Need to find these scenes

  1. No, I think top middle is in season 4 when the mayans are showing SOA the coke operation. Bobby is in the background, which is why I think that's when it takes place!

  2. Photo 7 shows the building with 4 leaf clovers in it. It looks very Irish. So likley either a building where they meet with the Irish or it’s during the season 3 Irish story. But it looks so unfamiliar to me that I wouldn’t rule it out being from a deleated scene or a BTS photo

  3. The #8 photo is in the last ep of season 2, not second last. It’s the outside shot of the tattoo parlour that Weston enters before the sons kill him

  4. I'm working on the french version of the board game "sons of anarchy men of mahyem" and working with scan was not so good so I made a template and now I only need some screenshots to make it good like

  5. Middle is when they make a trade with Lin, some of the girls for guns and ope snaps cause Lyla is about to get freaky with some dude in the back. If im not mistaken this is outside when jax and clay were talking

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