Freyr - God Concept

  1. I always imagined him more like that one dude from Lord of the Rings with the long robes and high fashion Elven style, since Freyr was Lord of the Elves.

  2. Ok, but in mythos is said that his sword is alive and that it figths by itself alongside him flying through the air, so that could be a missed opportunity... just saying...

  3. Freyr is the god of fertility with a canonically huge cock and boner, he's the twin brother of Freya, I just followed along those tracks

  4. Someone posted the list above, but there are a lot more skimpy male characters than female. It's just most people don't think sexy when they see ymir and kumba.

  5. I mean, he is supposed to be the masculine counterpart of Freya, and he is often described as being kind of a masculinity/sex/sexuality/virility god, so i think it checks out.

  6. I very like he’s design. I know a very few thing about Freyr, but your design fit very well with the artistic direction of the game. I hope we see Freyr in the next years.

  7. We don't have a female god with a thong yet but I'm down for both. This is way more sexualized than even aphro or neith tho. I hate prudes so go for it, but the people acting like this is tit for tat are delusional.

  8. The same way Hi-Rez started with Nemesis being a fully robed goddess of vengeance and ended up with a crop-top fishnet high heels wearing goddess.

  9. Yes. Love the big muscle love master energy this concept art gives off. Only critique is the arms are way too short.

  10. Fertility and virility, as well as sunshine, clear skies, and peace. OP dressed him to mirror his sister in Smite, as well as him just usually being depicted close to this.

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