Nazi Russian girl who harassed Ukrainians before being summoned by the German police. She wiped her ass with the summoned papers while filming herself. She is now being deported from Germany to Russia. We are waiting for her next video :))

  1. Assholes like this never want to go back to their country. They will happily talk about how great it is wherever they are

  2. Despite her strong nazionalist feelings for Russia, she knows where well that the country is best experienced from afar.

  3. Cor, this lass is a non-stop bad-decision machine! Who needs enemies when you've got that miserable mug staring back at you in the mirror?

  4. If Russia is so great, why the duck is she is Germany. Thankfully the Germans sent this trash back to the dumpster.

  5. German legal papers are probably softer and better than Russian toilet paper - so it may not be the insult we think it is…

  6. Could we have some internstional ban for her? It's clear her aim is disturbing the peace. Why would any country want her tourism dollars compared to the bad press?

  7. I gave Germany a lot of crap on this sub for its false promises of support, but props to them for holding people accountable for their words.

  8. What a charming young lady. To rob someone else’s phrase from earlier today let’s hope she finds out that the dildo of consequences seldom comes lubed

  9. She reminds me of the common, narcissistic, social media hound that many women in the West seem to be at the moment. The only difference here is she happens to speak Russian. Why couldn't she talk shit the good ol' fashioned way to the two gals and not record it? Geesh.

  10. See this is why shouldnt take in ruzzians... they will jist do shit like this... fuck off back and pay for your crimes

  11. If that's true, I think it's more than comments that get someone like this deported. Russia is known to pay common folk like this to go around like missionaries spreading the good word of papa Putin. Probably better to just deport over trying to figure it out

  12. She even says it was from Germany, the act happened in Austria as someone has shown the location on google maps.

  13. Start a war, go to another country and then harass refugees like the little nazi bitch that she is. I really hope that dumb cunt gets shot in her shithole of a country

  14. Drop her off at the russian front line in Ukraine. I'm sure her countrymen will serve her with the respect she deserves.

  15. She should go to the front, a lot of Orcs are cold and lonely there, she could be useful for them! For the time she last! After Bucha and others, how can we feel bad for those monsters!

  16. Ahahaahhah hell yeah, Russia is such a great country isn’t it? Now she has to go back where she belongs and shut the fuck up.

  17. I have been many places, one place I do watch myself and make sure I go unnoticed is Germany, I just don’t want a bunch of black cladded German cops yelling “Polizei!!” For no reason at all, not to me , not nearby me, nope, No Sir.

  18. It is like every communist. They talk shit about America, Europe but send their kids to study there. Then, cry when getting kicked out

  19. They never said it happened in Germany. Just that the person who posted it was asked to leave Germany. The only way for Germany to ask someone to leave there is if they are there.

  20. She's famously recorded herself harassing Ukranina refugees and pushing ruZZian propaganda. Incase you were unaware, ruZZia is decided to act like Nazi Germany and invade it's neighbors.

  21. Although she’s certainly a childish shithead, I don’t see anything in these videos to suggest she’s a Nazi.

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