First feedback request for one of my songs :)

  1. the song structure itself sounds great to me, my biggest complaint is that it's difficult to hear your voice. You sound like you have a nice voice too but it's getting muddled in the mix a bit. I think messing around with the eq could go a long way with making it shine through. Also towards the end it sounds like your singing very quietly. Make sure you enunciate and don't be shy to bring your voice to the front of the mix.

  2. Thanks for listening and replying. Yeah I'm kinda new to recording and mixing so tried to do my best, definitely got a long way to go. Same with singing as you said I'm kinda shy so I'm inclined to sing quietly by default, probably what happened in the end there.

  3. I’m not an experienced guitarist or songwriter so take what I say with a grain of salt. Like another comment said you voice is a little bit quite, but I really like the guitar and the lyrics!

  4. You have posted a song requesting feedback - GREAT! Good feedback is the foundation of improving your songwriting. To help foster a community where everyone gets the feedback they need, please find THREE other songs requesting feedback and post substantive (eg. 2-3 sentences) of feedback. Even if you are a rookie songwriter/musician, you're an experienced music listener, and your opinion is still valuable!

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