Normally I write grunge/hard rock music. But this softer more folky songs is one of my favorites I've written. Would you guys please tell me what you think? Good or bad

  1. I love the guitar again I feel like I’ve said that a lot lol. Is there anyway you can put the lyrics in the comments so we can read them?

  2. This is a lane you should consider pursuing more often. Oddly familiar but not too much like any specific artist or song. Would love to hear some vocal harmonies in a produced version.

  3. I've really been leaning into this style more as I think it comes a bit smoother. I'm looking at recording this one ASAP. Thanks for the encouraging words

  4. You have posted a song requesting feedback - GREAT! Good feedback is the foundation of improving your songwriting. To help foster a community where everyone gets the feedback they need, please find THREE other songs requesting feedback and post substantive (eg. 2-3 sentences) of feedback. Even if you are a rookie songwriter/musician, you're an experienced music listener, and your opinion is still valuable!

  5. This is great. I would listen to an album of this style stuff. You ever get into Ben Kenney? Just wondering, you would probably dig him. Your sound is fresh 😎.

  6. I love hearing that you'd listen to an album. I've written god knows how many songs over the years. Some have seen the light of day over the years and wound up being played in bands to crowds where they found some form of fanship. Others are just my own personal little pets. Many of them are forgotten. I'll get around to recording that album :) and I'll give Ben Kenney a listen. Thanks

  7. It's good and has a nice fluidity to it. The only thing I think you need to do is rearrange the form with more frequent choruses. I'd say maybe AABCAABB. As good as the verse is, I think you need less monotony and a hooky ending.

  8. Honestly mate really refreshing and unique take on the genre. Defs record and professionally mix because you’ve got something genuinely solid here.

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