What do I need to fix in my song I haven’t done any singing yet but I have the lyrics and guitar.( It’s for my Crush)

  1. Gosh do I love this. I wonder if you could tie your two images together (swimming, spotlight) by evoking the image of a lighthouse. Maybe you could swap out the bit about the fast car and passenger seat (it kind of comes out of nowhere) with something more in line with that theme. Good luck, really like the imagery.

  2. Please don't listen to these people here! Ur in tune just fine, ur doing the chords right and I personally like the way you strum so heavily with defined accents. I've played for 15 years myself too, just keep doing what you feel the best. There's no wrong way, lots of guitarists strum very hard and it sounds sooo good!

  3. It really sounds good? Thank You!!! I personally like the heavy strum a little bit I have work on the lyrics quite a bit but I really like this chord progression!

  4. Dude what are u talking about... It is in tune fine enough, that chord isn't D major it's D#sus4 and it's played just right. Those strums on different volumes are called accents and it's really good for rhythm to do that. You really shouldn't start advicing people if you don't know.

  5. I’ll have to calm the song down a little to and my guitar tuner says my guitar is in tune and yeah i have to practice my strumming pattern more.

  6. Oh Dear. You gave an honest review of this out-of-tune hacker. You'll probably be banned for a week because you didn't give the player a trophy after he complains to the mods you hurt his feels.

  7. I like the vibe. Feels like you're hitting the string is a bit too heavy to me, but that might just be my opinion...

  8. Thanks I’ve decided this song may be a little to much for a crush and I’ll leave it and hopefully be able to play it when we’re something I’m working on another song right now

  9. If you are singing in front of her and she knows anything about guitar, then tuning your guitar properly would be good cus otherwise she would notice that it’s not properly tuned

  10. Thanks I agree about the climax thing I enjoy songs like that I was just feeling the music when I was playing it may have been a little out of tune because I put new string one

  11. Did you tune your guitar before putting the capo on? It is slightly out of tune, and you've said they're new strings and you're strumming it quite heavily, but tuning before putting the capo on still requires a quick retune if the intonation isn't quite right, or if you've bend a string slightly with the capo, making it sharp.

  12. Ohhh so you do have to re tune after you put a capo on. Also I kinda got the idea from the song something in the orange by Zach Bryan I’ll have to check out the guys you list down below!

  13. Wow that song came out wonderful! How long did that take you? Can I use some of it? And yeah I agree I’m pretty sure this is the farthest in a song I’ve ever gotten!

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