Ever have a lyric come out of you that just punches you right in the gut?

  1. I'm curious what you were getting at with this line, because it does resonate with me but I wonder if the meaning you intended is the same as my interpretation.

  2. Happened to me today --"going downtown I'm gonna bury the shame". It's about my heroin addiction when I was a teenager.

  3. It’s definitely that sense of chills. I have a lot of lines that I stare at afterwards like, “Did I actually write that? Is that mine?” because they come from such a deep place inside that you don’t really recognize as yourself, y’know?

  4. I love those times, it feels like you were given a motivation dose and your comprehension of what your song will be about expands.

  5. My dad passed last August from cirrhosis and multi-organ failure, and there were a lot of things said that made it into a song I wrote about my feelings on it.

  6. That's powerful. I take it this is a slow build up type thing with a massive crescendo to end it? I love songs like that.

  7. This post really hits me. My mom is putting down our family dog tomorrow. She welcomed a new puppy a little over a year ago. So when you say, “I want you to belong here;” I think, “I don’t want you to feel pushed out.”

  8. I had one just today, for a song I’ve been nibbling at for years. It was the last piece but it finally helped me understand what the song was about and nearly every line was rewritten as a result. Might still get tweaked further.

  9. You do sometimes get that eureka moment where the whole concept suddenly gets served to you on a silver platter and blasts you out of that writer's block.

  10. This is the best moment in Songwriting...not only you come up with a good line and immedeatly have a topic to write about...you are also emotionally invested - which makes sure you will get great song out of it in any way, no matter what direction it might take.

  11. This is true. I don't release songs. I don't even let anyone hear what I write. Songwriting is purely just a thing I like to dabble in because it's fun, therapeutic, and creatively satisfying. I listen to more music than I write, but every now and then I go through something so specific and so intense that just listening to songs doesn't give me that catharsis, so I'm just like,

  12. I write similarly to you. In addition, I’ve revisited songs I’ve written in the past that have come to find new meaning in my life as I’ve gotten older. It’s like some weird psychic thing where I write song lyrics that don’t really make sense “why did I write that lyric? Why did it come to my mind”

  13. Ended a long term situation ship with this guy. It left me mentally exhausted and emotionally drained. It was our last call and I didn't want things to end on a sad note, but i felt so miserable (he was leaving the country for his future studies and we both knew we won't be able to talk due to different timings and busy schedules) and i thought I might have a whole breakdown during the call cuz i couldn't bear the thought of this being the last time i hear his voice (for a long time) But amazingly, the whole call he made me feel so happy and cherished that i couldn't help but feel grateful that i was able to meet someone like him. Wrote this bit on that day:

  14. Yes. I'm currently in the process of getting over someone and I was on a road trip a few weeks ago and these lines just randomly popped into my head, "You'd pick me up after your shift at the coffee house, We'd go for a drive, I'm home sitting in the passenger seat of your car, But something feels different."

  15. When writing about anxiety or hurt, I'll often catch myself off guard with an observation. The top drawer one that never dulled its punch for me though is of a friend who lost their child late into pregnancy:

  16. Yeah it happens then I’ll just sit back and think “Dang I wrote that? That’s really good.” I sometimes find though I’ll come up with the line and it just doesn’t fit into the song at all then it just becomes a little poem/piece of writing sitting in my notes

  17. I have one have yet to finish it is " I want to lash out and be proud, but I end building my own shroud" I think it has to do with my tendency to mouth off at the wrong time.

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