do it. Just need to remember what Spider-Man is all about.

  20. My favorite parts dont involve the other spideys. I loved both of toms fights with daddy defoe and the dark turn the movie took. Scorceses cant tell me the scene with tom holland standing in the rain listening to jk simmons tell him hes bad for everyone on a billboard isnt cinema.

  21. Stop letting a twitter minority who are pissy that the movie is more acclaimed than batman convince you that the movie is purely fan service.

  22. What the fuck does that even mean? The film is objectively all fan service, there’s more main characters from other timelines then from the other films in the trilogy

  23. The movie’s entire plot rests on “look, actors you know and love from other movies are here”. How is that not “purely fan service”? Like, it’s up to you to decide whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but to not call NWH purely fan service is disingenuous.

  24. Nothing but fan service. I was so bored and overwhelmed by the movie, that it made me say, "Marvel really has gone down the drain". New spiderman just seems to be really bland, not like the originals, or even the animated series. Don't understand how anyone could call this good. Also wish Dr Strange would disappear, completely tedious.

  25. I definitely enjoyed it. Even without the fanservice and they did it in different way, I would have still enjoyed it if it builds off of the end of FFH, still has a compelling story, and the development of Peter

  26. I thought it was the greatest crossover ever created in my lifetime. The same character, played by 3 actors, from 3 separate universes met and magic happened. It was amazing.

  27. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It introduced my favorite live action suit to date. The suit he made at the end was excellent. I hope Marvel live action let's Peter be happy at the end of it all.

  28. i enjoyed it a lot and i think it did fan service perfectly. everything from the apartment fight until the end is absolute peak movie content for me

  29. Absolutely loved it but it could still be even better better imo, I particularly think that Tobey and Andrew's entrances could've been much cooler.

  30. I loved having them back, but I really feel like the movie would’ve been better if it had tried to be more personal and intimate when dealing with Peter’s identity being revealed and the backlash. A live action spider-verse would probably have been a better place for all this fan service. It did give us green goblin back though, so overall a net positive I guess.

  31. I genuinely enjoyed it. I seriously feel like even without Tobey and Andrew, it would've been a great movie, though I do feel that Green Goblin at the very least was absolutely essential, and using Dafoe's version saved them time on having to introduce and build the character up cause you already know who this guy is and how he got to where he's at, and you know he'd be capable of truly despicable things. It solidified also that no matter who Peter encounters, the Green Goblin will always be his main antagonist who can ruin his whole life and push him to the very brink, regardless if it's his own universe's Goblin or not.

  32. I enjoyed it, it’s fan service heavy and the premise is a bit of a stretch (I.e how would curing the villains really change their fate for the better?), but it’s still a fun ride and a good conclusion to the trilogy.

  33. It was a genuinely enjoyable movie with some fanservice in it. Also a lesson to those in movie production, giving fans exactly what they want and delivering it in a tasteful manner will earn you the big bucks.

  34. It was a fun time but it felt more like a prequel to set up more movies than anything. I would have liked to see more of the first two movies carry over. Make it a solid ending to a trilogy and then start a new story or prequel series.

  35. I kind of feel scammed? Like it’s cool to see Tobey and Andrew and shit but like, look at this poster and then the movie, it’s a huge change from the kind of movie it was promised to be and felt like a total derailing of the other films story, like we won’t ever get a real conclusion to the homecoming movies because they chose to do fanservice instead. It’s good in a vacuum but when connected with the other films in the trilogy it feels like about 20 minutes in it just stopped to tell a different story Maybe it’s just because I didn’t grow up with those old films.

  36. Both. It was a love letter to cinematic Spider-Man. It’s very clear that the writers sat down in the beginning and said, “How do we bring back all the best bits from the previous two Spider-Man franchises.” and built the film from there, but they handled it fantastically.

  37. I enjoyed the fanservice a lot, but I didn't understand what spiderman was trying to do by curing them. I understand he wants to give them another chance, but just like doctor strange said, there are an infinite parallel worlds out there and there are probably infinite number of dr octavious , electro, sandman, and goblins out there and he shouldn't risk the fate of the multiverse for saving a couple of people (who were bound to die anyway).

  38. People are turning a blind eye to a lot of the problems in this film. Quick Pacing and way too much fan service, also insane amount of cgi that just does not look good (goblin helmet scene especially) other then that not too bad.

