In a car with four people, who gets the Aux Cord?

  1. Nothing will come close to veracity as Iowa. That’s why it annoys me to no end every time a new album released and clown or Corey says this has Iowa levels of heavy. Nothing will ever be like Iowa ever.

  2. All Out Life I can live with. It’s one song and I’d much prefer it along with the entire of Iowa. Self Titled is my favourite album, but WANYK is the same without the Y.

  3. Yeah that's why I chose 1, if it's the whole album then id probably choose 4. I think it's safe to assume it will be a great album though

  4. I used to fucking hate Iowa, but then I started to get into deathcore bands and Iowa is really good sounding to me now.

  5. As much as I love Iowa, Person 3 getting the Aux. Vol 3 and Gray Chapter just have the highest combined ratios of bangers to duds compared to the other pairs.

  6. Honestly I'd alternate between the 4. Starting with 1 id have him play Slipknot then person 2 would play Iowa n so on. And person 4 got that new shit ahead of time. What a chad

  7. Person one easily for me. Iowa may be my favorite record but I get my second and third with person one as opposed to person two who just gets Iowa plus a single.

  8. WANYK is my least favorite album, All Out Life is one song, The End, So Far isn't out yet and All Hope is Gone is 2nd least favorite. Person 3, easy

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