Anyone else start getting shoes before their kid is even born? She’s due tomorrow.

  1. I’m fully aware She won’t even walk in them and they will only fit for a week or two at max. I didn’t go crazy, I stopped at a few pairs. They are too cute though.

  2. The more important thing is that it’s awful for their foot growth. If you’re making them wear them for any length of time, you will potentially stunt their foot growth. This issue gets much worse once they’re actually walking, because they need a very special kind of support for their growing feet.

  3. Yes, i agree, of course it's just an occasional fun shoe wear for your daughter as a proud mom and dad! People need to disarm their judgmental triggers here, good gracious and holy God...enjoy every minute with your little princess, it will flash forward in a blink, trust me 🎀

  4. Would have except for all the people who told me buying shoes for your baby is a waste of money until they can walk. In retrospect I would’ve liked to get her one little baby pair to have as a memento, but nothing more than that. It’s cute as hell though so if you can spare the dough go for it.

  5. Congrats. You are not alone. My daughter had 6 pair at birth. Only 6 months old and she has 11 pair lol. She can’t wear any yet but they are in various sizes waiting for her to grow into them

  6. Hell yeah, I got my daughter some pink Air Max 90s before she was born. I got them bigger though so she can wear them now when she's able to walk. Where did you get the Prestos? I haven't been able to find anywhere that carries toddler sizes.

  7. Lol, I just copped a pair of Jordan 1 High 'Taxi' on this morning's release. I didn't even get a pair for myself. Just for my boy who's due any day!

  8. I love it. I’m all for it. “She’s gonna grow out of them soon”… STFU GOOFY!! That’s a proud dad so be proud for him. Good on you. She’s a lucky little girl.

  9. Not before they were born, but I got my daughter a pair of pink dunks, and then those hello kitty shoes which she’s currently wearing. Got my son another pair of dunks and blue Jordan’s

  10. I had a shoes from 3c - 8c ready for my boy but remember only soft bottoms till they can actually walk and even then don't put them on for to long!

  11. Bought my daughter a welcome to the world pair of Bred 1 crib booties… but everything after that has been size 5c and above. Started walking about 4 months ago so she has broken in a few pairs

  12. I’m guilty of this. Son coming in November. Already got him a 5C of Jordan 13s, 6C AJ 11 Low 72-10s, and 7C AJ 3 Fire Reds. I need to stop lol

  13. Yes, I got me and my daughter matching AF1’s but I’ve only ever put them on her twice for photos and took them immediately off. They’re more for a memory then her actual use. Something I’ll always keep forever.

  14. Okay y'all are super adorable!! And Congrats!🎉🎈✨️if it's first child get ready as they will shake up your entire universe! With me it was pre buying jerseys AND shoes for the kids - tough to find those little specialty/limited ones!

  15. Yes! Metallic and aqua 1s were her first. But ya gotta stagger them so they all don’t get wasted on one size. One pair will be mangled during the crawling stage.

  16. Yup be careful though I have brand new shoes they never wore (grew out of before walking) and shoes that they wore for maybe a month. But they looked fresh for that month

  17. Dude congrats! I recently found out we’re expecting too, and I’m considering this too, now I know they’re not good for babies. But nice ! Good thinking ahead

  18. While I still have bough some heat in every other size since 4c. The main walking shoes I recommend are stride rights. Specially if it’s a long day. If we’re just going out to diner I’ll bring out j’s for him.

  19. I hit a pair of 2c fire red 3s for my 4 month old daughter.. a. I think when they start walking most are a 3 or 4c.. but it's a cool lil thing to hold on to being that dad is a crazy shoe freak. Can't wait till she is walking and can buy her some real heat

  20. Awesome bro! Did the same and bought a pair of the Hello Kitty joints a while back and can't wait for her to rock 'em! Congrats and hope they look just as fresh on her as do they will on you 😎

  21. Prestos suck for kids - impossible to get on and off. These might be ok because they’re so small, but for preschoolers, they’re awful

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