Had a lot of fun working on this - hope y'all like it

  1. This looks really good! Also if you remove the web in his left hand it would look like he’s about to kill you with a punch

  2. dude I've loved your DB art for a while, it's super cool to be seeing you in another community! your art is always so clean, keep it up man.

  3. This is realllllllly good. I would totally read a spidey comic that had this art style color style whatever you call it.

  4. Can you please do a motion comic for Marvel in this style? Reminds me of Raimi mixed with Insomniac and Ultimate Spider-Man (the comics)

  5. I don quite understand the building made of wood, but this could otherwise easily pass as official Spidey art.

  6. This was clearly a lot of work coloring, kudos for that, but you're running before you can walk. Anatomy and perspective! Practice up on those, and you'll be turning out some really amazing work. The effort is here, it's just a bit misplaced.

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