5 hours of hard work and some help from others. Ive made a version two that I’d like some more tips on!

  1. I know I still have some rough spots in need to iron out but I think this is 100% better and I wanted to give everyone an update on how it’s going.

  2. I can hear the improvement. Well done. You’re infinitely better than I was at that age. Keep on practicing and keep writing songs.

  3. I mean if you’re looking for criticism: your right hand is a bit loose on the downstrokes, look at the amount your hand passes the strings going up vs down. Your down strokes often go past even the bridge where as up barely passes the top string (as it should). With music generally speaking you wanna be as economical as possible with your movement. Not such a big deal as a beginner but you will appreciate it when you start doing more complex stuff because you won’t have to focus on changing the foundation you’ve laid.

  4. You have posted a song requesting feedback - GREAT! Good feedback is the foundation of improving your songwriting. To help foster a community where everyone gets the feedback they need, please find THREE other songs requesting feedback and post substantive (eg. 2-3 sentences) of feedback. Even if you are a rookie songwriter/musician, you're an experienced music listener, and your opinion is still valuable!

  5. Super oasis sounding chords. Try to put a vocal medody into this with your lyrics and you’ve got a song. As you know, even some of the most simple cords can be great songs with the lyrics and melodies over them. The opposite can meet you too, focusing so much on the instrumental stuff that you forgot to make great lyrics/melodies. Tie it all together and have fun!

  6. Thanks!! Yeah I got start practicing singing it and I used to always get so upset because I can’t play o the et chords well other these four and all my little riffs and stuff sounded the same so I figured out some different strumming patterns and palm muting and came up with something I love!

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