after 9am tomorrow we never have to see these fucken things again 🙏

  1. people acting like OP is just bumming the shoe's look but I'm pretty sure it's because SNKRS has sent me multiple notifications about... these shoes just existing? I've never gotten so many about a pair and they got loaded in the app ages ago

  2. Sneakerhead taste is wild to me. Granted I'm not one but to me these shoes look fine. Not great, and I wouldn't pay a lot of money for them, but not really ugly or anything IMO. Full disclosure I tend to like beige/brown and white color combos. The white one actually looks kinda nice IMO.

  3. I can't imagine being a sneaker head who isn't at least willing to own a pair of women's. These were almost my first just cause of how weird/cool they look. Plus the materials are probably going to be good since it's the first drops. Over all good look for a new shoe

  4. Sneaker bros hate all shoes that are unique and god forbid slightly more feminine. These would most definitely look fire on feet with some khakis or even some lighter toned jeans/joggers.

  5. i see the af1's loaded up for you. hoping we see a au/nz snkrs page launch for these but doubt it as we didn't get the mca or ica pairs

  6. Really neat looking shoes, I thought about getting a pair of the darker ones but decided to go for the AJ1 Quai 54 Utilities.

  7. Guys I am from India .. can anybody suggest what ways can I cop great sneakers … cause everwhere they just run out of my size or the scalpers…

  8. best bet is to download confirmed and snkrs and try to get stuff on release date. i am unsure if stores like finish line and foot locker ship to india?

  9. Hey I’m sure there are dads out there that get ready for these like a kid at a midnight release for Call of Duty Black Ops! 😂

  10. a lady tourist crossed the street in the white pair, and much to my dismay they looked really nice, especially a bit beaten up, similar to the how ALD 550s look after a bit of wear.

  11. They're not my cup of tea, but I don't get mad at them just cuz my thumb has to make an extra swipe to get to see what's on the calendar two months from now.

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