Encountered in Yosemite NP, is this a rattle snake or gopher?

  1. Snakes with medically significant venom are typically referred to as venomous, but some species are also poisonous. Old media will use poisonous or 'snake venom poisoning' but that has fallen out of favor. Venomous snakes are important native wildlife, and are not looking to harm people, so can be enjoyed from a distance. If found around the home or other places where they are to be discouraged, a squirt from the hose or a gentle sweep of a broom are usually enough to make a snake move along. Do not attempt to interact closely with or otherwise kill venomous snakes without proper safety gear and training, as bites occur mostly during these scenarios. Wildlife relocation services are free or inexpensive across most of the world.

  2. A beautiful spicy noodle. I looked for a rattle snake when we visited there in July, and I didn’t have any luck. Was he giving you warning rattles?

  3. Not much of a warning. I walked in the dark with my headlamp, about a mile from the road. Almost stepped on it. Just heard the sound next to my boot. I guess I was really lucky.

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