Just avoid Honeystrand cave

  1. If you use mods, install better map, that's how I found out that path, and I been so happy since I found it

  2. Yeah fuck north path, I've been so happy since I found the south path and that was thanks to a map mod, the only bad thing is the couple of vampires there

  3. Straight over next to whiterun stormcloak camp and opposite Ritual stone , you end up just below Ivarstead .

  4. There's actually a shortcut that will get you there much faster than either, if you go to the ritual stone south of Whitrun and follow the dirt path on the other side of the road, head straight south from there. The path will take you up the mountain and it zig-zags five or six times look for a snowy mountain pass with several goats and keep going, if you find the ruins of a small stone structure with a metal gate where only half the gate still works and the other half is on the ground you are going the right way. Be careful when you come up on the creek as there is a Troll lair on the other side, once you kill the troll keep heading up and Ivarstead is about 100 meters away. Say hi to my boy Klimmek when you're there.

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