  39. I really enjoyed it. Honestly, I think that Marvel depends on Fan Service lately, but it’s still good to see nostalgic characters

  40. The fan service was the only reason I didn’t hate the movie too much ngl. A lot of the decisions peter and aunt may made in the movie pissed me off like crazy.

  41. I enjoyed it on first watch and the fan service felt rather genuine. Second time tho, the fan service became a lot more obvious and it became obvious that it was filmed for a first time viewing knowing nothing like how it went with its release in theaters.

  42. I've watched it several times since its release. Not only is it my favourite MCU movie I would go as far as to say it's my favourite Spider-Man movie.

  43. It was a good movie I enjoyed a lot. Felt like a theme park experience if u get what I mean but strangely didn’t have the desire to really watch it again and again yknow

  44. not only does NWH not overdo fanservice, it actually develops the fanservice characters and uses them to further the plot and tom hollands spider-man development. so yea i loved it

  45. Genuinely enjoyed it and I rewatched it since I saw it in the theater last year. Marvel and Sony actually managed to make the hype work and ensure No Way Home succeed so massively, and NWH is my third favorite Spider-Man movie behind Spider-Man 2 an Spider-Man 1.

  46. This movie literally ended exactly where I wanted it to end in almost the exact way I was hoping it would. It was the best kind of fan service because it gave fans what they finally wanted. In terms of the MCU it is top 5 if not top 3.

  47. This trend is annoying. And it’s been happening for years and years. Movie comes out and it seems most people love it. A few months later and now suddenly everyone is older and wiser and now it’s a terrible movie. Happens quite often with Marvel stuff, DC stuff, and Star Wars. Why does the narrative change so much from adoring love to hate? If you change your mind, you do you, but it seems like people are just going with the flow and saying the same thing as their peers

  48. I really wanted it to be a Dr strange and Spider-Man fighting dormamu movie cuz I thought this was not a good movie it was interesting but I didn’t enjoy it

  49. I loved it on the first go around, but admittedly I didn’t find myself enjoying nearly as much on the second watch. Felt like everything before the spiderman team up was a chore to watch imo.

  50. I love it because the story is really good, it has it’s “theme park” moments for sure, but even a year later I rewatch the movie and my favorite parts about it are in the story and the script because even if it has some inconsistencies, it’s very good, has excellent character work and works very well.

  51. I didn't enjoy it the plot holes were too much for me to tolerate and the writing in my opinion was bad

  52. honestly the story doesn’t make sense to me to this day (like do the villains just go back to right before they were going to die and die again?) but was nice seeing members from the old cast.

  53. I loved watching it every time I did. I think they could’ve tuned some lines to sound less obviously fan service but it was good for the most part

  54. I loved it because of its story and fanservice, now that Andrew and Tobey's stories are part of the MCU.

  55. I was excited to see all 3 Spider-Men together, but the plot was pretty unimaginative and too straightforward. Strange was way out of character. I just feel they could have been more creative with the story.

  56. Spoiler comment but the long term setup of aunt May's character and her death in this movie was so much more impactful to me than Ben's death ever was. We got to know the character and like the character and to have her suddenly killed in what I thought was a highly surprising moment really set this one apart for me.

  57. It is unquestionably my favorite Holland Spider-Man movie. Maybe it's nostalgia but it was 100% my favorite MCU movie since Iron Man, I'll die on this hill.

  58. I loved it. I thought it brought Tom’s trilogy to a close really well with him once again enduring and being more mature than he has, and really sacrificing a lot. I think there are fan service aspects to it for sure, but it was really great to see that this time, Peter’s mentors were himself, or at least people who he could be. At the end, I loved the fact that he isn’t going to rely on Iron Man’s tech anymore, I think it’s a great beginning for him to really be Spider-Man.

  59. So there’s different kinds of fan service. And I think that’s exemplified by 2 movies from last holiday season.

  60. It was great, but I hate pretty much every moment of Tom Holland being on screen. The more I see of his Peter, the more I DESPISE it.

  61. I think Andrew and Toby's Spider-Men should have been played by Tom as well, and not have been the precise ones from Raimi and Webb's films. It could have made the use of them as foils a little stronger. But the movie still holds up thematically. A couple villains felt superfluous, but that's it.

  62. ????? Why wouldnt you bring the old spidey actors back when you have the actors for the old villains??? That would be considered the greatest misopportunity in cinema history

  63. There is a lot of fanservice, but thr story, acting and fight scenes carried this movie, not the fanservice. I wish it was on Disney + :(

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