1. I wish All People had Common Sense and Abstract Thinking Training and eventually Mastering. This world is “Fear Factory Earth!!!” Great Quote ❣️🙏👍💪🏽🫡😎. I often wonder what a world that mastered simple truth’s would be like. Most Assuredly “Better Than Here”. I remember another quote I heard years ago I kept filed for reminders of life on Earth. It said;……..

  2. As someone who has dealt with a lot of them, I have found that these traumas are begging for transmutation, alchemy, and release. It’s probably why they keep coming up to the fore of your consciousness. They’re asking for release and you don’t want to focus on them so they feel like they stick around too much.

  3. Feelings are your heart's feedback of your perception of what you believe is real. Emotions should be understood. As you look into your own heart asking why, and then your mind to find your perceptions of what is real that set your heart up, you can discern the cause of your emotional states. Furthermore, you can use this process of introspection to help you weed out beliefs that are untruthful. That doesn't just clear your mind, it clarifies your heart too. It gives you peace of mind and a stronger emotional conviction about what you now know to be true. In this way the heart can help you achieve greater integrity. It shows you disharmony with reality, revealing deception.

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